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Premier Lounge

DPSInternational Terminal (inside security)

Escape the noise and chaos of the terminal and enjoy the ultimate getaway before your departure. Delight in a host of luxurious amenities at the Premier Lounge, including a premium buffet, complimentary Wi-Fi, and refreshing shower facilities.

Open NowOpen 24 Hours

Opening Hours

SundayOpen 24 HoursMondayOpen 24 HoursTuesdayOpen 24 HoursWednesdayOpen 24 HoursThursdayOpen 24 HoursFridayOpen 24 HoursSaturdayOpen 24 Hours

Top Complimentary Amenities

Newspapers & Magazines
Newspapers & Magazines
Printers & Copiers
Printers & Copiers
Beer & Wine
Beer & Wine
18+ Cardholder
18+ Cardholder
Spirits & Liquor
Spirits & Liquor
Premium Food
Premium Food
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Important Information

  • This lounge is only accessible for passengers departing on international flights.
  • Children under 2 years old are admitted free with an adult.
  • International telephone calls require an additional cost.
  • Reflexology therapy is available at an additional cost.

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancel up to 24 hours prior to your reservation time to get a full refund. Learn more
  • You may enter the lounge one hour before or after your reservation time. Your booking starts upon entry.


Ngurah Rai International Airport
Ngurah Rai International AirportDPSBali, Indonesia
Located in International Terminal (inside security). After Passport Control, proceed through the Duty Free Area, take the lift up to the Mezzanine Level entrance.
    Travel times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Airports may require you to re-clear security and immigration control to reach the lounge. Clearing security might require a boarding pass departing from the terminal. For lounges inside security or immigration, you must first check your baggage and obtain your boarding pass.

    Reviews (77)

