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Aspire The Lounge at LHR T5

LHRTerminal 5A, South (inside security)

The 4,000 square feet lounge is dominated by soaring windows on two sides, providing guests with dramatic runway views. An extensive British-inspired seasonal food and drink menu is available and includes a wide range of complimentary as well as premium options (for an additional charge).

Open Now5:00am - 10:30pm

Opening Hours

Sunday5:00am - 10:30pmMonday5:00am - 10:30pmTuesday5:00am - 10:30pmWednesday5:00am - 10:30pmThursday5:00am - 10:30pmFriday5:00am - 10:30pmSaturday5:00am - 10:30pm

Top Complimentary Amenities

Newspapers & Magazines
Newspapers & Magazines
Beer & Wine
Beer & Wine
Spirits & Liquor
Spirits & Liquor
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Important Information

  • Passengers departing from satellite Terminals 5B and 5C should allow for sufficient transit time.
  • Access to this lounge is permitted up to 3 hours before the scheduled flight departure time.
  • An extensive British-inspired seasonal food and drink menu is available and includes a range of complimentary as well as premium options (for an additional charge).


London Heathrow Airport
London Heathrow AirportLHRHillingdon, London, UK, United Kingdom
Located in Terminal 5A, South (inside security). Located to the left of Gate A18 in the Main Departure Terminal.
    Travel times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Airports may require you to re-clear security and immigration control to reach the lounge. Clearing security might require a boarding pass departing from the terminal. For lounges inside security or immigration, you must first check your baggage and obtain your boarding pass.

    Reviews (94)

