British Airways Executive Club: The Ultimate Guide

Say the words British Airways, and the golden age of air travel probably springs to mind, with images of elegant stewardesses serving hand-carved prime rib on fine china to proper English gentlemen and ladies dressed to the nines. While flying these days probably conjures up a very different set of images, the flag carrier of the United Kingdom has remained a consistent cultural icon in an industry that has witnessed dramatic changes through the decades. And despite a long history that spans an incredible 95 years, British Airways continues to exude a well-deserved reputation of understated elegance and technical prowess.

The airline as we know it today emerged from several major acquisitions and mergers that took place from the 1920s to the 1970s. In its earliest incarnation, British Airways began as Aircraft Transport and Travel Limited, which launched the world's first scheduled daily international air service on August 25, 1919, carrying passengers between London and Paris in a modest four-seat commercial biplane.

As a true pioneer in the world of aviation, British Airways can lay claim to a host of significant industry milestones, including the world's first airline to operate commercial jet service with the de Havilland Comet 1 in 1952, the world's first airline to operate supersonic passenger service with the Aerospatiale BAC Concorde in 1976, and the world's first airline to offer fully flat beds in first class in 1995.

In 1995, British Airways established the Executive Club, their distinguished frequent flyer program. Now, with more than seven million members worldwide and a separate and distinct rewards currency, Avios, Executive Club members can earn and redeem for flights, hotels, and even travel experiences. In addition, members earn Tier Points for flights taken with British Airways and select oneworld alliance partners, reaching three elite status levels that come with exclusive privileges like priority check-in and boarding, lounge access, and Fast Track security.

Joining British Airways Executive Club

Joining the British Airways Executive Club is as easy as taking your afternoon tea (with scones, clotted cream, and jam of course), and more importantly, free for anyone around the world 18 years of age or older. You can even earn Avios and Tier Points for eligible flights you've already taken, up to a full three months prior to the date you joined.

Earning Avios and Tier Points

Update: British Airways overhauled their earning and redemption schemes in April 2015. The rates below have been adjusted to reflect that.

British Airways completely overhauled the Executive Club program in November 2011, creating a new Avios currency and drastically changing the way redemptions are made for reward flights. However, on the earning side, members continue to accrue at least one Avios per mile flown on all British Airways flights and a varying number of Avios depending on the eligible fare class on oneworld and partner airlines. Of course, members still earn class of service and tier bonuses on top of the base earn rates. Note that a minimum of 500 Avios is guaranteed on all British Airways flights, even when the route is shorter than 500 miles.

Unlike Avios, Tier Points cannot be bought, shared, or spent. The sole purpose of these points is to move members through the elite status tiers of the Executive Club program. British Airways does not publish a chart for determining the number of Tier Points you'll earn on any given flight, but the total amount will depend on the route, operating airline, cabin of travel, and fare class. In general, longer flights in premium cabins provide more Tier Points. We'll examine the benefits associated with each tier in a bit, including any bonuses you can earn on flights. For now, let's take a look at the Avios earn rates when flying in different eligible fare classes:

Earning Avios on British Airways Flights
Class of travel
Eligible fare classes
Avios awarded
Avios Tier Bonus
Earn Tier Points
Economy (Lowest)
Q, O, G
25% of miles flown
Economy (Low)
K, M, L, V, S, N
50% of miles flown
Economy (Flexible)
Y, B, H
100% of miles flown
Premium Economy (Lowest)
E, T
100% of miles flown
Premium Economy (Flexible)
150% of miles flown
Business Class (Lowest)
R, I
150% of miles flown
Business Class (Flexible)
J, C, D
250% of miles flown
First Class (Lowest)
250% of miles flown
First Class (Flexible)
300% of miles flown

Flying on a oneworld alliance airline or other partner airline? Not to worry, because British Airways makes it easy to understand exactly how many Avios and Tier Points you can expect to earn. Simply head on over to the Collecting Avios website, and click on the specific partner airline to learn more. If you're booked on a codeshare flight and are worried about whether or not you'll earn Avios and Tier Points, keep calm and carry on, because British Airways makes this completely transparent as well:

