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Art & Lounge

EWRTerminal B (outside security)

A newly renovated oasis that works overtime as a venue for contemporary art exhibitions. Novel design and decor that enrich a visitor's visual and cultural experience. Enjoy a fresh, healthy salad or sandwich, and top your meal off with a glass of wine in a quiet, artistic atmosphere. Take the next step to productivity and relaxation.

Closed Now9:00am - 11:30pm

Opening Hours

Sunday9:00am - 11:30pmMonday9:00am - 11:30pmTuesday9:00am - 11:30pmWednesday9:00am - 11:30pmThursday9:00am - 11:30pmFriday9:00am - 11:30pmSaturday9:00am - 11:30pm

Top Complimentary Amenities

Newspapers & Magazines
Newspapers & Magazines
Printers & Copiers
Printers & Copiers
Beer & Wine
Beer & Wine
Spirits & Liquor
Spirits & Liquor
Flight Monitors
Flight Monitors
Internet Terminals
Internet Terminals
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Important Information

  • This lounge is located outside of security, so passengers should leave plenty of time to clear security and get to their departure gate.
  • Children under 2 years old are admitted free with an adult.
  • Lounge membership access through Priority Pass, Lounge Key, and Lounge Club may be restricted due to space constraints, in particular during the hours of 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm daily.
  • Guests can access thousands of newspapers and magazines from around the world by downloading PressReader to your mobile device.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are permitted up to 24 hours before check-in for a full refund. Cancellations less than 24 hours before check-in are not eligible for reimbursement.

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Newark Liberty International Airport
Newark Liberty International AirportEWRNewark, New Jersey, United States
Located in Terminal B (outside security). Before security, located in the main corridor between Satellites B2 and B3, next to Duty Free.
  • 20 minutes from Terminal A
  • 20 minutes from Terminal C
Travel times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Airports may require you to re-clear security and immigration control to reach the lounge. Clearing security might require a boarding pass departing from the terminal. For lounges inside security or immigration, you must first check your baggage and obtain your boarding pass.

Reviews (76)

