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The Centurion Lounge

SEAConcourse B (inside security)

Welcome to the American Express Centurion Lounge. A warm welcome awaits travelers at the reception desk, followed by world-class service. The team of diligent staff is available to guide and provide, whether it be an opportunity to conclude business or simply to relax before continuing on your journey.

Open Now5:00am - 10:00pm

Opening Hours

Sunday5:00am - 10:00pmMonday5:00am - 10:00pmTuesday5:00am - 10:00pmWednesday5:00am - 10:00pmThursday5:00am - 10:00pmFriday5:00am - 10:00pmSaturday5:00am - 10:00pm

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18+ Cardholder
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Spirits & Liquor
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Flight Monitors
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Important Information

  • The Seattle Centurion Lounge will be temporarily closed for a short period in March as American Express renovates and improves the space.
  • FOR PLATINUM CARD MEMBERS ONLY (effective March 22nd, 2019): (1) The Centurion Lounge is a day of departure lounge. Arriving Platinum Card Members with boarding passes for flights that have just landed will not be admitted. Platinum Card Members with layovers or connecting flights who produce proof of connecting flight will be admitted. (2) Platinum Card Members will not be admitted more than 3 hours before the departure time on the Platinum Card Member’s same-day, confirmed boarding pass. This does not apply to Platinum Card Members with a connecting flight. (3) Children under 2 years of age will be admitted free of charge, provided an accompanying parent or guardian is able to produce a “lap infant” boarding pass or proof of age.


Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
Seattle-Tacoma International AirportSEASeattle, Washington, United States
Located in Concourse B (inside security). Concourse B, across from Gate B3.
    Travel times are estimates and are not guaranteed. Airports may require you to re-clear security and immigration control to reach the lounge. Clearing security might require a boarding pass departing from the terminal. For lounges inside security or immigration, you must first check your baggage and obtain your boarding pass.

    Reviews (83)

