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Plaza Premium Lounge (East Hall)

HKGTerminal 1 (inside security)

Plaza Premium Lounge’s flagship location eagerly awaits your presence. Treat yourself to a whirlwind of peace and tranquility before embarking on the next leg of your journey. Sample a diverse range of international cuisines, including the signature Hong Kong-style fish ball noodle soup and homemade XO sauce. Dazzle yourself with a revitalizing shower and soak in the cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Open NowAll Day

Opening Hours

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Important Information

  • Fish ball noodle soup is available starting at 7 AM.
  • Children under 2 years old are admitted free with an adult.
  • Complimentary beer is available. Wine and spirits are available at an additional cost.
  • Due to renovation work taking place next door, guests may experience moderate to loud noise disturbance. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are permitted up to 24 hours before check-in for a full refund. Cancellations less than 24 hours before check-in are not eligible for reimbursement.

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Hong Kong International Airport
Hong Kong International AirportHKGChek Lap Kok, Hong Kong, China
Located in Terminal 1 (inside security). Located on Level 6, near Gate 1.
    Travel times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Airports may require you to re-clear security and immigration control to reach the lounge. Clearing security might require a boarding pass departing from the terminal. For lounges inside security or immigration, you must first check your baggage and obtain your boarding pass.

    Reviews (60)

