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Alaska Airlines Alaska Lounge

LAXTerminal 6 (inside security)

Bask in the spirit of Alaska in this ski lodge-inspired oasis away from the crowds. Knock back a specialty craft brew, enjoy a delicious plate of golden brown pancakes with maple syrup, and relax in a charming, casual environment. A cozy, intimate atmosphere reminiscent of a remote cabin in the Pacific Northwest among the evergreens.

Open Now4:30am - 11:00pm

Opening Hours

Sunday4:30am - 11:00pmMonday4:30am - 11:00pmTuesday4:30am - 11:00pmWednesday4:30am - 11:00pmThursday4:30am - 11:00pmFriday4:30am - 11:00pmSaturday4:30am - 11:00pm

Top Complimentary Amenities

Newspapers & Magazines
Newspapers & Magazines
Printers & Copiers
Printers & Copiers
Beer & Wine
Beer & Wine
18+ Cardholder
18+ Cardholder
Spirits & Liquor
Spirits & Liquor
Children's Area
Children's Area
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Important Information

  • This lounge is accessible for passengers departing from Terminals 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal. However, if you are not departing from Terminal 6, please allow up to 30 minutes to proceed to departures gates in other terminals.
  • Closed on Christmas Day.
  • Children under 2 years old are admitted free with an adult.
  • Alcoholic drinks are limited to three per adult. Premium alcoholic drinks are subject to payment.
  • Lounge access for Priority Pass and other lounge membership cardholders is permitted 3 hours prior to a scheduled flight departure. All Cardholders are required to show a physical or digital Priority Pass Card. All Cardholders and guests are required to present a valid boarding pass for same day travel. Cardholder name must match the passenger name on the boarding pass. Limited to two guests per cardholder or immediate family (spouse and children under 21 years of age). Cardholder must be 18 years of age or older. Lounge access may be restricted due to Lounge capacity constraints and the Lounge reserves the right to reserve seating as necessary.
  • Restrooms are available at this location.


Los Angeles International Airport
Los Angeles International AirportLAXQLA, Los Angeles, California, United States
Located in Terminal 6 (inside security). On the Mezzanine Level near Gate 64.
  • 15 minutes from Terminal 5
  • 15 minutes from Terminal 7
  • 20 minutes from Terminal 4
  • 20 minutes from Terminal 8
  • 25 minutes from TBIT
  • 35 minutes from Terminal 1
  • 35 minutes from Terminal 2
  • 35 minutes from Terminal 3
Travel times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Airports may require you to re-clear security and immigration control to reach the lounge. Clearing security might require a boarding pass departing from the terminal. For lounges inside security or immigration, you must first check your baggage and obtain your boarding pass.

Reviews (100)