Needs ImprovementI arrived 2 hours before closing and there was basically a few pieces of cheese and a scoop of this and that. So far my least favorite Priority Pass Lounge.
LindaFebruary 2019
Worth a DetourThe worst lounge experience. Toilets are small, very dirty, stink, often closed. Sitting space is very limited. Always very crowded. Takes them very long time to get tables clean. Don’t buy!
LanaDecember 2018
SatisfactoryPleasant enough when empty, but the seating is VERY dense. Minor snacks and bar at 10am, not terrible if you have card access, but not worth a pay pass.
AnonymousDecember 2018
Needs ImprovementDirty, crowded, poor cell signal, all furnitures broken. I left and feel much better sitting in a chair close to the gate. Give 1 star as 0 is not an option.
MaxOctober 2018
Needs ImprovementUtterly miserable - don't bother.
AnonymousSeptember 2018
Needs ImprovementThis is the worst lounge I've ever seen. It's crowded and unpleasant, with the surliest staff I've ever seen (though it's hard to blame them). Skip it.
AnonymousSeptember 2018
SatisfactoryWhy bother. Light snacks and a drink in a very crowded lounge. 2 stall women’s room with 1 stall out of order. front desk people barely looked up to let me in. No plugs to charge. Just go to the gate.
AnonymousJuly 2018
SatisfactoryAdmitted with no problems on a Sun around 2pm with PP. Extremely friendly staff at desk and at bar. Food and snack options were bad, didn’t eat a thing just had a few drinks. Lots of seating, clean.
AnonymousJune 2018
SatisfactoryGot in with Priority Pass at ~4:30 PM. Food was pretty bad, the rest of the lounge was fine. Not worth paying for, but okay as part of PP.
AnonymousJune 2018
Needs ImprovementPoor, landside lounge. Limited food, poor service, lounge wasn’t cleaned well.
MarkJune 2018
SatisfactoryMediocre food during limited hours.
AnonymousJune 2018
Needs ImprovementAs Diners Club card holder, refused entry and told they were full. Reception staff were extremely rude and impolite. Suggest rotating your staff and get folks with people skills.
JamesJune 2018
Needs ImprovementRefused entry with Priority Pass and Amex Platinum by an obnoxiously rude agent. Really frustrated as the lounge situation in Newark is utterly pathetic.
LaurenMay 2018
Needs ImprovementRefused Priority Pass. Very disappointed.
RicardoApril 2018
Needs ImprovementRefused entry until 630 PM because it's 'too busy.' Worthless.
DavidApril 2018
Needs ImprovementAbsolutely shocking. How they can charge for this tired lounge is unbelievable. Staff were rude. Never going here again. DON'T PAY for this rubbish.
AlexApril 2018
SatisfactoryThis is one of those lounges where the food makes you want to just eat at a real restaurant at the gates. It was like elementary cafeteria food. Decent selection of drinks though.
AnonymousApril 2018
SatisfactoryI liked the classic, bookish atmosphere; I only noticed relatively minor wear and tear on the upholstery. However there was no food 1400-1630 except for chips. The single printer was inoperative.
AnonymousMarch 2018
Needs ImprovementPoor, limited food and bad service. Lots of staff but terrible service - they all just sit around a back room.
DanielMarch 2018
Satisfactory I came with 2 guests between 11am and 1pm. Food not great, was mainly hard cookies, some chips and salsa, not the best experience. It seems the service is better late afternoon.
Lionel March 2018
SatisfactoryCompared to European lounges, it rates quite badly.
AnonymousMarch 2018
Needs ImprovementReally really dirty. Food gross. WiFi slow.
JesseFebruary 2018
SatisfactoryThree ladies working here were pretty loud and throwing dishes around like they want to make some noise!! Open tables were dirty and I had to clean one for us. Food and drink offers are decent.
Jaco-LouisJanuary 2018
Needs ImprovementVery poor quality lounge. The furnitures are torn, the food is bad and mess all around.
AnonymousDecember 2017
Worth a DetourGood food selection, a lot of seating, and groups of seating. It was been very busy 4-7pm on Wednesday, looks like there are only a couple seats left. Better food than most, but pretty compact.
AnonymousNovember 2017
Worth a DetourReally unkempt with dirty plates, napkins, bottles and glasses everywhere. But: decent food options and very uncrowded at 3:00 pm. Thus, a mixed bag.
ConradOctober 2017
Worth a DetourDecent. Service is a little slow but not awful. I did find the space to be incredibly freezing the day I was there. Busy period was in the 3-5pm range (Tuesday).
PaulOctober 2017
SatisfactoryThis lounge gets very busy at times, which leaves you the possibility of not having a place to sit. The service, both in reception & food counter, needs improvement.
JLOctober 2017
SatisfactoryNo access to Priority Pass members due to space (as every day?!) Today even just access to EL AL pax. I wonder if Amex and RCC know about it. Going to report that problem. Two thumbs down!
ConniOctober 2017
Worth a DetourGood food selection and alcohol. Worth a detour.
AnonymousOctober 2017
Worth a DetourInteresting lounge. Open to Priority Pass. Too cold and the TVs weren't working when I went. They do have a "help yourself" drink section for beer/soda.
NateJuly 2017
Worth a DetourVery stylish lounge located landside in Term B. Arrived Sun afternoon & it was fairly quiet. F&B are simple but satisfying (sandwich, soup, crudités). There's also a bar w/ spirits/wine. Worthy of detour.
SirLouJuly 2017
Needs ImprovementOutdated lounge with low quality amenities. Furthermore the location before the security check is a big pain in the ass. The serviced bar lowered the pain a bit. No friendly staff at all.
Sam MaesJune 2017
OutstandingLounge has plenty of seating, nicely decorated with some Campbells Soup multi dimensional art on wall. At 2pm food was well stock of soup, salad and vegetable plus dip. Nicely stock bar available.
Maria E. ValdezJune 2017
SatisfactoryEnough to cover the essentials and a little more to leave you satisfied.
JavierMay 2017
SatisfactoryQuality is severely lacking. Bare shelves in food area, staff who don't seem at all interested in service. Very crowded when I was there around 4-5pm.
SebastianMay 2017
Worth a DetourGreat lounge before security so the actual departure terminal isn't important. Give yourself time to clear security. Usually pretty full and basic offering but warm pasta, hot soup and salad is enough.
AnonymousMay 2017
Needs ImprovementIf you already get in for free, it's better than gen-pop to kill time and for some free stuff, but not much. WiFi wasn't great, food selections wasn't great, staff seemed apathetic about everything.
DanielApril 2017
Needs ImprovementNo food in the evening. Not clean and the women in the reception was very unfriendly.
Kai Arne MyklebustMarch 2017
