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If there's one thing that's CLEAR about air travel in modern times, it's that the experience is plagued by a high degree of uncertainty. Even if many of us aren't consciously aware of it, we've started to change our behavior in the airport to adjust for this lack of clarity. Let's take a look at an illustrative example. If we're headed to the airport to board an international flight, many of us will get there way ahead of schedule, usually somewhere in the vicinity of two hours before the flight departs.

Why do we do this? Clearly, it doesn't take two hours to walk from your car or the public transit to your departure gate. The answer is that savvy modern travelers are instinctively aware that they'll hit an inevitable bottleneck sooner or later. This could happen in the luggage check in line, security line, food court line, or even during boarding. It's Murphy's law in action - anything that can go wrong will go wrong eventually, and this is just as true in the airport terminal as anywhere else. If you wait until the last minute to get to the airport on a regular basis, there's a very good chance that you'll eventually miss one of your flights.

Despite the unpredictable nature of the world inside the airport terminal, there are pre-emptive steps that you can take as a traveler to limit your exposure to these bottlenecks. Instead of waiting in line to check in a bag, an alternative may be to brush up on your packing skills. If you do this efficiently, you may be able to stuff all your belongings into a single carry on, rendering it unnecessary to check in any bags. And instead of waiting in line to grab a meal or a cup of coffee to help you think more clearly, you could always eat or make your own coffee before getting to the airport.

However, no matter which way you slice things, precautionary methods like these can only go so far. Whether you're a road warrior or casual traveler, VIP or first-time flyer, you'll still have to clear the security line like everyone else in order to make your flight. While you can't get around airport security altogether, there are some ways to make the process quicker and less stressful. This includes traveling during off-peak hours, signing up for TSA Pre-Check, or even making sure that you have access to a premium security lane. Alas, even then, none of these truly guarantee an expedited and reliable path through airport security.

A CLEAR Solution

Enter CLEAR, a program providing fast-track service for air passengers that guarantees all of this and more. By signing up for CLEAR membership, you'll be able to verify your identity at the CLEAR kiosk quickly instead of waiting in line to have your credentials checked. The approval process for CLEAR membership is rapid and expeditious - chances are good that you'll be able to sign up and get approved in the same amount of time it takes to get your morning latte.

With CLEAR in your travel tool kit, you'll have the license to skip to the front of the airport security line ahead of everyone else for an expedited screening. To put it simply, this means clearing security in roughly the same amount of time it takes to brush your teeth, a drastic improvement over the typically long wait. The sense of consistency, reliability, and predictability that CLEAR provides will allow you to enjoy a significantly more pleasant and stress-free airport experience.

Things are looking up, as CLEAR's service is only getting better with each passing day. Currently, CLEAR in 24 U.S. airports and 7 stadiums across the US, covering more than 80% of domestic departure traffic. CLEAR has transitioned to a real-time signup process where you can instantly sign up and use the CLEAR Lanes on the same day. There is no need to make an appointment to enroll and it takes just a few minutes to complete.

With all these benefits and so much more on the horizon for only $179 a year, what are you waiting for? Clear has provided a special offer for LoungeBuddy members that makes it possible to get a one year CLEAR membership for $149 ($30 savings) by using the promo code LB149 upon checkout at clearme.com or by purchasing your membership via this link. The next step could not be any more clear.

Partnership With LoungeBuddy

On May 18th, 2015, LoungeBuddy launched our brand new member referral program. With this new referral program, for every qualified referral you invite to LoungeBuddy, you can earn $10 in LoungeBuddy credit. In turn, every person you invite will receive $10 in LoungeBuddy credit as a gift from you.

Our first reward partner for this program is none other than CLEAR! In addition to being able to redeem this credit for discounted or free lounge access, you'll also have the opportunity to trade in your credits for either a 6 month trial or one year CLEAR membership. The 6 month CLEAR trial is available for 5 referrals, and the one year membership is available for 15 referrals who make their first transaction with LoungeBuddy. Whether you earn your CLEAR membership by sharing the benefits of lounge access through LoungeBuddy or purchase it for a modest fee, this travel perk is one that will guarantee that one of the biggest uncertainties in the travel experience is something that you never have to worry about.

Discounted CLEAR Membership For Our Members

As a LoungeBuddy member, you can get a discounted annual CLEAR membership by using the promo code LB149 upon checkout at clearme.com or by purchasing your membership via this link. Using the above code or link allows you to purchase a discounted annual CLEAR membership for just $149 - a $30 savings on the normal annual membership fee of $179.

Additional Information

Phone: 1-855-CLEARme (253-2763)

You can also email CLEAR at memberservices@clearme.com.

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