Worth a DetourPP worked 5 am for connecting flight. Not a ton of menu options but nice views and seating.
AnonymousJanuary 2019
Needs ImprovementNo PP accepted at 8am. Seems like they are always at capacity.
AnonymousJanuary 2019
Needs ImprovementNo PP accepted jan 21 around 2pm-6pm because lounge reached max capacity.
AnonymousJanuary 2019
Needs ImprovementNot accepting PP card January 16th, seems kind of usual..
Pierre-EtienneJanuary 2019
Needs ImprovementKinda weak on snacks, but great craft beer. Unfortunately PP card holders can almost never get in anymore...
KirkwoodJanuary 2019
SatisfactoryPriority Pass member & guest welcomed at 7:15am. Friendly staff, small, clean lounge.
AnonymousJanuary 2019
SatisfactoryGreat, comfortable seating. Good selection of beer and wine, though not self serve. Food subpar.
Financial HippieDecember 2018
Needs ImprovementLounge has no fresh food. Who wants instant machine made pancakes? Beats the point of a lounge. Poor poor lounge.
Madhu KrishnamachariNovember 2018
OutstandingAt first I was worried I wouldn't get in with my Priority Pass from reading the reviews. But there were no issues at all!
JamieNovember 2018
Needs ImprovementAlaska lounge closed to Priority Pass due to capacity lounge half full.
AnonymousNovember 2018
Needs ImprovementRefused Priority Pass, 9:45 PM.
AnonymousNovember 2018
SatisfactoryDenied entry for Priority Pass due to capacity.
NeilNovember 2018
OutstandingChill atmosphere on a Wednesday at noon. Friendly staff and bartender. Food options basic but good and available for takeout.
Rolando November 2018
Needs ImprovementRefused Priority Pass. Man at front (Mr Suhn) extremely rude to my mother.
AnonymousNovember 2018
Worth a DetourPriority Pass was accepted on Monday 7:30-8 am. Good selection of breakfast. Hot oatmeal, pancakes and fruits. Worth a visit.
SaranOctober 2018
Worth a DetourPretty clear and open between and 1300 and 1400 on a Tuesday afternoon. Started to fill up after 1400. But nice beer selection on tap for free, clean bathroom, and comfy seats!
AnonymousOctober 2018
Needs ImprovementWorn and crowded. New UA club in 7 is much better.
DavidOctober 2018
Needs ImprovementWhy am I paying for Priority Pass if it's not accepted literally anywhere in LAX?
ClaytonSeptember 2018
OutstandingNo longer accepting Priority Pass at any time. With Alaska lounge pass or first class ticket you can access and it is a solid little lounge.
SamSeptember 2018
SatisfactoryNot much of a selection. Soup, salad, bread, cookies. Doesn’t remind me of s ski lodge though.
AnonymousSeptember 2018
Needs ImprovementNot accepting Priority Pass at this time.
AnonymousSeptember 2018
SatisfactoryI arrived at 5:30 in the morning. The agent scanned and processed the Priority Pass card then asked if I had a connecting flight. “We don’t accept no connecting flight anymore.”
BrianSeptember 2018
Needs ImprovementHad Priority Pass, they said they wouldn’t let me in because they have couple of Alaska flight coming in and they have priority.
AlhamzaAugust 2018
Needs ImprovementI'm sure it is a nice lounge, but if you have Priority Pass, you will most likely not get in.
AnonymousAugust 2018
Needs ImprovementWent at 4pm Friday with PP and turned away.
PatAugust 2018
OutstandingTried at 7am to 10am, looks like they have peak times during the day.
ChristianAugust 2018
SatisfactoryThis is a decent (albeit small) lounge, but they frequently deny entry for Priority Pass members. This morning I was denied. 9am on a Saturday.
BradAugust 2018
Needs ImprovementNo PP accepted Friday at 2:30 pm.
AnonymousAugust 2018
Needs ImprovementNo access for PP. Tried at 4:45 and 6:40. Bummer!!!
ErikaAugust 2018
Needs ImprovementPriority Pass members can only access within 3 hours of their flight so if you arrive early you have to wait outside.
MattJuly 2018
Needs Improvement
AnonymousJuly 2018
Needs ImprovementNo PPS accepted at 7am. Friday.
AnonymousJuly 2018
Needs ImprovementWith PP. Now at 4:30pm. Cannot get in unless at 5pm.
rayJuly 2018
Worth a DetourWouldn't let PP holders in at 715am on a Monday. By 7:40am we could get in. Basic cold breakfast items. Could pay for hot made2order food. Full bar. Bartender refused tips, which I found refreshing.
Ryan WJune 2018
OutstandingDudes! Rockin this lounge right now, drinking premium cerveza and watching Mexico beat Germany! #worldcup #prioritypass #yeet
AnonymousJune 2018
Needs ImprovementNot accepting Priority Pass in the middle of the day (3pm). No way to call to check if accepting Priority Pass. Have to walk all the way to the lounge to find a little sign stating no access for PP.