Earning Avios and Tier Points on Codeshare Flights
Flight CodeFlight Operated By
Earn Avios?
Earn Tier Points?
British Airwaysoneworld® Alliance or Other Airline Partner
British AirwaysNon-Partner Airline
British AirwaysVueling
oneworld® Alliance Partneroneworld® Alliance or Other Airline Partner
oneworld® Alliance PartnerNon-Partner Airline
Other Airline Partneroneworld® Alliance or Other Airline Partner
Other Airline PartnerNon-Partner Airline

Of course, it would be a royal pain in the neck to look up earn rates every single time you fly, so British Airways created a handy calculator to help members quickly determine the exact number of Avios and Tier Points they'll earn on an upcoming trip, even when traveling on oneworld and partner airlines.

More Earning Partners

Flying on British Airways and other oneworld and partner airlines is the most obvious way to acquire your stash of Avios, but there are also plenty of other methods to pad your account. Planning a holiday away from the bleak London winters? Use British Airways Vacations to book your entire trip and earn 2 bonus Avios per £1 spent in addition to the Avios you already earn from flights and rental cars.

Do you have a serious addiction to online shopping? Why not earn some extra Avios while indulging in your unhealthy habit? With Gate 365, British Airways' online shopping portal, you can collect up to 12 Avios per £1 spent on brands such as Apple, John Lewis, and Selfridges. When shopping and booking with partners, don't forget to provide your Executive Club membership number to ensure your Avios are credited properly. Now let's take a look at all the additional points-earning partners:

British Airways Avios Earning Partners
Accor HotelsCarlson Rezidor
FRHI Hotels
& Resorts
Global Hotel
Hilton WorldwideHyatt Hotels
& Resorts
Hotels Group
Jin Jiang Hotels
Hospitality Group
Mandarin Oriental
Hotel Group
Preferred Hotel
Protea HotelsRocketmilesShangri-La Hotels
& Resorts
Small Luxury Hotels
Of The World
Starwood Hotels
& Resorts
Taj Hotels, Resorts
& Palaces
Avis Car RentalZipcar UK
British Airways
Gate 365 ShoppingChic Outlet
Shopping Villages
Heathrow Rewards
High Life ShopBusiness Traveller
Cash Passport
Airport ParkingHeathrow Valet
Express Transfers
Rewards For
Tesco ClubcardLaithwaite's WineE-RewardsShell Drivers' Club

British Airways Credit Cards

In the United Kingdom, British Airways partners with American Express on two unique credit cards. The first is the British Airways American Express Card with no annual fee, and the second is the British Airways American Express Premium Plus Card, which has a £150 annual fee as well as additional perks. Let's review the features and benefits of both cards:

British Airways American Express Card

  • No annual fee.
  • Collect 1 Avios for virtually every £1 you spend.
  • Collect more Avios with complimentary supplementary cards for family and friends.
  • Redeem your Avios for a British Airways flight. If you spend £20,000 on your card within one anniversary year, you'll receive another ticket for a companion for the same flight and cabin.
  • Travel accident insurance coverage and preferential travel arrangements.
  • Must be a permanent UK resident with a UK bank account, over 18 years of age, and have a good credit rating with a minimum annual income of £20,000.

British Airways American Express Premium Plus Card

  • £150 Annual Fee.
  • Collect 1.5 Avios for virtually every £1 you spend and 3 Avios for every £1 spent on British Airways flights and holidays.
  • Collect more Avios with complimentary supplementary cards for family and friends.
  • Redeem your Avios for a British Airways flight. If you spend £10,000 on your card within one anniversary year, you'll receive another ticket for a companion for the same flight and cabin.
  • Travel accident insurance coverage and preferential travel arrangements.
  • Must be a permanent UK resident with a UK bank account, over 18 years of age, and have a good credit rating with a minimum annual income of £20,000.