    SatisfactoryPretty busy place. Lots of the best seats are reserved. Manager is rude and scolds people like a toddler if your foot is touching a seat cushion.
    AnonymousJanuary 2019
    OutstandingClose in B3, other lounges are far off in A. Often crowded. Limited only to Seattle outbound flights.
    JerryJanuary 2019
    SatisfactoryVery small and crowded compared to other Centurion lounges. The Delta lounge in the next concourse is much bigger and nicer. Recommend going there if this place is crowded.
    AnonymousJanuary 2019
    OutstandingCame in at 6:45 and had a nice breakfast and Bloody Mary while waiting for my flight. Staff was courteous and my wife and I were impressed.
    josh December 2018
    Needs ImprovementYikes. I’ve been in plenty of Centurion Lounges and this one needs some work. Food was akin to a mall food court. Scratch that, a food court would’ve been better. Not enough seating, and uncomfortable.
    AnonymousDecember 2018
    Needs ImprovementFirst time using my AMEX Platinum benefits. The lounge was at max capacity I was told to wait and try Delta lounge (which was full as well). Very disappointing.
    NirDecember 2018
    OutstandingAwesome! Will be back, again!
    Paul ThomasOctober 2018
    SatisfactoryI came to this lounge upon arrival and the food options were laugh worthy. Tried to come prior departure and was turned away due to max capacity. Time to expand or get out of Amex.
    RahilOctober 2018
    OutstandingAlways solid. Great food and snack options. Huge bar with interesting cocktails. Lots of seating options.
    IsaacOctober 2018
    Worth a DetourWe were placed on a waiting list at 10AM although it didn’t seem that busy.
    BrianSeptember 2018
    Worth a DetourDon’t go to RELAX. Laid back and put my feet up on the giant black lounge furniture they have. Had been laying like that for over an hour when some female staffer came and belittled me for it.
    NamSeptember 2018
    OutstandingA bit crowded at morning rush hour. Very clean. Decent food bar. Excellent espresso machine. Well done AmEx!
    Rolando September 2018
    Worth a DetourWaitlist to get in, sat outside for 30 mins until there was room.
    DanAugust 2018
    OutstandingBest lounge bar in SeaTac; great spirits and wine selection. Food is limited, best meal is breakfast. Not much space, hopefully they can expand in the future.
    TapJuly 2018
    Worth a DetourSo. Many. Kids. It's obvious families are using the 2 free guest benefit to bring the entire family in. There are a couple of quiet corners but be prepared to compete with the rugrats. Food was great!
    AnonymousJuly 2018
    Needs ImprovementVery disappointed in this Centurion Lounge. They were out of food, and the place was packed. Lots of excuses from the staff about the poor service. I don’t recommend.
    AnonymousJune 2018
    Worth a DetourThe lounge was very busy this morning, 9am on a Friday. They did have a well stocked buffet, but no to-go coffee cups, which was the reason I wanted to stop in in the first place. Better off @ DSL.
    BradMay 2018
    Worth a DetourSolid lounge with a buffet of chilled food and hot soup. Great service that keeps it clean. Note that the shower closes at 9 PM!
    AndrewMay 2018
    OutstandingA comfortable, spacious lounge right in the main connector between A and B gates. The breakfast was solid, not as over the top as some Centurions but way past Sky Club.
    Christian Ratliff March 2018
    OutstandingTwice visited. Solid light foods seem always fresh and Seattle-legit. Full cocktail bar with Seattle bartender recipes. Very serious drinks. Bright. Modern. Worth scheduling a longer layover.
    AnonymousMarch 2018
    OutstandingWhen it’s not crowded, this is by far the best of all options available. Excellent food and a great menu overall. Comfortable chairs and clean bathrooms.
    AlexMarch 2018
    OutstandingGreat lounge, a little tight, also seats around the bar are a little uncomfortable. Internet sucks plain and simple, terrible speeds, barely able to stream Netflix. Decent lounge all things considered.
    AnonymousFebruary 2018
    Needs ImprovementEntirely too crowded; 20 people checking in! People routinely sleeping, stretched across couches/seats w bellies exposed! Kids amok playing w food @ the buffet! Reduce it to one guest instead of two!
    Lady Margrit LindalFebruary 2018
    Worth a DetourVery disappointing for a Centurion Lounge. Minimal food, the lounge chairs were reserved for Black Card Amex members only. WTHeck?
    AnonymousJanuary 2018
    Worth a DetourToo small for the amount of visitors.
    DavyJanuary 2018
    Worth a DetourWent around 2PM on a Sunday and it was pretty busy. Had standard offerings for drinks (loved the infused water).
    ShiboNovember 2017
    Worth a DetourThe “new” full bar isn’t open until 10:00am. You can only order mimosas, screwdrivers, and Bloody Marys from the wait staff before 10. Also, they have salami out but no cheese at breakfast.
    AnonymousNovember 2017