AnonymousJune 2018
Worth a DetourTuesday 8.30pm able to take Priority Pass, after KAL lounge closure :(
AnonymousMay 2018
SatisfactoryTo be precise, Priority Pass app says: "Access may be restricted due to space constraints." So, NOT cut off, but not guaranteed. Average lounge, but has coffee, alcohol, snacks, and leather chairs.
AnonymousMay 2018
Needs ImprovementThey put up a sign in front saying they're not accepting Priority Pass.
AnonymousMay 2018
Needs ImprovementNo access for Priority Pass when I tried to get in. What is the point of them being in the network if they cut off access.
AnonymousMay 2018
Needs ImprovementNo access for Priority Pass. Hate it when they cut it off.
Ashton May 2018
Needs ImprovementNo access for Priority Pass members.
JulianMay 2018
Needs ImprovementDark and dated. Food poor quality. Typical domestic lounge that needs a complete overhaul.
TKMay 2018
Needs ImprovementSad salad and soup! Paid menu available.
GuyMay 2018
Needs ImprovementNo access for Priority Pass members.
BrianMay 2018
Needs ImprovementThey wouldn’t let Priority Pass members up. Apparently this is an ongoing issue. Was disappointed.
SpencerApril 2018
Worth a DetourA sign outside said access was restricted for Priority Pass, but we took a chance, went up anyway, and got let in.
AaronApril 2018
Needs ImprovementThis place is always full and restricts Priority Pass members. Failed to get in on my last three visits.
VictorApril 2018
Worth a DetourNeed better reservation system for Priority Pass.
AnonymousApril 2018
SatisfactoryNo food except pretzels and cookies at lunch, anything else is on a paid menu. Good bar with 4 craft beers on tap, which was surprising for a lounge.
DaveApril 2018
Needs ImprovementWon’t let in Priority Pass on a Sunday afternoon. Apparently full house.
AnonymousApril 2018
Worth a DetourThe lounge was busy at 7am on a Sunday but still accepted Priority Pass. The food and ambiance was what to be expected at a domestic lounge. Nothing crazy but worth a detour if you have time to kill.
Yitzi March 2018
Needs ImprovementThey wouldn’t let me in. I have am using a Platinum American Express and it says per your app that I have access. No Go!
CatherineMarch 2018
Needs ImprovementWon’t let Priority Pass in and if you ask to purchase a day pass they told us we only sell days passes when we allow Priority. I asked when will that be and she told me not today.
AndrewFebruary 2018
Worth a DetourGood lounge. No different than any other US airline lounge. They do accept Priority Pass (at least via Chase Sapphire Reserve. They don’t take temporary Priority Pass.) Can say no when busy.
Biz TravlerFebruary 2018
SatisfactoryNothing special. It got insanely crowded while I was there, and the food options were bleak. Pancake machine was cool though. Worth it if it’s your only close option.
CaseyFebruary 2018
Needs ImprovementNo access allowed for Priority Pass. Boo
AnonymousFebruary 2018
Needs ImprovementI came pretty late, an hour before closing. All they had was a dry salad and some soup, but it honestly doesn’t look like there’s space for more food. They charge $2 for chips and $8 for other food.
AnonymousFebruary 2018
SatisfactoryAccess denied with Priority Pass... 09:15 on Wednesday morning.
AnonymousFebruary 2018
Needs Improvement9am on Monday morning, and was turned away for Priority Pass. I don’t remember once that I actually used Priority Pass for Alaska lounge.
CYangJanuary 2018
Needs Improvement1pm on a Thursday, there is a sign out front saying Priority Pass members currently not allowed due to occupancy issues.
AnonymousJanuary 2018
SatisfactoryWildly crowded on Saturday morning. About as bad as being in the terminal.
JasonJanuary 2018
Needs ImprovementNo access for Priority members 1/5 3pm.
AndrewJanuary 2018
Worth a DetourPriority Pass worked at 9:45am on Jan 3 2018.
MattJanuary 2018
Needs ImprovementDue to capacity the lounge was not available to Priority Pass members. Got here early because we thought we could use the lounge and now we can’t get in because we’re “only Priority Pass” members.
JamesJanuary 2018
SatisfactoryNice sized lounge and nice design. Downside is not much food choices and pretty crowded.
AnonymousDecember 2017
Worth a DetourPriority Pass worked on 12/16. Nice space but not much food.
ChrisDecember 2017
OutstandingWas able to enter with my family using Priority Pass at 5:45am. Pancakes and continental breakfast was available. Women’s bathroom was spotless. Crew working the front desk was friendly.
AnonymousDecember 2017
