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United Airlines United Club (Gate C120)

Terminal C (inside security) - Closed Now

Editor's Note

United Club locations offer a wide range of amenities to make your experience productive and enjoyable. Relax in a sophisticated environment when you wait for your flight in the United Club.

Lounge Amenities

Newspapers & MagazinesNewspapers & Magazines
Flight MonitorsFlight Monitors
Internet TerminalsInternet Terminals
Children's RoomsChildren's Rooms
18+ Cardholder18+ Cardholder
Beer & WineBeer & Wine
Spirits & LiquorSpirits & Liquor
Printers & CopiersPrinters & Copiers
Conference Rooms (Paid)Conference Rooms(Paid)


The lounge manages to stay busy throughout the day, but there are still plenty of places to relax and view planes. Big business center, nice TV room, and generous bar.


A spacious lounge but it's always packed all day. Comfortable but very limited food choices. Carrot sticks, cheese, crackers, etc. Free domestic beer and well drinks.


This lounge seems to offer all that the larger lounge nearby offers. However, this lounge can be less chaotic, you're looking for a place to relax.


The views from this lounge are great, and the seating at this lounge has recently been replaced with brand-new leather. Though this lounge is usually busy, it also has lots of seating.


Extremely crowded. Showers are okay, towels smell weird and no slippers. Decent food and drinks.


Looks unkept & messy. Does not feel like a luxe lounge.


Can get very crowded but other that that not a bad place while you wait for your flight.


2 stars for the design, with desks and a TV room. But this lounge is very crowded, offers no food nor free alcohols. Not a standard for Gold Star Alliance passengers.


Overcrowded and snacks are nonexistent.

Al LeBlanc

Hard to find a decent seat. Very noisy and very limited selection of food. But I guess this is the norm in the US.


Dirty overcrowded lounge with crackers and coffee only and worst customer service.


Large club area with lots of private desks tucked away for when you need some quiet time with your laptop.


This place was jam packed at 3 on a Tuesday. Not all seats have outlets near them, and the snacks are just ok- cheese, crackers, baby carrots, fruit, etc. Biz center was much quieter but looked full.


At the time I came (8AM), this lounge was really hot and crowded. Basic United snacks were offered, but no alcohol is served until 9AM. If you manage to get a seat, the views are really nice.


Crowded, limited ordinary food, loud.


Standard domestic lounge i.e. nothing to write home about. At least lately they've (barely) stepped up a little with some extra snacks. However, there are shower facilities so that is a huge plus.


This lounge came to the rescue during the north east winter storm of early Jan 2014. As expected it was very busy, but I was able to easily find workstations. Staff was very accommodating and helpful.


Crowded, noisy and all premium drinks need to be paid for. No food.


This is the busier of the two lounges, and can get very crowded. The showers are welcome benefits before a transatlantic flight, but they can get busy.


This is not on par with international lounges for major airlines. The Lufthansa and the SAS lounges are much better in EWR!


Decent domestic lounge. Nice shower facilities and a decent yet light lunch spread. Don't expect to have a filling amount of food in this lounge. Staff was pleasant.


It's fine. Sat night it is quiet and it is the same snacks everywhere in United. At least there are no line ups. The bathroom is small and not great. At least the layout is nice and quiet.


Crowds. only sweets, carrot sticks and fruits to eat. Looks classy, but the only outstanding thing about it is bar area.


Not a bad lounge. It's a typical UA lounge with the usual offerings. Showers are nice after a overnight flight. Bit crowded.


Way too little for so many people. No food and outdated furniture.


Very busy lounge but has the basic facilities. Showers are ok. Little snacks on offer and no food. Great view of aircraft.


Extremely basic. Food has hummus with nibbles and a basic potato soup. Large areas and business center; however, acoustics are poor so it's the noisiest lounge I've recently been in.


9am - Large & very clean thanks to the friendly attentive staff. More food is offered then other UA lounges. Large bar area, lots of desk, and seating areas. Better view of planes vs food ct by 74.


Can get really busy. However, great place to spot planes and the staff are quick to make a drink, handle dirty dishes and offer assistance.


This is the usual United Club snack and drink offerings. Also, enjoy lots of seating, a plethora of workstations, and a family room for rowdy kids. The shower is available by reservation.