    OutstandingThis lounge has improved. Better service and the coffee machines are good. Showers come at a cost for all guests.
    ErikaFebruary 2019
    SatisfactoryWay too crowded even on a Saturday.
    EvadneJanuary 2019
    Needs ImprovementPoor/zero magazine choices, no working plug sockets, limited (and not very nice) food, no staff behind the bar, £40 for the ‘privilege’. Will 100% not be returning.
    AnonymousJanuary 2019
    Needs ImprovementA small space full of people! Hard to even find a place to sit, and the bathrooms outside the lounge.
    MichaelDecember 2018
    Needs ImprovementTiny lounge that is always either full or so full you can't get in. Spend your time looking for a table to share with others. Food and drink quality is fine, showers unbelievably expensive.
    AnonymousNovember 2018
    Worth a DetourNot a bad spot but very crowded. Not a lot of room for sitting, especially with more than two people in your party. The food was good, but only one complimentary drink per person.
    JoeyOctober 2018
    SatisfactoryThis lounge is very small thus always busy with no vacant seats. Food offer is OK, but not a relaxing lounge as too difficult to find seats.
    AnonymousOctober 2018
    SatisfactoryWent here as I have PP and long layover. It got its job done as I got a quick bite and could charge my phone but it’s small. Breakfast was limited but tasty. I wouldn’t pay but free was nice.
    JasonSeptember 2018
    SatisfactoryThe seats are too small, not possible to really relax. Really uncomfortable and hard. They patrol and tell people not to put their feet up on their suitcases. Terrible customer service.
    AnonymousSeptember 2018
    SatisfactoryDecent comfort with plenty of chairs with charging points. However poor food selection and cleanup service.
    AnonymousSeptember 2018
    SatisfactoryIt has a Spa (showers £20) but not restrooms: if you need it you have to use the public one available outside. Food quality is medium, chairs are standard and a good amount of them has plugs nearby.
    CarloAugust 2018
    Needs ImprovementLong wait to get in, doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Never mind, just go to the other one at the other end of Term 5.
    Eric August 2018
    Needs ImprovementWay way too small for Heathrow.....nearly always packed and waiting times outside can be an hour.
    AnonymousAugust 2018
    SatisfactoryStaff were friendly & the place was clean. That's the highlights. Very small lounge. Not overly calm or relaxing. Food was pretty average. Boring pastas and basic cheese selection. I won't be back.
    AnonymousJuly 2018
    Needs ImprovementThe lounge was crowded. Nearly 20 people were waiting in front of me to get access. It took nearly 30 minutes. I would try to avoid this lounge in the future!
    KaiMay 2018
    Needs Improvement30 minute wait and did not receive voucher to another lounge. Very disappointed.
    AnonymousMay 2018
    SatisfactoryThe spa is closed. When I entered, the only seating was barstools—although a cordoned off area was empty. The food was fine, but for the price, you’re better off going to the terminal restaurants.
    KHHardyApril 2018
    SatisfactorySmall lounge. Busy but not packed on Sunday night. Would not pay for it but free with PP was acceptable. Food is on par with BA Galleries (I.e. basic). First glass of Prosecco is free! Get it.
    ThiloMarch 2018
    Worth a DetourIt was a bit small and difficult to walk around. Had to wait 10 minutes but a group of 4 walked right in prior to me being called. WiFi didn’t work.
    Christopher March 2018
    Needs ImprovementPacked, tiny, awful looking gloppy pasta dishes. 25 minute wait. Walked in, took some pictures and left. A lounge employee chased me down and asked me to delete all photos per his manager's demand.
    AnonymousFebruary 2018
    Needs ImprovementAn abominably shameful offering with seriously rude and incompetent staff. Food not great and drinks okay - rationed 1 glass of Prosecco p/pax. Fortune for pay to enter; only vaguely worth it with PP.
    GeorgeFebruary 2018
    OutstandingA pleasant surprise. Bliss spa (Bliss products) nice English fry up, great views, good service. Food brought out regularly. Comfy and bright, only complaint is maybe a tad small.
    CamFebruary 2018
    OutstandingGreat lounge. Great views. Great.
    AnonymousDecember 2017
    Needs ImprovementToo small, too crowded. No toilets.
    Jon BrownNovember 2017
    Worth a DetourWasn’t expecting much but.....Great breakfast, and wonderful view. Didn’t have much time to spare, got right in quickly on Saturday 8AM.
    WillOctober 2017
    Needs ImprovementLong wait, 10 mins in a queue, not enough seats... Welcoming arrival by desk attendant. Disappointing bar service, wouldn't remove ice cubes from my drink as per my request!(Mario) No toilets!!!
    Joao CarlosOctober 2017
    Needs ImprovementLounge full mid-morning on a Monday. Never mind...
    AnonymousOctober 2017
    Needs ImprovementNo bathrooms, very slow entry process, cramped seating, few food options, no ice for fountain drinks.
    AnonymousOctober 2017
    Worth a DetourClean modern with good hot breakfast. Almost full but not overcrowded. Will use again.
    PeterSeptember 2017
    SatisfactoryWas there at 7, no problems getting in, plenty of departure info screens, plenty of open seats at 7:00, but it sounds like it gets crowded late. Departed gate A20, which was conveniently 100ft away.
    AnonymousAugust 2017
    SatisfactoryToo crowded. I never saw a wait queue for a lounge. A front desk staff was nice.
    Hisao Tsujimura July 2017
    Needs ImprovementThis lounge is bad, bad food, bad drink, over crowded all the time, waiting list to go in, more busy inside then the terminal. Go only if you don’t have access to anything else.
