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Tyler Dikman Profile Picture

Tyler Dikman CEO

Having flown over a million miles in the past 10 years, Tyler is no stranger to airports. His passion for improving the air travel experience for road warriors and casual travelers alike inspired him to co-found LoungeBuddy and serve as the CEO and head of the company’s vision. While Tyler truly believes that “half of the fun is getting there”, his favorite destinations are Australia for the beaches and Eastern Africa for the wildlife.

Top Lounge Pick: British Airways Concorde Room at LHR

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Zac Altman CTO

Growing up on the beaches of Sydney, Australia and holding citizenship to both the US and Australia, Zac brings a global perspective to LoungeBuddy. He is well-versed in the world of tech, having started and sold a tech company at age 19. He has traveled the continents of Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, and North America with many lounges in between. Zac’s favorite destination is Prague, Czech Republic for the beer and culture.

Top Lounge Pick: Qantas Airways International First Lounge at SYD

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Brent Griffith VP Marketing

Brent’s passion for travel lies in places best known for their natural beauty and wildlife. His enthusiasm for all things marketing and developing deep community relationships set Brent as the ideal person to place LoungeBuddy in the hands of every traveler. Brent’s favorite destinations include: Hawaii for the sparkling beaches and Alaska for the fly fishing.

Top Lounge Pick: Lufthansa First Class Terminal at FRA

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Jessica Lam VP Engineering

An early interest in fine arts and technology led Jessica to pursue Computer Science at UIUC with a side of Graphic Design and Computer Graphics. Post-graduation, Jessica led mobile development at Sony Pictures Imageworks designing and implementing an interface concept on the iOS platform that was featured on Engadget. After a stint at Apple working on high profile and secret projects, Jessica founded and sold Sugarbox.io with a colleague from Apple.

Top Lounge Pick: American Express The Centurion Lounge at DFW

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John Ma Data Analytics & Community Management

John developed an early interest in geography and foreign cultures. At the age of ten, he scored a free overseas trip to Fukuoka (FUK), and has indulged his love of traveling to new horizons since. His active imagination and penchant for crafting highly descriptive prologues ensure that his blog posts are entertaining and educational. John’s favorite destinations are Munich, Prague, and Krakow.

Top Lounge Pick: Sir Turtle Club at GCM

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Garrett Lu Manager Partner Operations

Garrett’s love for travel was piqued at a young age during long family road trips throughout the Western United States. He has since roamed across the globe, exploring countless places of natural and cultural beauty. As an avid aviation enthusiast, he brings a wide range of knowledge about airports and lounges to his role as manager of partner operations. Garrett’s favorite destinations include the Bolivian Altiplano, New Zealand, and Vietnam.

Top Lounge Pick: Cathay Pacific The Pier First Class Lounge at HKG

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Cody Mills Backend Engineer

Cody's route into computer science was a circuitous one. Initially graduating as a Chemical Engineer from Stanford, he decided to finally give in to his passion for math and get a second degree in Mathematical & Computational Science. From there, a full stack engineering internship at a Palo Alto startup was all he needed to get hooked on building great products from the ground up. After stint at Box building internal applications, Cody found LoungeBuddy where his interests in travel and technology have collided in the best way. Cody remains an active traveler, visiting friends abroad and touring the country as an assistant coach for Stanford's men's ultimate frisbee team.

Top Lounge Pick: Virgin America Lounge at LAX

 Profile Picture

Jony Brodheim Digital Product Designer

A traveler at heart, Jonathan’s nomadic lifestyle has afforded him the opportunity to travel to many places throughout the world including the Bahamas, Israel, and France. Jonathan graduated with a Master’s in Architecture from the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he developed an obsession for meaningful details and beautiful user experiences. His passion for the tech industry means there is nothing he loves more than discussing the future of computing over a cup of tea.

Top Lounge Pick: The Centurion Lounge at MIA

 Profile Picture

Zachary Drayer Sr. iOS Engineer

Top Lounge Pick: Cathay Pacific The Cabin at HKG

 Profile Picture

Magali Dumont Senior Lounge Manager

Originally from France, Magali, aka “Mags” developed an interest for languages early on and participated in many foreign school exchanges. From that point on, she discovered a passion for different cultures and travelling. She studied Travel & Business Tourism in the UK and has worked in the Travel industry since then. Working with airport lounges is no different since it means working with so many different cultures in the world. Her favourite destinations are Vienna for its gorgeous architecture and fascinating history and South Africa for its superb wildlife. Her dream destination is to visit The Galapagos Islands one day to discover its beautiful wildlife and sea life.

Top Lounge Pick: No. 1 Heathrow at LHR

 Profile Picture

Lars Wensel Head of LoungeBuddy for Business

Lars has over a decade of experience in strategy and business development; most notably, while at eBay Inc. he was on the founding team of eBay Now and led strategic partnerships for eBay's Retail Innovation team. From the onset of his career as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in West Africa to his business trips across Asia and Europe, Lars has long been passionate about travel. Understanding all too well the challenges of staying productive in the airport during inevitable delays or long layovers, he is excited to help business travelers find and access the best lounges worldwide for a more pleasant and productive airport experience. Lars holds a Bachelors in Economics from the University of Maryland and an MBA from Georgetown University.

Top Lounge Pick: Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at LHR

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Liza Fanshel Executive Assistant

Liza grew up going to school and playing sports on the Jersey Shore. She fell in love with New York City on family holiday trips to visit and explore the big city. This inspired her to study Business and Communications at NYU while working in the music industry. During her time at NYU she spent a summer studying in London and explored the UK and Paris. This trip peaked her interest in travel and she began to explore the idea of a career involving travel. After graduating she worked in the music division of a various talent agencies helping to book tours for artists around the world. Following seven years in New York City Liza moved to San Francisco and joined the LoungeBuddy team where she applies her skills in commercial travel on a daily basis.

Top Lounge Pick: American Express The Centurion Lounge at DFW

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Artur Reszka Customer Success Strategy Intern

Artur’s interest in travel-tech can be traced back to his reliance on air travel since a very young age. Before moving to San Francisco to join LoungeBuddy, he had lived in 5 countries on 3 continents and often flew in between those locations.

After receiving his undergraduate education at Cambridge University he went on to earn a master's degree from Sciences Po Paris. He then took a deep dive into the world of business via strategy consulting projects in digital transformation space as well as cofounding an online events discovery platform.

His favourite destinations include Auroville in India for its inspiring community and Rome for a blend of fascinating history, intriguing art and delicious food.

Top Lounge Pick: London City First Class Lounge at LCY

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