    Needs ImprovementUncomfortable, bad coffee & food, strange & unsettling music playing. All in all would have preferred to wait at the gate.
    AnonymousFebruary 2019
    SatisfactoryBetter than gate lounge but very simple offering. T/G lounge next door looks much nicer and less crowded. Little food and only dry white wine, limited spirits or soft drink on offer.
    AnonymousJanuary 2019
    SatisfactoryNothing fancy but does the trick if you need to plug and have a drink.
    PeteDecember 2019
    SatisfactoryAverage lounge. Internet slow and washrooms are old.
    PeterNovember 2018
    Worth a DetourLounge has always a decent selection of local dishes, comfortable leather chairs, clean, good service, and not crowded. Downside: more outlets, replace bathroom tile, weak internet and warmer food.
    AnonymousNovember 2018
    SatisfactoryVery disappointed. Chose this lounge by the rating in LoungeBuddy. This is NOT a fresh category lounge. Old & dirty seating, only 1 shower which is very old & I had to seek out staff to get a towel.
    JakiSeptember 2018
    Needs ImprovementRudely turned away with Priority Pass because we weren’t business class passengers.
    TreySeptember 2018
    Needs ImprovementI was refused entry. The gentleman claimed it was full. A man and daughters walked up and they were allowed in using a Priority Pass for which I got denied entry. Just an FYI, I am a Black Man!
    AnonymousAugust 2018
    SatisfactoryToo many airlines use this small lounge resulting in a crowded and noisy environment, visited multiple times and always the same. If you can, go to the T/G lounge next door instead.
    PeterrAugust 2018
    SatisfactoryLounge is OK for short stay. Limited food option, drinks too. It’s overrated lounge. I ordered omelette and it was OK.
    SladjanJuly 2018
    SatisfactoryNot very premium unfortunately but more comfortable than gate lounge. Far too crowded/small for volume of flight that use it. Many noisy kids. Single shower for each gender. Small unappealing food range.
    RoJuly 2018
    OutstandingWe visited at 9am. Very quiet, and a reasonable breakfast spread. Chicken roll, vegetable samosa, soup, chicken black pepper sauce, omelettes, toast, fruit, and salad.
    dcbMay 2018
    Needs ImprovementNot worth the time if you can avoid it.
    DanielMay 2018
    Needs ImprovementIt’s pretty, but it’s crowded, the WiFi is terrible, the food is bad and stodgy, and it’s always full of noisy children running riot. I left to spend time in the terminal, it was really that bad.
    PeterApril 2018
    Needs ImprovementEw. Not very clean, overcrowded, and food scares me. Chose to go to food court instead.
    RyanApril 2018
    Needs ImprovementWe were flying Business Class with Emirates Airlines 24th March 2018. Extremely disappointed. Substandard dirty. Poor quality of food. Toilets disgusting.
    AnonymousMarch 2018
    OutstandingThis lounge might vary by time of day you come. I'm here at noon and it has a huge food + drink selection. It's clean and has great service. I saw some reviews in peak/low hours that weren't great.
    ZackMarch 2018
    Needs ImprovementPretty filthy. Food at 10:00 was well and truly past its best. Left and went to the food court. At least it was cleaner there.
    MattFebruary 2018
    Needs ImprovementSitting here at 5:45am - nobody is really here, and there’s still no food. Buddy just took last piece of toast, two pieces of pineapple left. Place is dingy, dated, and dirty. Leaving to get a coffee.
    ChaseJanuary 2018
    Needs ImprovementBeen here a few times and it gets worse every visit. The drinks are warm, there are no seats, the lounge is packed. And the food isn't good.
    JasonJanuary 2018
    Needs ImprovementThe staff tries but maybe 20 airlines use it for their lounge so it’s packed, dirty, and worn. Most of the food was empty and drinks were warm. Have to stand around like seagulls waiting for a seat.
    AnonymousDecember 2017
    Worth a DetourMore relaxing in here than being at the gate. Food quality could be better. Also should be hot. One good thing I came past the time of expiry which wasn’t a issue. This I liked.
    SimonDecember 2017
    Worth a DetourA better place to wait than any other at this busy airport. Even if it’s crowded as well, not perfect clean, the food basic and the staff not very attending. On the other hand the price is fair.
    ChristianOctober 2017
    Worth a DetourComfortable lounge. Although it has been a little bit crowdy there was enough space for everyone. Fresh food, good variety of non-alcoholic drinks, varieties of coffee and tea. Worth it.
    MaikeOctober 2017
    Worth a DetourComfortable lounge, spacious, very quiet, free food and drink, friendly staff but you have to catch their eye! Could do with a refurb but very calm and quiet before a long journey. Worth it for price.
    AlasdairOctober 2017
    Needs ImprovementTired and run down with poor grumpy service. Drinks warm, and wifi slow. Needs a good clean - especially the shower and front desk manager far from welcoming.
    MirandaSeptember 2017
    SatisfactoryFurniture needs refurbishment, food range not good, same as last year! Air condition not strong enough.
    GustavoSeptember 2017
    Needs ImprovementThe showers are substandard and seating is very limited.
    AnonymousAugust 2017
    SatisfactoryPoor slow WiFi, small cockroaches in the toilet & average food.
    GarryAugust 2017
    Needs ImprovementAdequate service and fairly spacious but lousy food. Had to fight off flies and a baby cockroach while I ate. Rips in the furniture.
    GabrielJuly 2017
    SatisfactoryA bit dated and food choices not that great, although they were replenished quite frequently with new choices. Fridge was barely cold so all drinks were warm. Air con was freezing in some areas.
    DarrenJuly 2017
    Worth a DetourGreat lounge inside a small airport. Food spread was nice, drink selection is adequate. Service was good. Better than most US domestic lounges.
    FrankMay 2017
    SatisfactoryAs others stated. Crowded but satisfactory for a quick bite and some drinks.
    MichaelApril 2017
    OutstandingNice lounge with good food options and nice seating. Can get slightly crowded but this lounge is better than expected based on previous reviews.
    AnonymousApril 2017
    SatisfactoryFeels crowded in the early evening but staff is all smiles. Some OK food and drink options, nothing special. A bit warm but still cooler than in the terminal.
    WayneMarch 2017
    Worth a DetourThe lounge was quiet and has a reading room and computer room. Good buffet. You have the option of sitting in air conditioning area or non-air conditioning overlooking the shops.
    GaryMarch 2017