If you are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, you're in luck, because British Airways and Chase have teamed up to offer a spectacular credit card with some incredible perks and benefits. Looks like the Americans still hold a special place in the collective British heart after all.

British Airways Visa Signature Credit Card

  • 50,000 bonus Avios after spending $2,000 on eligible purchases within the first 3 months of card approval.
  • $0 introductory annual fee for the first year, then $95.
  • Earn 2.5 Avios for every $1 you spend on British Airways purchases and 1.25 Avios for every $1 spent on all other purchases.
  • Every calendar year you make $30,000 in purchases, you will earn a Travel Together Ticket, good for two years when you redeem Avios for a reward flight on British Airways.
  • No foreign transaction fees.
  • Chip and signature technology.
  • Must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, over 18 years of age, and have a good credit rating.

Using Avios

You've diligently flown British Airways and oneworld partner airlines all year long. You've pounded the energy drinks and power-shopped online like a pro over the holidays while paying with your British Airways credit card. You've even ordered several dozen crates of Cabernet Sauvignon from Laithwaite's Wine just for the bonus Avios (and let's be honest, you also polished off a few bottles every night). After all the hard work, it's finally time to reap the rewards. Luckily, British Airways makes it easy to redeem your hard-earned points for flights, hotels, and even travel experiences. Let's take a look:

Reward Flights

Of course, using Avios for reward flights is the most straightforward and popular option. Being a part of the oneworld Alliance provides Executive Club members the opportunity to redeem Avios on all oneworld member and affiliate airlines, in addition to partner airlines Aer Lingus and Alaska Airlines. In fact, members have the ability to visit almost 1,000 destinations in over 150 countries worldwide. And with reward availability starting 355 days in advance, you'll have a leg up on most other frequent flyer programs.

Before 2011, British Airways used a region-based redemption model, similar to most airlines stateside. However, the new Executive Club is now distance-based, with nine zones based purely on the distance between your departure and arrival airports. Each leg of your reward itinerary is calculated separately, with no layovers, stopovers, or open jaws included. Therefore, if your trip from Kansas City to London includes a layover in Chicago, the cost of your journey will be the sum total of the two individual legs.

On the surface, this may seem less lucrative than region-based models that allow stopovers and free connecting flights. This is certainly true for long-haul flights where connections are often unavoidable. On the opposite extreme, however, many short-haul flights have now become immensely valuable, with rewards starting at just 4,500 Avios one-way. So that ridiculously expensive last-minute flight from New York to Toronto? Yeah...only 4,500 Avios compared to the 12,500 miles you'd typically pay using other frequent flyer programs. What about San Francisco to Los Angeles, Miami to Cancun, or Lima to Cusco? All 4,500 Avios one-way. For those members living on the West Coast of the United States with access to Alaska Airlines, feast your eyes on non-stop reward flights to Hawaii for only 12,500 Avios one-way, and compare that to the typical cost of 22,500 miles using most other frequent flyer programs.

British Airways doesn't publish a detailed rewards chart, but there are nine distance zones in the chart, starting from 4,500 miles for flights from 1-650 miles in Economy class, up to 200,000 miles for flights 7,001+ miles in First Class. Avios now has off-peak and peak dates for British Airways flights only. All other partner flights are priced according to the peak redemption chart. The Reward Flight Calculator will identify how many miles you need for your redemption after you type in your departure and arrival airports, as well as the class of service. British Airways will show you an estimate of the total taxes and fees you will have to pay out of pocket.

Passengers are responsible for any taxes, fees, and carrier charges on reward flights. These additional costs depend on individual airlines, but be aware that British Airways does not cover fuel surcharges. On many long-haul flights, these fees can total $1,000 or more per ticket. Thankfully, for itineraries solely within Europe or southern Africa, Reward Flight Savers are available. For these rewards, typically in Zones 1-3, passengers only have to pay the Avios required and a low flat fee in cash, while British Airways covers the taxes, fees, and carrier charges.