Needs Improvement6:10p on Mon. PP welcome. Staff friendly. Espresso machine broken. Chairs feel tired. Only food was old looking salad, soup, pretzels & cookies. Not worth it. Pp needs other option this side LAX
AnonymousDecember 2017
Needs ImprovementThey’ve decided to not allow Priority Pass holders.
AnonymousDecember 2017
Needs ImprovementClosed for Priority Pass again.
DonDecember 2017
SatisfactoryAdequate lounge, good WiFi and bar, food limited. Location somewhat out of the way and accepted digital Priority Pass. Couldn’t scan my boarding pass. Not real crowded.
PatNovember 2017
Needs ImprovementCan never get in with Priority Pass.
AnonymousNovember 2017
SatisfactoryWhen I arrived it was packed and difficult to find a seat even for one. It was clean though and had pancakes, yogurt, breads, and other drinks.
AnonymousNovember 2017
Worth a DetourQuite crowded but still very inviting.
EdwinNovember 2017
Needs ImprovementNever got to see it. "Due to capacity issues Priority Pass customers are not admitted. Second time in recent weeks that Priority Pass is worthless.
AnonymousNovember 2017
Worth a DetourAdmitted with a Priority Pass, no problems. WiFi worked fine. Only soup, salad, a pancake machine, and cookies available, but soup was good and drinks were plentiful. Would come back.
izzyOctober 2017
Needs ImprovementNo food, only clam chowder and lettuce and cookies. Not worth the entry price. Some food available for extra $.
AnonymousOctober 2017
Needs ImprovementClosed to Priority Pass card holders on a Monday morning due to capacity constraints.
AnonymousOctober 2017
OutstandingPriority Pass accepted on a Monday night. Nice space, good snacks, wifi was fine for me.
AnonymousOctober 2017
Needs ImprovementTerrible wi-fi. My 90s dial up was more reliable.
BrandonSeptember 2017
Needs ImprovementSlowest wifi at any lounge at LAX.
ShawnSeptember 2017
Needs ImprovementWon't accept Priority Pass members... wouldn't even let me use the bathroom....
AnonymousSeptember 2017
Needs ImprovementConstantly closed to Priority Pass members. LAX really isn't the place for Priority Pass members.
AnonymousSeptember 2017
Needs ImprovementThey won't take any Priority Pass members today. I was told to come back in a few minutes and try. They just told me after a few guests left which I saw several dozens left. Bad place to come.
AnonymousJuly 2017
Worth a DetourPancake machine, salad, soup, cheese, and beverages. Clean bathrooms and lounge. There are other food options that are $8 and up. Priority Pass was accepted without fuss.
AnonymousJuly 2017
OutstandingA solid lounge that delivers quiet and good food.
AnonymousJuly 2017
Needs ImprovementYour guest was denied entry? I couldn't even get in for myself. They denied all PP members due to space constraint. I peeked inside. It was 30% full at 11am.
KevinMay 2017
Needs ImprovementOnly cheese and crackers!!! And if you want a bottled water you have to pay 2 dls, and a small pizza 6 dls.
GuidoMay 2017
Needs ImprovementDoes not allow comp guests w/ Priority Pass.
AnonymousMay 2017
Needs ImprovementThey did not let me bring in a guest with Priority Pass.
TrungMay 2017
OutstandingVery friendly staff. Inexperienced at the bar, but willing to make what you want if you know how. Food is just snacks but nothing special, $8 for cooked food. Good temperature. Comfortable chairs.
AnonymousMay 2017
Needs ImprovementLounge says it allows access with 2 guests but they did not honor this. False advertising - just terrible.
D'sMay 2017
Worth a DetourSmall and a little crowded, but coffee, pastries and a full bar make for a nice respite.
Jon BrownMay 2017
Worth a DetourDecent typical Alaska lounge. Consistent with their usual offerings - pancakes & bagels for breakfast, soup & salad for lunch. Smaller lounge, but clean. Additional food & drinks for purchase.
KellyMay 2017
SatisfactoryIt's your standard AS Lounge. Complimentary wines, soup in the evening and pancakes in the AM. Sbux coffee and Tazo teas. Comfortable space, but slowly becoming very crowded.
SirLouApril 2017
SatisfactorySo basic. Very poor varieties of snacks and a salad, just a few complimentary beers and wine, sodas and that's all. If you want to eat real food you have to pay for it.
AnonymousMarch 2017
Worth a DetourChicken noodle soup was perfect. Staff were excellent.
JimMarch 2017
SatisfactoryFree snack offerings VERY limited, but three free drinks and having a quiet (ish) place to recharge devices and use the bathroom w/o standing in line was worth the price.
RachelMarch 2017
Worth a DetourBasic lounge, new seats would be a + as they are starting to be worn down.
OlivierMarch 2017

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