    Needs ImprovementCrap food. Crap service. No thought put into anything. Sorry lounge.
    DanFebruary 2019
    Worth a DetourDecent lounge. Not much food & beverage selections but it has the essentials (coffee, water, juice, veggies). Staff is friendly & there’s a good # of tables and outlets. Over pop. is a problem though.
    Lawrence January 2019
    Worth a DetourThis was a nice lounge. It certainly wasn’t empty, but there was sufficient seating. Food spread had both Asian and Western options. The only downside was that there was no wine or liquor, just beer.
    AnonymousJanuary 2019
    Needs ImprovementEmployees are rude/obnoxious and there’s bugs flying around... never been to an inside lounge with bugs flying around before...
    PhillipOctober 2018
    SatisfactoryOkay lounge. Some good selections. Power outlets at each chair.
    AnonymousSeptember 2018
    Needs ImprovementBooked the shower from 6:00 am to 6:30 am, was woke up at 5:30 am with rude voice. When I went at 6:06 I was told "it is passed", not available. The service is very bad!!!
    AnonymousAugust 2018
    Worth a DetourNot too busy when I visited, good choice of food and drink and was able to book shower!
    JaideepJuly 2018
    Needs ImprovementCame here on a Tuesday afternoon and the lounge was packed. Was able to find seating though. Not as many food options as the West lounge and the space is a lot smaller and crowd rowdier.
    AliceJuly 2018
    SatisfactoryVery busy! Long lines for food and people fighting for spaces to sit.
    CornelioJune 2018
    Needs ImprovementOnly 2 showers available and not being cleared that needed to be booked. Very crowded and not able to relax at all. Queue for food and noisy....better off to gate 60 which is a shower lounge.
    AnonymousMay 2018
    SatisfactoryThe lounge is very busy due to location - I flew out on Friday morning - the staff works hard to keep up with demand. I didn’t feel like walking & the shower was available which is normally a wait.
    Regina “Gigi” BakerMay 2018
    Worth a DetourDefinitely not relaxing considering you're fighting off hoards of people pushing and shoving for food...OK it's not that bad. People actually formed a line at one point. Free beer. OK food.
    leeApril 2018
    Needs ImprovementUncomfortable, super crowded and not appealing at all.
    AnonymousApril 2018
    Needs ImprovementOvernight layover so bought 6-hour pass. At 1:30am the staff started cleaning, making everyone get up from their naps & stand around for about an hour. Couldn’t this have been done in the morning?
    Taylor February 2018
    OutstandingFantastic in every way. Great food with many hot options. Excellent drinks selection. Lots of different snack options, too. Plenty of seating, offering great comfort. Refreshing and clean showers.
    GeorgeFebruary 2018
    SatisfactoryNow in the lounge, we appreciate the dark quiet atmosphere with soothing generic Muzak. The chairs are worn and anything more than warm can beer costs money. But the local dim sum food is quite good!
    JTDecember 2017
    Needs ImprovementZero selection of booze bar yep draft beers. Not a good place to relax with a stiff pre-flight whiskey!
    RicNovember 2017
    Worth a DetourA comfortable place to relax and enjoy the fishball noodle soup before your flight. The lounge is dimly lit, so the atmosphere is better than photos would suggest.
    JohnApril 2017
    Worth a DetourGood food and drink selection....showers available if interested ...I said no and based on that I have another hour I can stay in here.
    ChristinaFebruary 2017
    Worth a DetourWorth a visit. Too busy on Jan 2 2017; much less so on Jan 7th. Nice, limited selection of food. Very tasty bread pudding. Draft Carlsberg beer and 3 can beer options.
    LarryJanuary 2017
    SatisfactoryInferior Plaza Premium lounge just after security, so always yawning with people. Decent amenities and food but head to Gate 40 (short walk) for much better option.
    James GriffithsDecember 2016
    Worth a DetourNo windows. Usually quite noisy with lots of people. Food and drink options are good. A quiet zone would be nice.
    AnonymousDecember 2016
    SatisfactoryPerfectly acceptable lounge, decent hot food options and OK snack and drink choices, no wine available though. Head past the dining area for a quieter seating area.
    AnonymousDecember 2016
    SatisfactoryVery crowded place, cold food. Limited choices.
    EricNovember 2016
    Worth a DetourNice lounge - can get a little crowded but decent free things. Definitely not a real "premium" lounge like some of the others.
    Jeffrey WehnerNovember 2016
    Worth a DetourWest Hall had a big queue outside on a Saturday morning. Headed to this one. Nice and quiet and out of the way. Comfy seat area was closed off. Not obvious why this was.
    HugoSeptember 2016
    Worth a DetourGreat lounge with a separate area for business airline passengers. There is a joke food station and great ambience.
    The Flying PenguinJuly 2016
    Worth a DetourThe seating area for eating, it's not enough, they should open the area that is "always closed"!
    FranciscoJuly 2016
    Needs ImprovementWas told shower will be ready in 30 min but because our boarding is 90 mins away, they waited until almost 60 minutes til boarding to let me use it. Nobody in there it was empty. Service is horrible.
    JeffJune 2016
    Worth a DetourA fine lounge but not comparable to the many fine Cathay lounges at HK if you have access.
    loungerJune 2016
    Worth a DetourReally a very solid lounge in the top 20% of all lounges I've seen. Perhaps a little unappreciated due to all the Cathay options nearby. However, it was great to use at 3 am when Cathay was closed.
    Billy BoyMay 2016
    Worth a DetourA bit dark and somewhat crowded but with a clean feel and very quiet.
    AlfieMay 2016
    Needs ImprovementOnly 1 shower. At 630am, first available shower at 9.
    PJMay 2016
    OutstandingReally nice and big, nice food.
    DennisApril 2016
    OutstandingWow, this lounge is definitely one of the best I've been to, ranking up there with the American Express Centurion lounges.
    Graham ClarkApril 2016
    Worth a DetourVery crowded but high quality lounge. Decent food and everything is being cleaned constantly, including your table as you finish.
    AlexFebruary 2016
    SatisfactoryVisited again. Just slept here for a few hours before CX Wing First Class opened. Comfy and the staff didn't mind.
    Kal PennFebruary 2016
    Needs ImprovementVery busy. Had to queue to get in. Only free basic beer, no free wine.
    JohnJanuary 2016
    Worth a DetourThe best part of this lounge is the food. Try fish ball noodle! The dessert here is also worth a try. The lounge is very busy and do not expect much of service from the staff.
    PunJanuary 2016
    SatisfactoryIt was an overcrowded lounge with hardly any place to sit. The showers were not working. However the wifi seems good and the food was alright.
    LarisaJanuary 2016
    OutstandingMy go to lounge with hot noodles, no noodles in the morning so keep that in mind, otherwise very crowded!
    JerryJanuary 2015
    SatisfactoryA good lounge to go to if you don't have elite status. It has nice showers and a decent selection of food and drinks. Not worth a detour, but a good place to be instead of sitting next to the gate.
    TerenceDecember 2015
    SatisfactoryTypically very crowded and hard to find a seat. Nice food options. Only one free drink then have to pay. Free seated massage is nice.
    AngieDecember 2015
    OutstandingWas worried after reading a few reviews, but I thought the lounge was great. Came early for a morning flight. Noodle bar was great, wifi was speedy, and service was good enough.
    AnonymousOctober 2015
    Needs ImprovementLounge was absolutely packed, servers were rude, bartender didn't know common drinks and food was cold. Would definitely not visit again.
    JohnOctober 2015
    SatisfactoryFlew JAL business and they actually have a separate section for it inside the lounge with its own shower, restroom and Japanese food and beers.
    EdwinOctober 2015
    SatisfactoryAlways packed but food isn't bad. They are pretty lax on allowing guests.
    JamesAugust 2015
    SatisfactoryA large crowded lounge, always busy due to number of people who have access via credit cards. At peak times it's better to go grab food & drink then go back outside to sit, as I have done so before.
    RayJuly 2015
    Worth a DetourBeer is free, pay for wine and spirits. Crowded at 7pm. Staff were very pleasant.
    Robert WallaceJune 2015
    Worth a DetourI paid for 5 hour entry (about $65 US). The lounge is very crowded, food looked good. My fee included a 10 min neck and shoulder massage which was excellent and a shower. Great wifi, 1 drink coupon.
    KatieJanuary 2015
    Needs ImprovementThis lounge is very, very crowded. We tried to use it twice in the last week. One time, every seat in the lounge was full. The second time, there was a long line outside the lounge waiting to get in.
    MattNovember 2014
    OutstandingYes, it's crowded, but good food and drink selection. You'll find a seat, don't worry. Overall a great lounge to grab a drink and snack, but maybe not for business.
    JoshNovember 2014
    SatisfactoryDark lounge that was much more crowded than the West one. Food was ok, but also below West.
    DanNovember 2014
    Worth a DetourGood snack selection but extremely overcrowded and they really need to pay attention to the overall cleanliness of the lounge and the restrooms!
    Club2013October 2014
    Outstanding4pm Saturday: 50% full, amazing food and drinks. Very well presented : ) Massages seem cheap too : )
    Phillip QuinlanOctober 2014
    SatisfactoryThis was a great lounge for me when my first flight got in early at 4:45 AM and CX lounges weren't open yet. Had a soda and some snacks in the very comfortable seats. Could easily fall asleep in dark.
    Patrick July 2014
    Worth a DetourNice lounge. Clean showers. Good food selection. Can get crowded. Does not announce or track flights.
    KimJuly 2014
    Worth a DetourSmall but nice, gets busy & crowded during peak times, but good food and drink choices. Perhaps not the most relaxing lounge, but still very nice.
    GJMarch 2014
    SatisfactoryAlmost always busy, especially close to peak departure hours. Sometimes, it's hard to find a seat. However, the hot food selection is good.
    JonathanNovember 2013
    Worth a DetourThe WiFi here is fast, and there's a food station with a nice selection. The bar, for which I received a free voucher for one drink, is also nice. You can also pay for massages, etc.
    DavidOctober 2013

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