    HuguesJuly 2017
    Worth a DetourAs most reviews note: crowded, the staff at the door are not very friendly. Otherwise: good food and nice selection of drinks. If you don't have access to the BA lounges, better than nothing.
    KjellJuly 2017
    Needs ImprovementDespite horrible reviews, I came knowing the place was probably packed. I reserved the shower which is OK but shows neglect. They were nice & reserved my table cuz I was alone. New guy arr & took down.
    HeatherJuly 2017
    SatisfactoryAC only working near the reception and spa area. Poor food selection; better food in the terminal. No restroom. Crowded but plenty of outlets for charging if you manage to snag a seat.
    KoshJuly 2017
    OutstandingNot huge but enough seating for breakfast before take off. Limited choice of food but varied drinks menu. Great views. Not a lounge for a nap.
    Philippe July 2017
    Needs Improvement1/2 hour wait for entry at 13:30 on a Friday. Small cramped lounge, very poor food selection (eat at Prets, it tastes better), inadequate air conditioning...
    AnonymousJuly 2017
    SatisfactoryToilets are outside the lounge. Lounge has no dedicated climate control and was hot on the day I used it. No line to enter at 13:30 on a Thursday.
    John KohlJuly 2017
    Worth a DetourI wonder how this only got 2 stars average. The food and drink selections are excellent and seating is comfortable. Definitely worth the detour.
    MichaelJune 2017
    SatisfactorySmall and cramped lounge, not a great food choice!
    Soner CagaptayJune 2017
    SatisfactoryWe were lucky to be one of the last to get in with our Priority Pass. The lounge was at capacity. Our party of 4 had to sit at separate tables. Lounge is basic. Rest pods no longer exist. Shower £20 extra.
    cboyJune 2017
    Needs ImprovementThis was the worst lounge experience anywhere in the world!
    ZacMay 2017
    SatisfactoryNot as bad as people say. The 3 hour rule does not seem to be followed. They are happy to continuously give you drinks. However, people at the bar are inexperienced. Other staff friendly enough.
    AnonymousMay 2017
    Needs ImprovementCouldn't get in. 45 minutes wait.
    JeffMay 2017
    Worth a DetourReasonable lounge, OK food, we didn't have any problems getting in quickly or finding a seat ~6am but it's not huge and I can imagine it filling up when busy. No toilets in the lounge is a negative.
    AnonymousMay 2017
    SatisfactoryVery busy, temperature is very warm and space is limited. The rest pods are no longer available.
    AlexandriaMay 2017
    Needs ImprovementCould not get access. Was full.
    AlexandreApril 2017
    Needs ImprovementArrived noon on a Thursday. Was rather crowded at capacity and uncomfortably warm, while the terminal was quite pleasant. Middling food, abrasive staff and IKEA catalog look completed the experience.
    -M-April 2017
    SatisfactoryNothing special about this lounge but there isn't another option as it is the only one accessible after security that isn't British Airways. Due to being at capacity people were told to queue in front.
    AnonymousMarch 2017
    SatisfactoryDecent but not exemplary lounge in T5. Mediocre bar, mediocre food. Nice views and open air seating next to windows.
    JohnFebruary 2017
    Needs ImprovementI always say people make a service. You need to train the girls here. Waited at the desk to be acknowledged and then when I asked if I could see the lounge, she tutted as if it was a problem. RUDE!
    AnonymousFebruary 2017
    SatisfactoryStrange set up. Very narrow and feel quite crowded. Food is ok and lounge is nice. The views on the tarmac are amazing.
    MagsyFebruary 2017
    SatisfactoryVery crowded and not well designed for larger numbers. Narrow walking spaces and very limited food. Always a line for the bar as there was only one barman. Beats waiting at the gates but only just.
    TinuFebruary 2017
    Worth a DetourNo line to get in, plenty of open seats (arrived at the lounge at 11:15 on a Wednesday). Lovely planespotting views. Would definitely return!
    AnonymousJanuary 2017
    Needs Improvement40 minute wait to get in. Had to wait in line 10 minutes to even be told that. Pointless detour.
    SamDecember 2016
    Needs ImprovementStaff a bit on the surly side at check in. Quite small and limited space although the food quality was good. No longer has sleep pods or flight information. No toilets either. Overpriced at £40.
    MatDecember 2016
    SatisfactoryPrivate pods no longer exist. Both eftpos don't work, had to get cash. Shower hairdryer broken, bins full & old dirty toothbrush in shower. Small amount of gluggy soap, shampoo & conditioner empty.
    ErinDecember 2016
    Needs ImprovementHad a 40 minute wait to get on a Thursday afternoon.
    AnonymousOctober 2016
    Needs ImprovementOverall this is a nice lounge with an OK selection of drinks, but you have to go out to use public toilets which can be busy.
    MarcoOctober 2016
    Needs ImprovementCould not even get in. Waste of time and money.
    AnonymousSeptember 2016
    Needs ImprovementCouldn't even get through the door as staff were so slow checking people in. Not worth the walk.
    SimonSeptember 2016
    SatisfactoryModern lounge with a good amount of electrical outlets. Problem is they charge for almost everything. Shower access is £20, drinks & decent food options all have charge. Lounge is smaller in size.
    LevellSeptember 2016
    Needs ImprovementNot granted access with Priority Pass... Waiting list ... Just what you want at an airport - a "wait" so you can wait... Useless.
    AnonymousSeptember 2016