Avios & Money

Want to make your Avios stretch even further? Now you can with Avios & Money reward flights. When searching for reward flights on the British Airways website, you'll be presented with a range of Avios & Money payment options upon checkout, where available. Or, simply use the Reward Flight Calculator, and an estimate of the Avios & Money options will be displayed as well. Of course, the fewer Avios you use, the more you must make up with the cash portion. However, the total cost in cents per Avios goes down as well, making it a slightly better deal when using fewer Avios. Take a quick look at an example reward flight below using Avios & Money:

Avios & Money Reward Flight (British Airways LHR-SFO One-Way)
Avios Required
Money Required
$410.45 ($410.45 in taxes, fees and carrier charges)
$485.45 ($410.45 in taxes, fees and carrier charges)
$525.45 ($410.45 in taxes, fees and carrier charges)
$565.45 ($410.45 in taxes, fees and carrier charges)
$590.45 ($410.45 in taxes, fees and carrier charges)
$610.45 ($410.45 in taxes, fees and carrier charges)

Booking With Two Or More oneworld Partner Airlines

When booking a reward flight with two or more oneworld partner airlines along with British Airways, the Multi-Carrier Reward Flight option is available. Under this scheme, members are able to book as many layovers, stopovers, and open jaws as they like. The only thing that matters is the total distance of the entire itinerary. This reward option is great for round-the-world trips or trips where you foresee many stops along the way.

Multi-Carrier Reward Flights (Two Or More oneworld Partner Airlines)
Total Miles
Avios Needed
Additional Charges
0 - 1,500
Up to $502.84 taxes, fees and carrier charges
1,501 - 4,000
Up to $1,039.57 taxes, fees and carrier charges
4,001 - 9,000
Up to $999.03 taxes, fees and carrier charges
9,001 - 10,000
Up to $833.80 taxes, fees and carrier charges
10,001 - 14,000
Up to $1,226.25 taxes, fees and carrier charges
14,001 - 20,000
Up to $1,153.90 taxes, fees and carrier charges
20,001 - 25,000
Up to $1,160.17 taxes, fees and carrier charges
25,001 - 35,000
Up to $1,144.97 taxes, fees and carrier charges
35,001 - 50,000
No pricing information available

Flight Upgrades With Avios

If you are tired of associating with the unwashed masses, or you simply desire a more luxurious flight experience, consider upgrading your cabin of service with Avios. When flying on British Airways, Iberia, or American Airlines, you'll have the opportunity to upgrade at the time of booking. Alternatively, you can upgrade an existing flight when available. To upgrade a new flight, use the "Book and Upgrade" form to search for availability and make your booking. Be sure to enter the class of service you would like to upgrade from while searching. For existing flights, head to Manage My Bookings and select "Upgrade this flight with Avios" to see if your flight can be upgraded.

Only cash bookings in certain fare classes can be upgraded, and upgrades can only be applied to the next higher cabin of service (Economy -> Premium Economy, Premium Economy -> Business, Business -> First). In general, the lowest priced economy fares cannot be upgraded. The following fare classes are eligible for upgrades:

  • On British Airways: J, C, D, R, I, W, E, T, Y, B, H
  • On Iberia and American Airlines: J, C, D, Y, B

In order to calculate the amount of Avios required for an upgrade, use this formula:

Avios for the cabin you wish to upgrade to - Avios for the cabin you make your booking in = Avios required to upgrade one-way**

So, for example, if you wish to upgrade from Premium Economy to Business for your JFK-LHR flight, the total Avios needed would be 60,000 Avios - 40,000 Avios = 20,000 Avios. If you don't have enough Avios to upgrade, you can even use the Avios & Money option here. Upon checkout, choose from a range of Avios & Money upgrade payment options. The fewer Avios you use, the more cash will be required.

Part Payment

Just like Avios & Money for reward bookings, you can also use Avios to reduce the cost of a standard cash booking. To use this option, simply log into your Executive Club account and search for a flight. At checkout, you may be presented with a Part Payment option if it is available for your flight. Pricing will vary depending on your class of travel, destination, and number of people in the booking. The savings on offer typically start from £5 for only 750 Avios per person. Part payment is available on all British Airways flights within Europe plus a growing selection of longer flights.

