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American Airlines Admirals Club

CLTMain Terminal, Concourse C (inside security)

Enjoy personalized service, comfort and exceptional amenities. The ability to stretch out. To unfetter. To peel away. Treat an Admirals Club lounge as an oasis of peace - away from all of the airport hustle. Because we know a little space to yourself can add up to a feeling, well, really big.

Opening HoursOpen Now

Monday: 5:15am - 10:15pm
Tuesday: 5:15am - 10:15pm
Wednesday: 5:15am - 10:15pm
Thursday: 5:15am - 10:15pm
Friday: 5:15am - 10:15pm
Saturday: 5:15am - 10:15pm
Sunday: 5:15am - 10:15pm

Lounge Amenities

Conference Rooms (Paid)Conference Rooms(Paid)
Newspapers & MagazinesNewspapers & Magazines
Premium Food (Paid)Premium Food(Paid)
Printers & CopiersPrinters & Copiers
Beer & WineBeer & Wine
18+ Cardholder18+ Cardholder
Spirits & LiquorSpirits & Liquor
Internet TerminalsInternet Terminals


CLT: Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Main Terminal, Concourse C (inside security)

At the intersection of Concourse C and Concourse D

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This lounge has nice airport views, basic drink and snack offerings, and great front desk staff.


This is a clean lounge with lots of space. However, it lacks the amenities that distinguish an airport lounge.


Plenty of space but tends to be busy. Food offering is poor but seats are comfortable. Nice and bright daylight.


This is a spacious, quiet lounge that is just wonderful.


As with most lounges in the US, the food selection is bad. However, this is a huge and comfortable lounge.


A large lounge but since it's US Airways largest hub I would expect there to be better amenities for what should be a flagship club. No showers, and food offered consists of only light snacks.


This is a huge, multi-room lounge with plenty of seating and quiet spaces. It also offers great views of the Tarmac. Unfortunately, the limited food offerings is mediocre.


If you're trying to get away from crowds and the abundance of carts, this club is fine. However, it's mediocre, and doesn't allow outside food though its food offering sucks.


Very spacious and comfortable lounge with pleasant staff. The soup is a nice touch, but the food/beverage options are otherwise minimal. I would love to see some showers installed here.


For a Flagship lounge, this large lounge is lacking in amenities.


Plenty of seating, multiple small snack areas with bagels and coffee.

Andreas Zoellner

Large, clean, friendly crew and quiet. Oh, and free liquor, wine and beer.


Average US lounge, with a few snack options and wine and beer. Bar area can get crowded though.


They serve chips and salsa and hot soup starting late afternoon. Slightly better than most domestic lounges in terms of food offerings, but still relatively crowded.


Bathrooms subpar. Good service. Nice wine, cheese, and soup. Definitely beats the screaming kids at the gate even if you're only there for a few minutes.


Excellent location and quality. Comfortable and quiet.

William Carter

Nice lounge. Decent snacks. Crap beer.


No showers. Bathroom has little privacy and wide gaps between doors. Took too long to check in.


For being an US Airways hub I expected a lot more such as heavier snacks. Lots of seating. It still beats waiting by the gate.


As other reviewers have posted, this is a huge lounge. The decor is nice, plenty of outlets, the usual bar, and good views. However, the food game needs to be stepped up a bit to match the size.


Wow! This is what I get for staying loyal to AA? Nice spacious area. Amenities lacking. you would find a better breakfast at a low tier hotel free buffet. Horrible, tasteless industrial grade coffee.


The size of this lounge occasionally makes it difficult to manage the dirty dishes, but Tarmac views and great staff quickly overcome that.


The lounge between C/D concourses is much larger with great views and two standard snack areas. They offered two kinds of soups (not sure if this is normal for US legacy clubs).

James Menge

Huge open space for seating, with lots of TVs. Some private areas and excellent staff on site.


Nice space. Pathetic snack offerings. Not worth annual membership fees for this place. Cheaper and better to head restaurants, get table service and quality things to snack on or eat.


As with most domestic lounges, real food options are minimal. But the lounge is spacious with many great views. A little clubby looking, but still a decent place to be.


Pretty huge, accessed at 5.45 AM, wasn't crowded until 7. The usual snacks for breakfast, coffee, premium coffee, juices and yogurt. Has entry/exit from both Concourses C and D.

Shri Biradar

The front desk offers phenomenal customer service. Always well staffed considering the popularity of this lounge.


Large and the open space and views are really nice. Where it is mediocre is the food and beverage offerings. It is still worth visiting esp. if it is not full.


Large space, bartenders are friendly, nice to have changing rooms available.


Has that cheap US Airways feel. I hope American puts this place at the top of their lounge upgrade list. Tiny wine glasses, poor snack options, very little restroom privacy, and inattentive staff.


Large with a good amount of seating. Great tarmac views and relatively quiet. Comfortable more traditional decor. Good selection of basic food.


Nice lounge.. Spacious. Minimal food options.. Good god, free drinks and wifi!!


If you frequent Admirals Clubs, you'll find this to be a standard club. It'll be remodeled with showers in the coming year; much needed, especially for international arrivals.

Curt Anderson

Convenient to Concourse C and D with entry from each. Larger of Admirals Club rooms in CLT. Plenty of space and always a seat in one of the many sections. Well staffed check in provides fast help.


I'm new to this so maybe I'm easily impressed but compared to the main terminal, this is heaven. It's huge, but sectioned off nicely so it's still quiet. Good drinks and snacks and helpful staff.


The front desk people always seem angry, but that's okay. Huge club that sits between C&D with access to both sides. Food is sub par and they won't let you bring your own in, which is funny.


Spacious lounge with comfortable seating. Free food is satisfactory but that is a norm for US based airline lounges. Wish there were showers considering CLT is now a major hub for American Airlines.


Very spacious lounge with high ceilings, highlighted by an impressive rotunda seating area. Great views of the runway. Plenty of quieter areas around, including several work spaces.


There are 2 AA lounges and this is the bigger and better of the two. Views and high ceilings give more spacious feel too. Plus the much bigger size gets more amenities like Guac bar in afternoon etc.


Hello Guac (after 4pm). Yes, busy at times but have a cocktail and chill. Friendly staff, plentiful windows, and solid snacks. A nice oasis in the midst of mediocrity that is CLT airport.


Huge lounge. Had to walk a bit to the bar back and forth to order. No waiter service.


Great space. Doesn’t have new mod cons of current AA lounges, but plenty of seating available. Head to the back under the dome ceiling for the best place to rest. Same fare as other lounges.


Great spot for plane spotting and watch out for the afternoon guacamole when it comes out! Amazing!


Spacious and comfortable. Fresh made-to-order guacamole bar was very good. Barkeep was a bit curt and skimpy with the gun on a house G&T. Otherwise restful and welcomed oasis on a long travel day.


Huge, spacious lounge in 6-7 sections. Has “dressing room” inside toilets for getting changed, although no showers. Usual light snacks for AA. Comfortable chairs, large windows overlooking airfield.


Service was awful.... American Airlines should have a better lounge at one of their main hubs and as far as Southern hospitality, forget about it.


Also in Main Terminal, Concourse C

This is the only lounge in Main Terminal, Concourse C

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