    Needs ImprovementShowers are dirty and small cockroaches in the bathroom. The facility itself needs upkeep and clean bathrooms. Wifi on and off. Food is decent.
    DEJMarch 2017
    Worth a DetourSmall but comfortable lounge. Decent food selection, horrible WiFi... Constant drops and slow.
    AnonymousFebruary 2017
    OutstandingLounge is not bad at all. AC cooler than airport and decent food selection. Chicken noodle soup, noodles, rice. Desserts and fruit. Better than waiting at gate. Also beer, juices, and tea.
    AnonymousJanuary 2017
    Needs ImprovementRejected using Priority Pass as lounge too busy.
    ChrisJanuary 2017
    OutstandingDecent selection of Asian food and various drinks. Can get crowded with families but it's generally large enough so you can find a quiet corner.
    RKDecember 2016
    SatisfactoryLounge looks nice enough. Food and drink are basic. A/C is cooler in the lounge than in hot airport.
    AnonymousNovember 2016
    SatisfactoryLounge is pretty good. Good space, nice buffet of food and selection of drinks. Wifi is lacking. Famous Balinese service.
    B. MadNovember 2016
    OutstandingReally enjoyed this lounge. Was a bit skeptical going here after reviews but now that I came here, it's really nice. It's clean and there is a lot of space and food is fresh.
    IgorSeptember 2016
    Needs ImprovementPretty lousy lounge. Always busy. Food option limited and not very tasty. Beats sitting at the gate tho.
    JustineSeptember 2016
    Needs ImprovementDirty old chairs, dirty floors, very average food.
    EricSeptember 2016
    Worth a DetourCool drink, nice enough food, but the photos make it look better than it is. Lounges are old and dirty :(
    MTAugust 2016
    SatisfactoryAbout what you'd expect out of DPS. A bit crowded, darkly lit, and unsatisfying food options. But better than waiting at the gate.
    AviJuly 2016
    Worth a DetourPreviously in DPS when the current lounge was under construction. New lounge opened and a vast improvement. Ample seating, varied food selection, cans of beer and soda, etc. Quite nice & enjoyable.
    Billy BoyJuly 2016
    SatisfactoryThe shower is unusable. No towels, shampoo or soap available when requested. It's very busy and a bit loud in the mid afternoon.
    AnonymousMay 2016
    Needs ImprovementPretty small, has shower but when asked for towel all they could give me was what looked like dirty bath mats.
    RodMay 2016
    SatisfactoryBathrooms dirty, small but nice and comfortable. Lots of snack choices. Showers without towels.
    SumarusApril 2016
    SatisfactoryWifi is unusable. Food is OK, plenty of seating.
    ClemensApril 2016
    SatisfactoryNice food options. Service was meh. Shower was satisfactory after a day sweating in the Bali heat. Spa services were a nice touch.
    AaronMarch 2016
    Worth a DetourThe lounge is good in terms of space, food variety and service but the only bad comment is on terrible wifi connection.
    AmmFebruary 2016
    SatisfactoryHorrible wifi, mediocre food. Screaming kids and shouting tourists. No quiet.
    AnonymousFebruary 2016
    Worth a DetourNice breakfast selection. We saw tons of baby cockroaches around the food trays. It was not bad to eat the food since food was covered, but only a matter of time before it shows up in the food.
    AnonymousFebruary 2016
    SatisfactorySlow Wi-Fi, shared with too many airlines, very average food, small drink range, no smoking area. Great customer service though.
    AnonymousJanuary 2016
    Worth a DetourThis lounge is much better than its predecessor. Plenty of space (late night), food selection not huge but sufficient. Only 1 bottle of wine behind the counter. Was very warm but was already rep to mgt.
    HansDecember 2015
    SatisfactoryVery average lounge that gets busy. Only red/white wine is served (upon request) - no visible liquor. Pasta can also be requested from the staff.
    Mark ChuaNovember 2015
    SatisfactoryOk - fulfills the need. But nothing special -
    MortenOctober 2015
    SatisfactoryIt's ok (that sums it up). Big, but busy. Small snacks and plenty of drinks available. Hygiene in restrooms sub standard, otherwise totally fine for a quick stop over.
    ThomasOctober 2015
    Worth a DetourI think this lounge is pretty good. Nice food for such a small lounge. Better than many in Europe. Clean. Not too crowded. And if the wifi is slow, use the public. Worked good for me.
    RikardOctober 2015
    Worth a DetourNice. Food is fair but as a carnivore was a bit disappointed in the chicken wings as only protein. Wine & beer available at the bar (some spirits as well it seems) where you can also order Carbonara.
    AnonymousSeptember 2015
    SatisfactoryIt did the job - just. Unclear how to get alcoholic drinks & became very, very busy hence not so relaxing.
    ColinSeptember 2015
    Worth a DetourAttractively styled but seats not very comfy and VERY crowded so we couldn't sit our family together. Some private areas, workstations, and contrary to an earlier review there IS a shower.
    IanAugust 2015
    Worth a DetourA great lounge with a good variety of food (multiple protein items) as well as spaghetti carbonara available to be cooked in front of you at the bar. Worth a stay!
    TobiasJuly 2015
    Needs ImprovementGiven that it is shared with many airlines, it's very busy. Average quality food.
    LauraJuly 2015
    SatisfactoryGood variety of food, which unfortunately lacks quality. Wine has to be ordered from the bar. Wifi did not work properly. Given that this is one of the few lounges, can get very crowded.
    TeresaJuly 2015
    OutstandingPlenty of room, food ok, bar service efficient, wifi just satisfactory.
    AnonymousMay 2015
    OutstandingGood quality of food, a lot of spaces, very clean and comfortable.
    ArtemMay 2015
    SatisfactoryOne of the only lounges at Denpasar, so it's a bit crowded. Decent food selection but quality is hit and miss. No visible alcohol though others said wine is available.
    CamApril 2015
    Needs ImprovementVery poor and tasteless food... Very crowded ...
    PressianMarch 2015
    Worth a DetourOne of the better free non airline lounges I've seen. Mediocre food but clean, we'll maintained, and comfortable.
    AnonymousMarch 2015
    Needs ImprovementPoor wifi, poor food choices and only wine...
    Kieran McGregorFebruary 2015
    Worth a DetourAlthough small, space is used well. Food is fresh and tasty. Staff attentive while barely being noticeable. As long as you don't need a shower, a fine lounge.
    RobinJanuary 2015
    SatisfactoryBeaucoup de monde dans ce salon. Il semblerait que tout le monde peut y accéder ce qui implique qu'il y à rarement à manger.
    VinceJanuary 2015

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