    Needs ImprovementIt is remarkable how a lounge so bad it doesn't even have a bathroom can afford to be so rude to its customers. You have to pay attention to private rooms in case one opens up (no reservations) & bad food.
    AnonymousSeptember 2016
    SatisfactoryPaid shower access that is not within the lounge, no basic washroom facility. Limited food variety & seats were limited, must hunt for your own seat! Most certainly a lounge for budget travelers!
    Mighty BooAugust 2016
    Needs ImprovementVery basic and crowded as it is by far the smallest lounge I've seen. Wifi near useless.
    AnonymousAugust 2016
    Needs ImprovementNo restrooms, need to use the outside restrooms. Shower costs 20 pounds. Very narrow place, they have in too many seats. Since this is the only one accessible thru Priority Pass, it's always crowded.
    Hari GJuly 2016
    OutstandingVery happy with the service. Receptionist was very polite and friendly. Made me feel at ease, he was just natural and very humorous.
    AnonymousJune 2016
    SatisfactoryCrowded when I went, had to wait to get in. Has a pretty claustrophobic layout. But the little private rest areas are cool if you can snag one.
    MarkJune 2016
    Needs ImprovementDoorman brusque, if not plain rude. Limited space. Reserved tables cause lack of availability. Not particularly friendly.
    AnonymousMay 2016
    Worth a DetourGreat rest pods; no prob getting one on Tue @7am. Shower decently stocked tho costly & undercleaned. Food choices fine, coffee maker with good cappuccino.
    Michelle May 2016
    Needs ImprovementAlways crowded. Staff are rude. Don't waste your time.
    AnonymousMay 2016
    SatisfactoryPaid for €20 shower: water pressure was good, but shower room was tiny and not as clean as expected. They were out of Diet Coke. They were full so the front desk guy was having people wait outside.
    AnonymousMay 2016
    SatisfactoryDumpy, dirty, disappointing. Don't waste your time trying to find a seat.
    winestem May 2016
    Needs ImprovementOvercrowded, limited drinks food.
    TaoMay 2016
    SatisfactoryThis is a nice lounge, but a bit cramped and food quality just OK, nice beverages and rest pods. Washrooms outside lounge.
    KellyMay 2016
    SatisfactorySeating is limited, full bar is nice, food is always light but tasty.
    AnonymousApril 2016
    OutstandingCan be a little busy but the food is great!
    carolApril 2016
    SatisfactoryVisited at 3pm on a weekday afternoon. Was moderately busy, with limited seating. OK food, but drinks dispensers & fridges were not working or poorly stocked. Would not rush to use again.
    David WatersMarch 2016
    SatisfactoryNo regular seating left, but I found a pod during my journey yesterday at 4pm. Lounge chair needs maint. as it was stuck. Nice views. I got a little rest. LHR could easily provide better in T5.
    AnonymousMarch 2016
    SatisfactoryLounge has no dedicated restrooms, have to use the public restrooms right outside the lounge. Good snacks and actual food and good selection on drinks. Limited space and always crowded.
    Shri BiradarFebruary 2016
    SatisfactoryLounge full (10:30am Monday), couldn't get in.
    MiikkaFebruary 2016
    Worth a DetourNice relaxing atmosphere, red wine was good, plus measure of spirits from the optics, the nibbles were OK. The provision to use Wi-Fi and charging facilities was a bonus. What more could one ask for?
    SteveFebruary 2016
    SatisfactoryFine lounge, but we left for the BA lounge. It just felt more crowded and had a 3 hour maximum stay. Certainly go if you have a Priority Pass. It beats the terminal.
    KristyJanuary 2016
    SatisfactorySmall but airy space. Basic snacks and some real food. Showers available for a fee. Nice change of pace and scenery from huge British Airways Galleries lounge.
    PaulJanuary 2015
    SatisfactoryTo small and really too full (4 PM 1/1/16). The food selection is not good. It is not a place to relax. Too many children and everybody can go in the lounge, this is the problem, I think.
    SteffenJanuary 2015
    Worth a DetourSmall but not too crowded when I got here (Wednesday noon). Decent food and drink selection - although they ran out of their "UK finest whiskey".
    Andreas ZoellnerDecember 2015
    Worth a DetourIf not crowded, it's comfortable. Decent breakfast selection of cheeses, danish, mini bagels with lox, sausage, juices, cereals, and yoghurt. Showers for £20. Bathrooms are outside but not far.
    ErikaNovember 2015
    SatisfactorySmall, bit good for its space. Obviously not good when it's overcrowded, but if you get a hold of a relax pod, it's fine. Good but unhealthy, i.e British food.
    ceoNovember 2015
    Needs ImprovementOvercrowded, no seats available. Food is very basic and carbs only. Kids playing in the rest pods area so no relaxation here really.
    Andreas September 2015
    SatisfactoryEssentially a former corridor turned into a pokey lounge, with no bathrooms and cramped seating. Not a patch on No. 1 Heathrow in Terminal 3.
    HoodSeptember 2015
    Worth a DetourSmall, but not overcrowded. Great view, and good assortment of drinks and hot food. Rest pods are great.
    JPSeptember 2015
    Worth a DetourSmall but not overcrowded on a Thursday am. Nice selection of drinks & hot breakfast (eggs, streaky bacon, veggie sausages). Showers are 20 quid for 30 min. Have to leave lounge to use the bathroom.
    AnonymousAugust 2015
    Worth a DetourGreat light, many work spaces, fast wifi. Rest pods looked good but only 6 and all booked. Didn't use showers but seemed good. Food not remarkable. Lack of on site bathroom a negative.
    AnonymousAugust 2015

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