The Airspace Lounge In San Diego: An Inside Look

Way back in March 2014, we brought you The Ultimate Guide to Airspace Lounges, chronicling the rise of the newest pay-per-entry lounge network that has taken American airports by storm. Now, we're back, and Airspace Lounge has opened in San Diego. This is a tremendous breakthrough for Airspace (and leftcoast homesick travelers in general), with this being their first lounge on the West Coast. After the completion of all phases, the SAN Airspace Lounge now provides seating for 115 passengers in an area of over 5,000 square feet, boasting luxury showers to boot. In fact, the Airspace Lounge is the only lounge in San Diego International Airport with shower facilities, which enhances its value for premium travelers on long haul flights.

The San Diego Airspace Lounge is located in Terminal 2 at the crossroads where the East concourse meets West, and according to the former President of Airspace Lounge, Anthony Tangorra, "enhances the experience of San Diego fliers with a luxurious atmosphere that includes ample space with impressive views of the airfield." This atmosphere is one of the first things that hits you: floor to ceiling windows that provide an excellent, unobstructed view of the tarmac. Another immediately noticeable highlight is the transparent bar, which neither obstructs nor diminishes the panoramic backdrop. Seasoned lounge connoisseurs have much to look forward to as well, as Airspace has spent a great deal of attention in perfecting details that becomes apparent upon initial (contemporary, minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired chic), and closer inspection (curated, reasonably-priced beverage selection, high-quality coffee creamer, ambient background music). It's all thanks to the efforts of rockstar lounge designers Softroom, which gave us the state of the art Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at London Heathrow Airport and the Bennett Design Group, which spearheaded the design for many of Continental Airlines' Presidents Clubs, a predecessor to United Airlines' United Clubs.

What Amenities Are Available in The Lounge?

One of the biggest complaints that the modern air traveler brings up is the lack of power outlets in the airport terminal to charge their cornucopia of electronic gadgets. Well, you probably won't hear very many of these echoes within the confines of the Airspace Lounge, where each seat comes with a dedicated set of power outlets. With a hushed atmosphere and plenty of comfortable seating, the lounge is an excellent place to relax before your flight, with numerous entertainment options ranging from televisions to internet terminals at your disposal. One of the unique amenities that the Airspace Lounge presents is a customized selection of music, which you can learn more about here. If you specify the hours and day of the week that you expect to be in the lounge, Airspace will be more than happy to get back to you with their playlist. A brief examination of such lists would expose you to notably un-boring artists like Mark Stoermer, Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, Beach House, Air, and of course, Brian Eno, one of the truly remarkable ambient musicians of our time, and someone we can personally attest to as being synonymous with ideal lounge decompression music. If they have gone to this length just for the music, we wouldn't be surprised if they did the same in countless other areas that we've yet to uncover. If work duty calls, feel free to take advantage of either the aforementioned internet terminals or the lounge's complimentary Wi-Fi, in addition to printing and scanning services. In essence, everything essential that you need, packaged usually tastefully.

Food and Beverage Options

The San Diego Airspace Lounge deserves recognition for their premium food and beverage efforts. Before we begin, an important thing to note is that each lounge guest receives a $10 voucher to cover the costs of premium food and drink options within the lounge, rotating throughout the day. (As an Amex Centurion or Platinum cardholder, you may even receive a voucher of higher value.) If it's early in the morning, you've got an appetizing selection of breakfast sandwiches that surpasses the usual embellished nuts and fruit - which incidentally are also available in crunchy, fresh order, respectively of course. Caffeine addicts? Carpe diem! Complimentary Peets Coffee and Tea offerings are offered, all day long, served in surprisingly substantial mugs that feel more suited to a $5/cup coffeeshop. Airspace Lounge would also like to point out that they offer "real cream, not packets of creamer." Caffeine addicts do have standards, after all.