    OutstandingLounge was updated a few months back. Much larger now but can still be crowded. Great drink options but food is still somewhat limited (but what they have is good). They now have showers too.
    AnonymousOctober 2017
    Worth a DetourOne of the better lounge options at Sea-Tac. It's relatively small and can fill up rather quickly. The food choices are varied and fresh; and the service was uniformly excellent.
    CHWSeptember 2017
    Worth a DetourGreat lounge with top quality drink options and above average food. The lounge is fairly small and was very busy. Also poor quality wifi at least at peak usage.
    RyanSeptember 2017
    OutstandingI like this Amex lounge a lot. Good food offerings and a nice quiet place to wait for your flight.
    AnonymousSeptember 2017
    OutstandingSince the last time I've been here, they've added a few new areas. A full service bar among them. The desk has always been nice and friendly, and everyone is happy to help if needed. Food is lacking.
    IanAugust 2017
    SatisfactoryExcellent atmosphere, comfortable seating and easy access to main terminal for A,B,C, or S gates. The bar is a bit lacking for hot food choices. Crabby bar tender and mediocre service puts a damper.
    William HaynesAugust 2017
    OutstandingLots of space! Jones soda and blueberries. Not a big hot food section though.
    JaimeJuly 2017
    OutstandingI love this lounge! Great central location. The staff is always friendly. It's a bit small and can get a bit noise when children are there. That rarely happens.
    RasheedMay 2017
    OutstandingNice lounge, especially love the private bathrooms.
    AnonymousMay 2017
    OutstandingMy favorite lounge! They recently expanded the studio to a full blown lounge with bar. It's a stone's through away from security unlike some lounges that you must trek to.
    ChristinaMay 2017
    Needs ImprovementJack hammers at 530am... Bar service was supposed to start at 6am - no sign of the bartender. Did this over the Delta Sky Club, may re-evaluate our choices.
    StephenMay 2017
    OutstandingGreat lounge. Good food and great bar.
    MatthewApril 2017
    SatisfactoryIt was very cramped and we couldn't find a space to sit comfortably, so we went to the Delta Sky Club instead. I had higher expectations for a Centurion Lounge even if it's a studio version.
    Jonathan B.April 2017
    Worth a DetourFull lounge opens in 1 week! Found out that the two of the nice seats are permanently reserved for Centurion card holders only.
    AnonymousMarch 2017
    Needs ImprovementI am a full-fledged Amex Platinum member. I pay $550/year for lounge access and was turned away today. Why? No confirmed seat even though I had a confirmed reservation and boarding pass.
    DeanMarch 2017
    Needs ImprovementStaff is smothering and very controlling. Small/tight space. Not relaxing.
    AnonymousFebruary 2017
    Worth a DetourLounge is fine, but for a Centurion Lounge it's nothing special. Usually you can get a regular hot meal but here the food is just sandwiches and munchies. No bar, must order a drink from a server.
    MarshallJanuary 2017
    Worth a DetourA little cozy, but a great variety of seating and good food selection. However, alcoholic drinks had to be ordered by a server and I couldn't find one.
    Kira CampbellJanuary 2017
    OutstandingI've been to most of the other lounges at Sea/Tac. This is the nicest. Good food, comfortable seating area, wines that seem like they're better quality than what you get from the airlines. Thumbs up!
    SkyBeaverJanuary 2017
    OutstandingI have been to all of the lounges at SeaTac Airport and this lounge is by far the best, in my opinion. Sure, as other reviewers have mentioned, this location can be busy, but that's because it's best.
    Graham ClarkDecember 2016
    Worth a DetourSmaller than the Centurion Lounges but still outstanding service. Only cold food is available, but hearty nonetheless. There is ample beer and wine sources from the Seattle, WA area.
    SirLouNovember 2016
    Worth a DetourIt's tiny. There is no full bar. The service is great. Food is just okay. It's just not like the usual excellent Centurion quality. I went over to the brand new Delta Sky Club which was far superior.
    KeitaNovember 2016
    Worth a DetourFantastic quality for a small domestic studio! Great light meals, coffee and tea. Best lounge at Seatac!
    AnonymousNovember 2016
    Worth a DetourReally nice lounge. Certainly superior to the Alaska Airlines Board Rooms. I wish the lounges would have real food options outside of a sandwich and soup but at least here they have services and wine.
    Kyle CunninghamOctober 2016
    OutstandingGood food selection (fresh vegetables, hummus, sweets). Great drink selection (local beers, local wines, lemonade, bottle drinks/juices). Excellent service and very attentive servers.
    Brian September 2016
    Worth a DetourAlthough it's hard to reconcile that you aren't in a regular Centurion Lounge, the service, cleanliness, and snack selection still blows the domestic airline lounges out of the water.
