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American Airlines Admirals Club (Gates A19-A21)

PHXTerminal 4, Concourse A (inside security)

Enjoy personalized service, comfort and exceptional amenities. The ability to stretch out. To unfetter. To peel away. Treat an Admirals Club lounge as an oasis of peace - away from all of the airport hustle.

Open Now4:00am - 8:30pm

Opening Hours

Sunday4:00am - 8:30pmMonday4:00am - 8:30pmTuesday4:00am - 8:30pmWednesday4:00am - 8:30pmThursday4:00am - 8:30pmFriday4:00am - 8:30pmSaturday4:00am - 8:30pm

Top Complimentary Amenities

Newspapers & Magazines
Newspapers & Magazines
Printers & Copiers
Printers & Copiers
Beer & Wine
Beer & Wine
18+ Cardholder
18+ Cardholder
Spirits & Liquor
Spirits & Liquor
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Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport
Phoenix Sky Harbor International AirportPHXPhoenix, Arizona, United States
Located in Terminal 4, Concourse A (inside security). Between Gates A19 and A21
    Travel times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Airports may require you to re-clear security and immigration control to reach the lounge. Clearing security might require a boarding pass departing from the terminal. For lounges inside security or immigration, you must first check your baggage and obtain your boarding pass.

    Reviews (37)

    Worth a DetourLow end club, poor snacks, terrible cleanliness.
    AnonymousJanuary 2019
    Needs ImprovementVERY small club. Maybe enough room for 20 people comfortably. Really needs to be expanded to accommodate the amount of people here.
    ZachAugust 2018
    Needs ImprovementToo small to be useful. Even bathrooms are tiny.
    VadimJuly 2018
    SatisfactorySmall and crowded. It is worth going to either of the other Admirals Clubs in the airport (A7 is best IMO). Snacks and drinks are decent.
    CaseyFebruary 2018
    SatisfactoryOpen until 12:45 am. Small lounge.
    JonJanuary 2018
    Needs ImprovementWay too small of a lounge. Typical Admirals Club food. Not sure why it has a "solid" rating. This app needs some better categories.
    AnonymousDecember 2017
    Needs ImprovementToo small and packed. This is the reason Admirals Clubs are so inferior these days. The food isn't good and it's packed with few open seats. This one only has ONE toilet. Total. Crazy.
    Kyle CunninghamMarch 2017
    Needs ImprovementSmallest Admirals Club I've ever seen. Crowded and loud, I preferred to stay in the terminal.
    MichaelMarch 2017
    SatisfactoryVery small lounge located near A21. Worth a stop since there's nothing else better to do when in this terminal. Always better to be out of the main hustle of the airport, no matter where you are.
    JoshFebruary 2017
    Needs ImprovementSmall, crowded, and not many amenities.
    AnonymousFebruary 2017
    Worth a DetourWow, smallest AC, I've been in, ever. Restroom has one stall. Otherwise, same as any other Admirals.
    DavidJanuary 2017
    SatisfactoryWay too small! This lounge has the standard Admirals Club amenities but if you're here during peak hours, good luck finding a seat. Cleanliness and comfort also subpar.
    AnonymousDecember 2016
    SatisfactorySnacks are standard (hummus, cheese, trail mix) but this space is extremely small. If you have time I'd recommend checking out one of the other Admirals Clubs at PHX - same snacks but much more space.
    BaileyNovember 2016
    SatisfactoryReally small but good when it isn't busy.
    ShahzadOctober 2016
    SatisfactoryNice, albeit TINY lounge. Nice secret: hang a hard right after entering and there is a tiny office nook where you'll be left alone. Salad was actually very good. Private toilet too.
    Pruitt Hall August 2016
    SatisfactoryOne of the smallest lounges I have seen for an airline hub. Facilities are also pretty basic. There may be better offerings elsewhere in the terminal.
    SimonMarch 2016
    SatisfactoryA simple lounge with amenities, often crowded, but if you can find a seat it's more than fine.
    AnonymousMarch 2016
    SatisfactoryNice lounge with usual accommodations, but small and frequently crowded, hang a right from the front desk for a more quiet stay.
    Sam Reed JohnsonJanuary 2016
    Needs ImprovementThis space is so tiny. There are plenty of snacks, but guests are messy so the food looks unappetizing. It's always crowded and there are never enough seats or outlets.
    psquaredDecember 2015
    Needs ImprovementVery, very small lounge. Couldn't find a free seat. This lounge can't compete with European lounges.
    SanderDecember 2015
    SatisfactoryWow. People are right. It's TINY. Front desk barely said a word to me at check-in...
    BryceNovember 2015
    Worth a DetourOne person is working so hard to bartend, cleanup etc. Standard AA fare, no ice bucket so you'll have to ask the bartender.
    AnonymousNovember 2015
    SatisfactorySmall but serves the purpose. Can look out at airplanes.
    ArtNovember 2015
    Worth a DetourSmall but comfortable. Friendly staff, standard food options and a good amount of outlets on the outward facing bar top to get work done.
    Kathryn September 2015
    Needs ImprovementLeast favorite Admirals Club. Way too small for the number of gates it serves. Hard to find seats.
    PatrickSeptember 2015
    SatisfactoryToo small, not enough seating for the number gates at this terminal.
    BrettMarch 2015
    SatisfactoryIt's not a bad place. Definitely a retreat from sitting at the gate. It's just a bit small with not a lot of amenities.
    AnonymousMarch 2015
    Needs ImprovementWorst Admirals/Chairman's Lounge I've ever visited. This place is terribly cramped and crowded.
    tgm33December 2014
    Worth a DetourThe place is tiny, but at least people there were polite and they respected other's space. Package food, yogurt, oatmeal, cereal, and fruits for breakfast. Full bar also but I didn't have any.
    AngelaSeptember 2014
    Worth a DetourSmaller but nice place to decompress after a flight.
    LarryMay 2014
    Needs ImprovementAnyone who frequent lounges know this place is crap. The staff are eye sores, you have to pay for everything and the bartender is complaining about the merger. Thank you for leaving Star Alliance
    KattMarch 2014
    Needs ImprovementThere were a few food options: whole fruit, chips, trail mix, cookies; you're welcome to two complimentary wines as well. Front desk and servers were kind. The WiFi was very slow, however.
    DouglasFebruary 2014
    SatisfactoryThis is a small lounge with decent facilities and offers limited snacks.
    BradleyFebruary 2014
    Worth a DetourThe staff is great, and this is a better place to sit than the waiting area. In my experience, it's more congested and louder than the other lounge in PHX.
    ChrisJanuary 2014
    SatisfactoryCompared to the gate area, this lounge is far superior with a nice snack selection, great views, and recent remodeling.
    Tyler January 2014
    OutstandingDefinitely pleasant enough for Friday afternoon, and better than waiting in the terminal for sure! It's not crowded, with plenty of staff on hand. The food is better than most US Airways Clubs' too.
    StuartJanuary 2014
    SatisfactoryThis is a newly refurbished lounge that on the smaller side. The club in the low A Concourse stays open later.
    PHXflyerOctober 2013

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