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Aspire Lounge (26) (Schengen)

AMSMain Terminal (inside security)

Before your departure from Schiphol, step away from the crowds and take a breather in this modern oasis. Rest and relax in a clean, comfortable, well-lit space. Choose from a wide selection of beverages - beer on tap, self-service wine and liquor. You’ll find everything you need to unwind or get into productivity mode.

NOTE: This lounge is only accessible for passengers flying on Schengen flights. Passengers departing from Pier M cannot access this lounge. Access is only granted up to 3 hours before flight departure time.

NOTE: Children under 2 years old are admitted free with an adult. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Free Wi-Fi is limited to 1 hour.

Opening HoursClosed Now

Monday: 5:30am - 9:00pm
Tuesday: 5:30am - 9:00pm
Wednesday: 5:30am - 9:00pm
Thursday: 5:30am - 9:00pm
Friday: 5:30am - 9:00pm
Saturday: 5:30am - 9:00pm
Sunday: 5:30am - 9:00pm

Lounge Amenities

Newspapers & MagazinesNewspapers & Magazines
Beer & WineBeer & Wine
Spirits & LiquorSpirits & Liquor
Flight MonitorsFlight Monitors
Internet TerminalsInternet Terminals


AMS: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Main Terminal (inside security)

After Departures Hall 1 Passport Control, turn right and go through Security Check, proceed up the stairs and follow the signs to the lounge.

Show travel time from other terminals


The unfriendly staff makes checking in a very long progress. In addition, the food is very limited.


Besides the potential long lines and crowding that can detract from the solitude in this lounge, it's a fairly good place to be.


This lounge is clean and has good service. However, everything else is subpar: limited food options, small space, and spotty Wi-Fi.


Substandard and disappointing.


A bit overcrowded. Good wine and beer.


Nice comfortable, well lit lounge. Good drinks selection, but the snack offerings leave a little to be desired.


This poor lounge lacks even in the most basic aspect: the coffee. The coffee is simply undrinkable. Even the staff knows it and acknowledged saying they hope to get a new machine soon.


This is one of the worst lounges I have ever been at. Crowded, lazy staff and very little food options (unless you want to eat chips and cheese only). Much better to go to Starbucks.


This lounge is okay but nothing special. Since the airport has a lot of construction now (September 2014), this is at least a comfortable place to relax and have a drink and a snack.


The coffee from the Nescafé machine was disgusting as others mentioned. (I made some tea instead.). Food was limited but the crackers & cream cheese were fine. Somewhat crowded.


Centrally located to the BCD gate area. Comfortable and well spaced out seating. Could use a refresh but generally clean. Snacks and beverages are the basics and limited.


Comfy seats to relax, but small snack and drink offerings.


The only lounge free for Star Gold travelers at Schipol, where SkyTeam dominates. Comfortable area, multiple drinks available, but food choice is the poorest in the world.


Not sure why everyone doesn't like this lounge. Staff were all friendly, adequate seats (was a Monday night, around 7pm), alcohol and more snacks than a domestic United Lounge. Be thankful.


Salon sympa mais pas grand choix de nourriture. Alcool par contre a gogo!


Basic lounge with terrible coffee.


Was in the lounge for a 9 am flight to Prague. A few breakfast snacks, plenty of self service wine and liquor, beer on tap too. Not a bad place to spend some time but nothing amazing.


Agreed with other reviewers - staff seem unhappy which reflects the service you receive. Maybe they don't want to be there?


Very small lounge, few snack options, water comes in a glass bottle so you can't take one with you on your flight, not all spots have power outlets. On the upside: clean and modern lounge.


Crowded, unfriendly check-in staff, cleaned too infrequently with a poor selection of food and drink. Coffee is sub-standard. Very little upside to this lounge.


Quiet and comfortable, with adequate drinks, but lacking in food quality. Service excellent.


Renovated and good.


Clean and spacious. Good location, right after security.


Small but comfortable & peaceful (Sat 14:45). Drink selection adequate (alc y non-alc). Food very simple - crackers, vegetables (but no sauce, dip), bread, potato chips, coleslaw & olives.


The lounge was crowded and the food/beer selection is quite poor. But it is similar to other airport lounges so this was no surprise.


Extremely crowded, only food was pasta and biscuits. Not work the money!


A mediocre lounge, modern design, the standard range of drinks, but basically nothing to eat. Nor much to the facilities. There is clear potential for improvement.


Nice with enough seats but no tarmac view. Decent drinking options. Food options are even more terrible than an Admirals Club.


Better than average. Nothing exceptional. Greek yogurt for breakfast. Everything is self serve, furniture is comfortable/clean. Solid B.