Redeem For Hotels, Rental Cars, And Experiences

Much like on the earning side, British Airways provides a variety of ways to redeem your Avios. Looking to round out your vacation plans with hotels and rental cars once you arrive? Go ahead and book them all using Avios right on the British Airways website. The total cost in Avios will be displayed at checkout. If you really want a hassle free trip, why not book all of your tours and experiences using Avios as well? Go ahead and log on to British Airways Experiences and search your destination to book tours, dining options, and even museum tickets.

British Airways Non-Flight Rewards
Hotel Stays
Car Rentals

Purchasing And Sharing Avios

If you're sitting on the cusp of an amazing reward flight, but you're short just a few Avios for the actual booking, worry not, because British Airways gives you the ability to purchase, share, and even transfer Avios. Your next holiday could be much closer than you think!

Purchasing Avios

While there is typically an annual purchase limit of 27,000 Avios, from now through 31 December 2014, the annual allowance has been raised to 40,000. Note that this limit applies to the receiving individual, so you are still able to purchase 40,000 Avios for yourself, and 40,000 Avios for each of your loved ones if you like. Purchases can only be made in increments of 1,000 and are non-refundable. Of course, the more Avios you purchase, the lower the unit cost. While purchased Avios typically appear instantly in your account, it can take up to five working days in some instances.

Transferring Avios

Each member can transfer a total of 162,000 Avios per calendar year, with a maximum of 27,000 Avios to any one Executive Club member. Executive Club Gold members can transfer an additional 162,000 Avios free of charge. Any member can receive up to 27,000 Avios in paid transfers and 27,000 Avios in free transfers, but the receiving member must have a balance of at least one Avios in their Executive Club account. Transfers can only be completed in multiples of 1,000, and are typically instantaneous. The fees for transfers are as follows:

Charges For Transferring Avios (Including Taxes & Fees)
Number Of Avios
1,000 - 6,000
7,000 - 12,000
13,000 - 18,000
19,000 - 24,000
25,000 - 27,000

Household Accounts

Want an easier way to share Avios between family and friends? Create a Household Account, and you can start pooling Avios together from up to seven people who live at the same address. Best of all, it's free. Individual members continue to earn Tier Points separately, but each member above the age of 18 can spend Avios from the pooled Household Account. When a redemption is made, a proportional amount of Avios is deducted from each member's balance from the Household Account. A nominated head of household will have the ability to add and remove members from the Household Account, and only he or she can change the home address once every six months.

While Household Account redemptions can typically be made only for members within the household, British Airways now allows an additional Friends and Family list, which consists of up to five members who do not reside at the same address listed in the Household Account. Household Account members can redeem reward flights for each of the five additional members on the Friends and Family list at no additional cost.

Transferring Avios From Other Sources

Executive Club members who participate in other credit card rewards and hotel loyalty programs have the added benefit of converting those points into Avios. For American Express Membership Rewards, Chase Ultimate Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest, members can transfer their points into Avios at a 1:1 ratio. For every 20,000 points transferred, Starwood Preferred Guest will even include a 5,000 point bonus. To learn more about transfers from other hotel loyalty programs and their conversion rates, visit each specific hotel partner page from the Avios Earning Partners Table above.

Missing Avios And Expiration

If you are missing Avios and Tier Points from a British Airways flight, be sure to submit an online claim form. Keep in mind that you must wait at least three days after the date of travel before submitting a claim. Only flights within the previous six months or up to three months prior to the date you joined the Executive Club will be credited. For oneworld and other partner airlines, use this form. Note that you must wait seven days after your date of travel before submitting the claim, and no credit will be given for partner flights taken prior to joining the Executive Club. To prevent Avios from expiring, you must earn, spend, purchase, or share at least one Avios every 36 months.