If you arrive sometime after breakfast, you can enjoy a number of thoughtfully crafted dishes, including an antipasto platter, sandwiches, salads, and a charcuterie platter served complete with cornichons and French dijon mustard. These food items come with specially designed square plates with trendy, unconventional shapes, ostensibly minor details that imbue your meal with just the right dash of novelty and exclusivity. If you're a herbivore, don't fret - vegetarian menu options are available for your convenience. Because Japan Airlines passengers also utilize this lounge before flights to Tokyo-Narita Airport, a variety of exquisite Japanese items like soba noodles can be had at select times as well. Finally, because cake and chocolate are awesome, numerous dessert selections are also offered, all reasonably priced to accommodate your $10 voucher. Dining is an all day, every day affair at the Airspace Lounge; as such, be sure to take advantage of one of the best dining experiences that you will find in a domestic US lounge.

Sodas (or pop, for our Midwestern readers) are free and available all day, which is great, but certainly less tempting than the delights served by that aforementioned transparent bar. This is certainly the perfect setting to imbibe moderately and sample high-end craft beers and premium wines, as well as specialty cocktails. After all, a trip to the Airspace Lounge is never complete without trying the Airspace Ultimate Martini. In addition to a wide selection of handpicked international beers, the Airspace Lounge also serves up local beers at each of their locations. For the San Diego lounge, this includes brands like Ballast Point, the 46th largest craft brewery in the country, based on sales volume. Furthermore, Airspace has put in the work to create an ideal wine tasting environment, with no expenses being spared. Wines available in the lounge comes from a number of different regions around the world, with a variety of price points. Once you sample one of Airspace's offerings in a fine German crystal glass (bravo details!), allow yourself permission to relax and bask in the symphony of thoughtfulness and extensive research that comes together to form the Airspace Lounge.

How Can I Access The Airspace Lounge?

Currently, the Airspace Lounge is co-branded as an Admirals Club through their partnership with American Airlines, and staff from both the Airspace Lounge and Admirals Club will be on hand to take care of your needs. As such, typical Admirals Club access rules will apply here, and premium passengers flying on American Airlines and oneworld partners, as well as Admirals Club members, will have complimentary access to this lounge. Of course, be sure to check LoungeBuddy for specific details on access. Holders of a Centurion or Platinum charge card: you and your fortunate brethren can access this lounge at no cost. In fact, don't be surprised if you end up coming out ahead once you take the food and drinks voucher into account. Even better, you may choose to bring up to two guests or your immediate family - up to one spouse and all the children that can claim an AMEX birthright.

Even if you don't fit neatly into one of these memberships, have no fear. The Airspace Lounge has generously allowed all airport passengers departing from Terminal 2 to access their lounge, and you can access this lounge before flying on Sun Country, Volaris, or Delta Air Lines, as long as you are willing to pay the entry cost. Among lounge operators, the Airspace Lounge network is among the first to implement a variable pricing system, and this location at San Diego is no different. Starting from $25 at the lowest, entry fees can fluctuate throughout the day in response to expected demand, with prices of over $30 being fairly common during peak hours. This system serves to ensure that lounges can balance supply and demand to create a perfect equilibrium in order to maximize the enjoyment and comfort of all passengers in the lounge.

On your next visit to the San Diego airport, be sure to visit the Airspace Lounge and give it a try. By providing an incredibly high end offering for somewhere around 50% of the price of the typical American airport lounge, the Airspace Lounge provides a tremendous amount of value for travelers in a contemporary, functional setting. Whether you are a casual traveler or road warrior, the Airspace Lounge is a revolutionary everyman-accessible, connoisseur-sensible lounge that provides excellent bang for your buck. We can't wait to take a visit the lounge once all phases are completed, and we're confident that it'll be an awesome experience.

Additional Information

To learn more about the Airspace Lounges, feel free to pore over our Ultimate Guide to Airspace Lounges. If you want to find out more about individual Airspace Lounges, make sure to download our free app, LoungeBuddy, for your iOS or Android device. With LoungeBuddy, you can take a look at photos, ratings, reviews, and lists of amenities to familiarize yourself with each lounge in order to decide whether the lounge is the oasis for you on your next airport visit.

Operating Hours: 0500 to 2200 daily

Phone: 619-686-8580

Email: SAN@airspacelounge.com

Website: Official Site

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