Crowded with limited selection of edibles. Power outlets are limited. Crowded....


Standard lounge, but needs more toilets.


Extremely crowded in the afternoon. Other than that: no surprises, just the plain, old United Club.


Relatively new, huge windows, spacious, otherwise standard UA


The served food is a joke. I would say if you do have a Star Alliance Gold, it's worth it to skip terminal C and go ahead to the lounges in Terminal B. Everthying else is ok.


Nice, but too crowded. Has more than the basic food and beverage selection.


I think this is larger than the other United Club, but, yeah, super crowded and now I'm having wifi trouble. Wish we could try another Star lounge, but not without a boarding pass for other terminals.


Overcrowded, spent 15 minutes to find a seat. Quite OK food and drink selection. No paper in some bathrooms.


Packed at 5:30 pm on a Saturday. Louder, larger, and not as clean as the one at C74.


The furniture update is welcome and long overdue. As others mentioned, terrific Tarmac views. New food options are a vast improvement. Always crowded but seating is usually available somewhere.


Super crowded and not impressive lounge. Being United hub airport, I'm surprised (and disappointed) that they don't provide a better lounge.


If you can find a seat, this is a great lounge for plane spotting. It's usually pretty crowded, as it has easy access. The usual snacks and bar options are offered. Travel Safely! ~ @travelblawg


Overcrowded lounge. Even though this is significantly bigger than the domestic lounge, it is too noisy to feel comfortable.


Very busy, cramped, noisy lounge. Good luck getting a seat and making a phone call. Seems they let anyone in.


Nasty, filthy, does not deserve 1 star.


It's a solid lounge. Complimentary wine, beer, prosecco and premium alcohol at low prices. Plenty of food and space to stretch out before a long flight. We arrived between breakfast and lunch.


This is a massive lounge at one of United's biggest hubs. It's nice but super crowded. Tough to find a place to sit every time I've been.


Free pretty slow wifi. Somewhat run-down lounge. Crowded even on a Sunday afternoon. Poor selection of food items and beverages. Restrooms not properly cleaned.

Olle Olerup

Sprawling lounge, with dated decor. Great views of gates 102 and 120, and decent breakfast selection.


Clean, but pretty crowded. Basic breakfast buffet, clean shower facilities. Wifi has decent speed, but not plentiful power outlets.


Visited on July 25th in the afternoon. Extremely crowded. Difficult to find anywhere to sit. The sad green salad was more or less empty and a few chopped tomatoes and cucumber was all I found to eat.


Dirty chairs, worn out appearance, stale odor, noisy, and crowded. The lounge at gate C74 is much nicer, but if you want a shower, this is your option.


This may be the worst United lounge in the country. It's always crowded, noisy, and hot. Poor layout. I go to the one near C74. This one has an area that is closed.


Large, alt modish decor (welcome to the 80s), poor lighting, just feels very sub standard.

Mathias Jakobsen

Do not allow single pass access. Arg.


Ugh, so crowded. Very uncomfortable. Would rather pay for one of the airport bars/restaurants with good food and some comfort.


Okay lounge, food is minimal, but decent soup and salad. Only 4, but great showers.


Terrible choice of poor food. Have to pay for "premium" drinks, which are really "standard" drinks anywhere else. In need of more restroom facilities and a replacement of the dragons. And no room


This has to be the tackiest airport lounge we have ever experienced. Plastic/paper plates, utensils and flies, with a poor choice of food. Save your $59 and enjoy the restaurants in the terminal!


Today’s not the best day to review. Half the place is behind a construction barrier. There are NO outlets to recharge, the hot breakfast is oatmeal and it’s as noisy & busy as regular terminal gate.


EWR: Newark Liberty International Airport

Terminal C (inside security)

Immediately after security, near Gate C120, next to Starbucks Coffee.

Show travel time from other terminals

Entry Cost

No Walk Up Entry.

Opening Hours

monday:4:30am - 10:30pm
tuesday:4:30am - 10:30pm
wednesday:4:30am - 10:30pm
thursday:4:30am - 10:30pm
friday:4:30am - 10:30pm
saturday:4:30am - 10:30pm
sunday:4:30am - 10:30pm

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