    Snotty GSeptember 2016
    Needs ImprovementThey sure don't want employees in there. Can't have anything airline related on and need a confirmed travel ticket. Pretty useless...
    JohnnyAugust 2016
    SatisfactoryThe non-bar bar-seating is terrible and uncomfortable. Staring at a white wall. But unless you're here for awhile you're unlikely to sit anywhere else. Way too crowded.
    RobbJune 2016
    SatisfactoryToo crowded, I guess Amex is giving away too many Platinum Cards, can't keep the quality of Centurion Lounge.
    LiJune 2016
    Worth a DetourSo cool and yet so small. Lucky enough to get an actual seat (not a weird too low bar stool) and food and drinks were great. Tasty stuff, and nest looking space but absolutely needs to be bigger.
    Jim Valeri May 2016
    Worth a DetourGood quiet place after a long security line on a Friday evening. Food is okay, one hot curry lentil rice worth trying. Servers are great.
    LayMay 2016
    Worth a DetourNice modern lounge with pretty solid food and a solid beer/wine list. Centrally located too.
    JohnMay 2016
    Worth a DetourVery small but well appointed. The most comfortable seats are reserved for Centurion members only. Nice selection of fresh salads. Wine and beer available by request to staff.
    MarthaMay 2016
    Worth a DetourSmall but very good, I visited it with family and it was very nice. Good quick lunch with enough vegetarian options.
    RohitPApril 2016
    Worth a DetourA cut above a typical US lounge. The AX Studio has tasty snacks, coffee machine & sodas. Beer/wine freely flow on request & great wifi. A pleasant space to while away a bit of time before a flight.
    SimonApril 2016
    OutstandingBeast lounge at SEA plus the whole place is very new.
    AaronMarch 2016
    Worth a DetourSmaller version of Centurion but quite nice, have wait staff serving drinks!
    Retinol13March 2016
    OutstandingGreat lounge!! Smaller than the other Centurion Lounges, hence the Studio name, and no full bar (wine and beer only). That being said, the service, comfort, and food/drink are top notch!!
    ChrisMarch 2016
    Worth a DetourCertainly not the largest lounge I've been in but the space is well utilized. Food options are limited to cold food but still better than other lounges here. Staff is fantastic and very attentive.
    LevellFebruary 2016
    OutstandingIt's the smallest Centurion I've been in, but same awesome food spread, great decor, comfy chairs, etc.
    BrianFebruary 2016
    OutstandingBrand new and fresh spot. Went in the morning during the week and it was almost empty. Great food and drinks.
    AnonymousJanuary 2016
    SatisfactoryToo small and crowded. Ok but unimpressive food/snack selection.
    AnonymousJanuary 2015
    OutstandingI have Board Room and Priority Pass but in SEA I make a beeline to the Centurion. It's great to have a spot where "everyone knows your name".
    PeterDecember 2015
    Worth a DetourLimited capacity and small plate options only. Nicely done and super friendly staff. Limited wine, beer and cocktail options.
    BillDecember 2015
    OutstandingExcellent as domestic US lounges go. I spent a lovely three hours in here sipping a sparkling wine with fine snacks on a quiet Tuesday afternoon!
    TomNovember 2015
    Worth a DetourNice clean lounge. Decent selection of food. It was quiet when I was there on a Friday evening. Biggest negative was the small size of the place. I can imagine it fills up quickly.
    JohnNovember 2015
    Worth a DetourI'm a regular here since it's my hometown. I like this better than the Alaska Board Room, it's quieter, brighter and more food selections.
    Rowenn Monill October 2015
    SatisfactoryDecor is alright but one of the least engaging lounge I've been to...Bar or better food would make it better. If you're not flying first and have no other choice then probably better than nothing.
    HideOctober 2015
    Worth a DetourGreat lounge just a bit too small.
    KenOctober 2015
    Worth a Detour Nice little lounge with great features. Healthy and plentiful snacks. Cozy lounge that reflects its "newness". Bob Dikman
    BobSeptember 2015
    Worth a DetourYou know going in that it'll be small, but it was maybe juuuuust a bit too small. Internet worked nicely, staff helpful, snacks meh, locally supplied sodas a great touch.
    AnonymousSeptember 2015
    OutstandingWonderful service. Blew away the United Clubs I've been.
    RobertAugust 2015
    OutstandingGreat lounge with great views and super friendly staff.
    AnonymousAugust 2015
    OutstandingA needed relief. Much better than the Delta lounge.
    AnonymousAugust 2015
    OutstandingThis is by far the best lounge in SEA. I've done Alaska as well as the Clubs at SEA! Great snacks, great food, great service. Love the servers!
    MichaelJuly 2015
    Worth a DetourNice small lounge. A lot of people for a tiny space, but definitely worth stopping by. Better than Alaska Club.
    JoeJuly 2015

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