A really nice place to rest and relax before departure. Decent selection of snacks and alcohol, and plenty of open seating when I was there!


Very basic lounge, hardly any food, bad coffee, mineral water only from fountain. Only ever go if you don't have to pay extra for it!


Comparable to a US domestic lounge.


At 1:30 pm, almost all snack stations are empty. Service staff only at the reception, not present in the lounge.

Harry Zwarthoed

Very small food selection. But very nice and clean.


Pros: very quiet, lots of space, very comfortable seats Cons: wifi, food and drinks are a pure joke If you can go there for free, do it! Otherwise avoid it.


Basic bar and half decent happy hour food selection, with soup and a variety of snacks. Very dimly lit, so difficult to read. Lounge is segregated into multiple areas which keeps it quiet.


Very limited food. Come just to relax and have a drink.


Quiet retreat with typical lounge food and drink. Staff really stand out as cheerful and helpful.


Food is awful, wi-fi is bad and they try not to honor agreements with partners such as Amex Platinum. Only go here if it your only option.


Quiet and well located, good WiFi (airport and lounge) and friendly staff. I would pick this over KLM's a thousand times.


Very limited food options. Saw a mouse running across the floor near the food area, which made the already unappealing food that much more unappealing.


Spacious and quiet on the opposite side of the snack bar. Minimal food selection. Comfy couches.


Sub par continental breakfast.


Food and drinks are okay, nothing special. Very disappointed to find that a large number of electrical connections not working. Poor selection of reading material. Very clean bathrooms.


At 8:45 am food selection is sparse but fresh. Lots of spirits. Seating very comfortable and peaceful.


Basically a place to sit. Food is nonexistent, but you can get a coffee. Certainly not worth paying for, but better than sitting in the terminal if you're given free access.


With a name like Aspire, you have to wonder what it's aspiring to... Perfectly reasonable and comfortable place to spend time apart from the terminal, but I wouldn't go out of my way to visit it.


This lounge actually has good food and drinks. Only thing is that it's over crowded. That's probably because Priority Pass needs more lounges at AMS.


Quiet and comfortable. Medium variety of beverages. Wine/coffee etc infested with small flies. Made the cleanness feel very poor. 5/10


Food is scarce. No water bottles. Only fountain drinks.


Decent, basic lounge. Limited food, small, but clean and quiet. Reasonable lounge.


Terrible wifi, non functional power sockets, food is almost nonexistent. It barely qualifies as a "lounge".


Very basic food. The fruits taste old. Literally saw a mouse running around the place.


Lots of comfortable seating, hot couscous with a few vegetables, & Heineken beer on tap. Short on power outlets. I was there about 30 minutes in evening. My plates were cleared, tables wiped.


Few charging points it’s almost comical. Very dim lighting. Did not make me excited to re-visit this lounge.


Very busy lounge! Came at 9am on Sat. & had issues finding a seat. Not many food options. No clean mug for coffee & no one cleaning up after people. If you're hungry get food outside b4 coming in.


Solid lounge, average food and decent selection of drinks. Was relatively quiet on a Sunday morning. Nice mix of lounge and work areas. Free wifi from Schiphol airport.


The service at the lounge is very good. There is good food available for breakfast, and there were enough seats at 7 AM.


Spacious seating, good food, quiet.


Clean and quiet is about all I can say. The WiFi is poor, and the food situation is dire, especially at 6AM on a Saturday. This lounge threatens the credibility of Star Alliance benefits.


Has all the basics you would need.


A couple of hours out from closing time, food and drinks were not being replenished and when I asked the staff, I was met with rudeness and indignant excuses. Comfortable space.


Bare bones, and actually makes you want to skip early to enjoy the much classier cafes and restaurants downstairs. They need to raise their game to at least compete with the free options at Schiphol.


The food was lacking but the lady at the desk was very warm and friendly. Had the food been better, I would have given a 3.


Poor selection of food. Eat before coming. Closed at 9pm so not for later flights. Very poor internet service - free wifi did not work 😥👎🏾🙅🏼‍♂️. Good work areas which are clean. Comfy seats.


Nice decorations, super slow Wi-Fi, food, drinks and mediocre food.


Small, no view, only fruit, cheese and bread for food. Not impressed.


Slightly better than sitting in the terminal. Too crowded during afternoons/evenings. Hard for limited staff and small kitchen areas to keep up with the volume of visitors.


Small, basic and crowded. Understandable as most airlines flying schengen destinations use this lounge, as well as priority pass. Very limited food options, only some bread, and light snacks.


Terrible lounge. Over crowded and lacking basic standard food, you are honestly better off going to one of the terminal restaurants than visit here.

Jeff Kaster

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