Tier Points And Elite Status Benefits

So you've flown hundreds of thousands of miles on British Airways plus oneworld partner airlines and accumulated a mountain of Tier Points over the course of one membership year. Now what? Well, depending on the precise number of Tier Points, you could be treated (almost) like the Queen herself. Be aware that Tier Points are always reset to zero at the end of your membership year, which is the anniversary date you joined the Executive Club. In addition, all Tier Points you've earned as a member count towards your Lifetime Tier Points total for more recognition and rewards.

British Airways Executive Club Tiers
Tier Points required to reach (In one membership year)03006001500
Tier Points required for Lifetime Gold---35,000
oneworld® equivalent tier-RubySapphireEmerald
British Airways Executive Club Tier Benefits
Collect Avios
Share Avios with a
Household Account
Member-only offers
Purchase & Gift Avios
Pay to Transfer Avios-
Transfer Avios for free---
Combine Avios
Reward Flight Saver
Mobile app
Priority waitlist
Seating preference stored and offered where possible
Meal preferences stored and offered where possible
Priority check-in-
Free seat selection (Except exit row seats for Bronze
and Silver)
24 hours before departure7 days before departureAt time of bookingAt time of booking
Priority boarding-
Bonus Avios on flights (With British Airways, Iberia, American Airlines, and Japan Airlines)-25%100%100%
Additional baggage
allowance (Except on hand baggage only fares)
Lounge access when flying with British Airways and partner airlines--
Reservation assurance--
Use of British Airways First and other oneworld® first class check-in desks---
No booking or service fees for Priority Reward bookings---
Gold Priority Reward---
Additional reward flight availability in economy---
Gold Upgrade for Two voucher (At 2,500 Tier Points)---
Two Gold Upgrade for One vouchers (At 3,500 Tier Points)---
One Gold Executive Club partner card and two Silver cards (At 5,000 Tier Points in one year)
Concorde Room Card (At 5,000 Tier Points in one year)---

As an Executive Club Gold member, you'll be privy to a host of exclusive benefits, including use of the British Airways First Class check-in counters and additional reward flight availability. More importantly, as you continue to climb up the Tier Points ladder after reaching Gold status, you'll receive even more benefits. Just earn 3,000 Tier Points for two consecutive membership years, or 5,000 Tier Points in one membership year, and you'll be upgraded to Gold Guest List status. While benefits for this elusive tier are not publicly released, we've compiled the details for you here:

Executive Club Gold Guest List Benefits

  • Fees waived for all reward ticket bookings, changes, and cancellations.
  • Two Gold Guest List Rewards every year, which turns commercial seats into rewards tickets for you and up to four passengers on the same booking. A third Gold Guest List Reward is available when members earns 6,000 Tier Points in one year.
  • A dedicated 24/7 customer care line and special email service for queries exclusive to Gold Guest List members.
  • Invite two guests who are all flying with British Airways into any British Airways Lounges (except the Concorde Room).
  • Invite one guest into British Airways Arrivals Lounges after a British Airways long haul flight.
  • At 5,000 Tier Points in one year, you'll receive the Concorde Room Card - your key to the most luxurious and well-appointed lounges at London Heathrow Terminal 5 and New York JFK Terminal 7. You can also invite one guest who is flying with British Airways to relax and dine with you prior to take-off.
  • Hilton HHonors Diamond Elite Membership. Contact the Gold Guest List call centre to join.
  • Receive two Executive Club Silver Partner Cards and one Gold Partner Card so you can share your benefits with those that matter most to you. Go to your account to nominate your family and friends. Plus, share your Avios with any other member for free.
  • Receive Gold Guest List membership for life once you reach 100,000 Lifetime Tier Points.

Executive Club Premier Benefits

Does Gold Guest List sound a little too pedestrian for you? Then how about becoming part of the ultra-rarefied stratosphere of the Executive Club elite? Well...simply put, you can't. At least not by flying or spending loads of money. Executive Club Premier is an invitation only tier, and membership is typically reserved for those whom British Airways considers as being of commercial importance (e.g. politicians, celebrities, and CEOs). All new Premier members must be approved by the board, and while not much is known about the specific benefits, we do know the following:

  • Most benefits of Executive Club Gold and Gold Guest List are included.
  • Access to all British Airways Lounges, including the Concorde Room, regardless of class of service.
  • A dedicated 24/7 customer care line and special email service for queries exclusive to Premier members
  • Access to special service teams at most major gateways.
  • Fees waived for all reward ticket bookings, changes, and cancellations, including rush processing.
  • Priority consideration for upgrades when the cabin is oversold.
  • British Airways may even choose to delay a flight by up to 30 minutes to facilitate tight connections.