OutstandingNot only is this lounge stylish, it's also extremely relaxing. With soft music playing in the background, comfortable seating, and amazing food, it's the perfect place to stay during your layover.
ShelbyMarch 2017
SatisfactoryI found it to be good lounge to spend some time in between flights. Above average food. Avoid sitting next to the refrigerated case as it buzzes like crazy.
AnonymousMarch 2017
SatisfactoryI admittedly came through at a busy time (~7pm), but was turned off by dirty chairs and unbussed tables. That said the free food was good for what it was and it was blissfully quiet.
NathanFebruary 2017
SatisfactoryDecent food. Poor beer selection. Lots of dishes sitting around, not an attentive cleaning crew.
AnonymousFebruary 2017
SatisfactoryComfortable chairs and plenty of outlets. Beer, wine, liquor, soft drinks, juice and coffee machine but food selection is not very good until 16:00 when buffet starts. At 15:00 it was about 30% full.
EricFebruary 2017
SatisfactoryFood options were plenty adequate on a Sunday morning (quiches, cereals, baked goods, salads, plus a whole cold case of kosher options if you need them). The food/drink staff were nice. 5/10 overall.
StephenJanuary 2017
Needs ImprovementSeriously in need of renovations. Furniture and walls looked dinged up. Self service snacks looked fairly bare and few non-alcoholic drink options other than soda. Few people but feels cramped.
DavidNovember 2016
SatisfactoryDo not come here for the food. Other than that, it's a functional, nicely decorated lounge.
Angie November 2016
SatisfactoryThe front desk could care less that you're there or not. They nonchalantly check me in. I personally don't have an issue with this, just odd. The food options was on the weak side. Pasta and crackers.
AndrewNovember 2016
Needs ImprovementNo food was out. Dirty lounge and bathrooms weren't clean either. Staff was rude and indifferent. Front desk lady could not have cared less. And acted as if she didn't want to be there. Neither did I.
Adam W. Selvidge November 2016
SatisfactoryVERY crowded and likely because of that, very warm. Several food options were decent. Rest rooms were a bit crowded and stalls were not very roomy so not helpful for changing.
AnonymousNovember 2016
OutstandingReally nice and spacious lounge!! Food is pretty good compared to other or UA lounges.
TerrenceNovember 2016
SatisfactoryArrived about an hour after opening. No food. Just a few muffins and salad fixings. There are juices, sodas and a coffee machine. The place is clean but it is a bit dark and dreary.
ChristineOctober 2016
Needs ImprovementLoud, vibrating refrigerator, kitchen noise, no windows, and screaming children didn't make for a good time.
ChrisSeptember 2016
Needs ImprovementPretty basic lounge. No place to charge devices before the flight. No place to sit table height to work on a laptop. Super meagre food options with white bread sandwiches. Wifi kept dropping out.
DanSeptember 2016
SatisfactoryNo lids for cups, the meager sandwiches were unlabeled.
Samuel September 2016
SatisfactoryNice seating and decor but the food trays were all empty and no one was at the check in counter. Poor service and weak food options.
EltonAugust 2016
OutstandingGreat Lounge!!! Food is good, worth coming.
YongtengJuly 2016
SatisfactorySpacious and comfortable lounge but not much in the way of food/snacks on weekday afternoon...some not so appetizing looking sandwiches, stale pretzels, and some crackers with nothing to put on them.
SteveJuly 2016
Needs ImprovementWiFi didn't work and apparently this is common. Good luck finding an edible snack. Leaving to go charge my phone at the gate and use airport wifi.
AnonymousJune 2016
OutstandingVery well designed lounge with great space. The decor is among the nicest I've seen. Hot food options were impressive as well. Everything is complimentary, which is always nice.
LevellApril 2016
SatisfactoryGood getaway from population. Access came with Amex membership. Not worth paying for. Not up to international lounge standards.
AnonymousMarch 2016
SatisfactoryThis lounge was ok. Pluses are that it's landside, cons are that the staff seems lax. It beats the terminal.
Fred January 2016
Worth a DetourGood lounge mostly used by El-Al clients. Different arty decor with beer, wine, salad bar and a decent dinner. Chairs are comfy, but toilets might be upgraded. No showers available.
AnonymousDecember 2015
Worth a DetourGood choice for a pre-security option. Plenty of self-serve wine and beer and the food selection was pretty decent. It does have a few signs of wear but overall good.
Jim December 2015
Needs ImprovementIt's outside of security, and doesn't have great food options (at least not middle of the day). Expected more from a paid lounge. Soon left and went to LH one inside security; much better.
WouterNovember 2015
SatisfactoryIt's a very quiet lounge which is nice, but the wi-fi is slow and the food is pretty mediocre at best.
James TerryNovember 2015
OutstandingGreat lounge! I enjoyed my time here. Great healthy food selection. Staff are friendly.
Rowenn Monill October 2015
SatisfactoryVery crowded when I visited. Decent array of food, limited drinks. Small and no natural light.
WilliamAugust 2015
Worth a DetourA true hidden gem. Fresh healthy food selection and rich beverage selection. Totally worth it. Enjoy.
ShalomApril 2015
OutstandingVery convenient and tastefully equipped lounge. Good comfortable seating, well lit, self-service bar with a nice spread of snacks, surrounded by artwork.
BimalFebruary 2015
Worth a DetourThere was a low rumbling noise by the bar, not sure if it was a fridge or the ac. Nice selection of snacks and there were some sandwiches, but they were warm and not sure how long they were sitting out.
HiJanuary 2015
OutstandingReally nice lounge, very quiet, good selection of drinks and nibbles. Could do with some hot food but for its size and patronage probably not justified.
Chris McGuireDecember 2014
Worth a DetourAt first there was only sandwiches and snacks, but food came later, which was quite good. Not crowded, low noise rumble, slow Wi-Fi. I liked the quirky big screen performance art loop.
DavidSeptember 2014
OutstandingGreat lounge. Good food selection. Enough for a meal. Not many amenities, but quiet and very nice.
JoshSeptember 2014
Worth a DetourGood, but not international lounge good. PITA to get to if not in terminal B. Interesting art concept, food spread was better than a domestic lounge's offering, drink selection was ok.
AriAugust 2014
SatisfactoryLounge is outside security. No windows. Truly bizarre video playing on bigscreen. Outlets rare. Guess it's better than sitting at overcrowded gate :)
HiMay 2014

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