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Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

LHRTerminal 3 (inside security)

Relaxed, friendly, luxurious - the Heathrow Clubhouse offers the ultimate airport experience. Abandon the hustle and bustle of the airport and retreat to the tranquil and luxurious sanctuary of the Heathrow Clubhouse.

7:00am - Last Departure

Opening Hours

Sunday7:00am - Last DepartureMonday7:00am - Last DepartureTuesday7:00am - Last DepartureWednesday7:00am - Last DepartureThursday7:00am - Last DepartureFriday7:00am - Last DepartureSaturday7:00am - Last Departure

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Newspapers & Magazines
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Spirits & Liquor
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Premium Food
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London Heathrow Airport
London Heathrow AirportLHRHillingdon, London, UK, United Kingdom
Located in Terminal 3 (inside security). Follow signs for "Airline Lounges" to Zone H, proceed upstairs to the entrance
    Travel times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Airports may require you to re-clear security and immigration control to reach the lounge. Clearing security might require a boarding pass departing from the terminal. For lounges inside security or immigration, you must first check your baggage and obtain your boarding pass.

    Reviews (32)

    OutstandingAmazing lounge - it’s like a small village. Plenty of seating, multiple food and drink offerings, complimentary spa treatments. My favourite lounge ever.
    DavidNovember 2018
    OutstandingWonderful - relaxed and stylish. The spa is great! I got a shampoo and blowout and my daughter got a (complimentary) manicure. Food is solid and service is excellent.
    E P Merriman November 2018
    OutstandingCrowded but I found some seating. Great opportunities for plane spotting, pool playing, and good menu choices. Showers were excellent as well as the spa treatments.
    AnonymousOctober 2018
    OutstandingGive yourself time. This is not a lounge to run in and out. Table service is at a relaxed pace, reasonably priced spa service, and good food. Enjoyed my time here!
    ErikaJuly 2018
    OutstandingGreat lounge. It is the best I've personally been to. It's not perfect, but there is a salon and you can get a complimentary hair wash. Silly, but nice. Pool table as well.
    AnonymousSeptember 2017
    Worth a DetourMaybe I have become a lounge snob, but I just was not dazzled with the Clubhouse. Food good but a bit slow. Minimal self serve options (been waiting for a cappuccino for 10 minutes). Too crowded.
    Billy BoyMay 2017
    OutstandingOne of the best lounges I have ever been to!
    AnonymousApril 2017
    OutstandingHave been regularly to all of LHR's lounges. Cathay Pacific First is great but still second best to the Virgin Clubhouse. Table service, always spa availability (contrast BA) and lovely people. Yay!
    Christopher February 2017
    OutstandingThis has got to be the best lounge in the UK, the staff are so polite and the atmosphere is amazing, I would definitely move in as it's the best lounge at Heathrow.
    DC2448February 2017
    OutstandingPhenomenal service and food. Every staff member is truly committed to making your experience amazing. Easy to eat and drink $100 worth. Facilities are gorgeous. Worth booking solely to experience!
    AnonymousOctober 2016
    OutstandingThis is the best lounge by far. Stellar service is Virgin Atlantic's signature.
    AnonymousSeptember 2016
    OutstandingBy miles, this is the BEST lounge I have been in the world. I REALLY wish Virgin flew more places as this lounge alone would get me buying a ticket. Bit busier since Delta joined but still A TRENDSETTER.
    MaureenJune 2016
    OutstandingAmazing lounge, fantastic spa despite limited complimentary treatments. Genuinely excellent food selection and hugely spacious. Roof terrace is a treat on a good day.
    RichardMay 2016
    OutstandingMy only gripe would be that I kept finding seats next to air vents that were chilly. I enjoyed a nice massage before the flight and a delicious breakfast. I think this has ruined me to other lounges.
    MadSopranoFebruary 2016
    OutstandingLOVE the sassy, but friendly staff and the food - very tasty! I got a free haircut as well, how cool?!?!
    AengusNovember 2015
    OutstandingTerrific place to hang. Great food and drink selection. Plenty of different seating areas and activities like pool available. Nice looking all around. You won't want to leave.
    ShaneNovember 2015
    OutstandingVery very good lounge and great atmosphere. Great selection of food and probably better than CX lounges in HKG in some respects. The first class limo entrance is great for avoiding the crowds.
    RayJuly 2015
    OutstandingAbsolutely love the feel of this lounge. Spacious, clean, fun, busy but not overly full or noisy. Love the complimentary facial. Arcade tables were a plus.
    CarlMay 2015
    OutstandingOutstanding Int'l Clubhouse. Different seats for whatever your mood.
    Ralph R.April 2015
    OutstandingWow! Only slight negative, I have yet to get a haircut. Spots are always taken, even the one time I was 3 hours early....
    johannes de HeerFebruary 2015
    OutstandingI don't want to be one to moan about how great things used to be but.... What happened to the food? I used to be spoiled for choice but the menu is so hoity-toity; nothing appealing at all.
    NickJanuary 2015
    OutstandingFantastic lounge. Great bar, spa, restaurant & seating area. Spa treatments get booked up so head there as soon as you arrive if you want to experience.
    EmmaDecember 2014
    OutstandingJust superb. Everything you hope for and more. The benchmark for all other airlines.
    CRDecember 2014
    OutstandingBest lounge I've been in for some time. Great food, great drinks, great service. Gets a touch busy, but staff are always happy to help find you a spot. Shoeshine guy is awesome. Well worth the extra.
    SteveOctober 2014
    OutstandingPersonal, attentive service and amenities. An example of what a lounge should be. Several discrete areas within the facility allows choice of quiet vs. greater activity. Food & beverages superb!
    MeBAugust 2014
    OutstandingOne of the nicest lounges I've been in. Full service, good food and selection, roomy, all together excellent
    unicorn girlJuly 2014
    OutstandingRightfully award winning, puts BA lounges to shame. Cocktails, showers, haircuts, massages, food from formal, through tapas to a great deli-dog. Worth getting to very very early for your flight!
    PaulMay 2014
    OutstandingSimply superb. My heart sinks when my flight is called because this is an excellent place to spend time. Get a haircut, do a spa treatment, visit the cocktail bar, have a meal, and surf the web here.
    BillyMay 2014
    OutstandingThis lounge has a great bar, spa, barbers, shoe shining, and food. It's better than the Concorde lounge, but because it's so large/open, it's sometimes noisy.
    DaveOctober 2013
    OutstandingProbably one of the best lounges ever. It exceeded my expectations, and you literally can want for nothing in this lounge.
    DarwinOctober 2013
    OutstandingI have been through this lounge countless times and it is always a pleasure. Fantastic bar, great service, as well as ample room to relax, work, or play. Shower rooms are great, as is the hot tub.
    JarrydOctober 2013
    OutstandingAs a regular user of this lounge over the years, I can attest that this place keeps up with the times and services, including great massages and haircuts! Always try and arrive with time to spare.
    IanSeptember 2013

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