British Airways Lounges

Now that we've whetted your appetite for life as an Executive Club elite member, let's go a bit further and tempt you with a look at some of the amazing lounges British Airways has to offer for their most loyal passengers. Executive Club Silver, Gold, and Gold Guest List members have access to hundreds of British Airways and oneworld lounges around the world, while Gold and Gold Guest List members are invited to enjoy the comforts of the luxurious First Class lounges.

For Gold members who have achieved 5,000 Tier Points and received the Concorde Room Card, feel free to savor a full meal with waiter service and relax in a private cabana before your flight. Better yet, pamper yourself with a massage or skin treatment at the in-lounge spa, created by acclaimed British skincare brand Elemis, when traveling through London Heathrow or New York JFK. If you want to know exactly which lounges you have access to and how many guests you can bring along, take a look at the comprehensive chart below:

British Airways Lounge Access
Concorde Room - cardholder plus one guest
Class of travelGoldSilver
Premium economy--
Other oneworld® carrier--
*Concorde Room Card members and a guest can access in any class of travel on British Airways.
First lounges - cardholder plus one guest
Premium economy-
Other oneworld® carrier-
*Gold Guest List members can invite two guests traveling on British Airways.
Galleries, Terraces, Executive Club lounges - cardholder plus one guest
Premium economy
Other oneworld® carrier
*Gold Guest List members can invite two guests traveling on British Airways.
Arrivals lounge - cardholder only
Business (Club World, Biz Bed)
Business (Club Europe)--
Premium economy-
Economy (World Traveller)-
Economy (Euro Traveller)--
Other oneworld® carrier--
*Gold Guest List members can invite one guest after a long haul flight.

Don't want to bother referencing or memorizing this chart? Well you certainly don't have to, because LoungeBuddy is the world's most comprehensive source for airport lounge information, and we are here to help! Simply enter your Executive Club membership tier into your App profile, along with any credit cards and lounge memberships you may have. Then create a trip, specifying your carrier and class of service, and LoungeBuddy will automatically tell you if you have access to any British Airways or oneworld lounges at the airport.


British Airways remains one of the most elegant and sophisticated airlines in the world. With a fleet of the most modern aircraft and stunning premium cabins to match, you won't need to stress about that next long haul flight. And as an elite tier member, you'll be able to enjoy lounge access, priority check-in, and a boatload of bonus Avios so you can reach your next reward flight faster than ever. Go ahead - join the British Airways Executive Club, download LoungeBuddy, and relax in the lap of luxury.

British Airways Contact Information

United Kingdom Contacts

  • Information and reservations: 0844-493-0787, Option 2, Daily 07:30-20:00
  • Executive Club award reservations and membership enquiries: 0844-493-0787, Option 2, Daily 07:30-20:00
  • Arrivals and departures: 0844-493-0777,
    Automated system available 24 hours, agents available daily 06:00-20:00

USA Contacts

  • Information and reservations: 1-800-247-9297, Daily 7:00-23:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • Executive Club award reservations and membership enquiries: 1-800-452-1201, Daily 07:30-20:00 Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Worldwide Contacts

To share your concerns, compliments, and feedback, contact British Airways via their website email submission form, or alternatively, you can call from the United Kingdom:

0344-493-0787, Option 3, followed by Option 2
Monday-Friday: 09:00-17:15
Saturday: 09:00-17:00

Or send your correspondence to:

British Airways
Customer Relations (S506)
P.O. Box 1126
United Kingdom

For lost property enquiries, visit the British Airways Baggage Tracer page.

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