DragonPass: The Ultimate Guide

DragonPass is a premium service provider for frequent travelers. Established in 2005 in Guangzhou, China, DragonPass now provides access to over 900 airport lounges around the world. As with Priority Pass, Lounge Club, Diners Club and other similar programs, DragonPass members can show up and present their membership card at any of their partner lounge locations for free or discounted lounge access.

No. 77 China Eastern Plaza Premium Lounge, Shanghai Pudong International Airport

In addition to its lounge membership service, DragonPass also offers a limousine service and a concierge service. The limousine service is offered across most major East Asian cities. The concierge service, meanwhile, is available in over 100 global airports, and offers a meet and greet service, VIP lounge access, baggage check-in service, and fast-tracked security checks. Please note that these services are separate from the lounge membership service, and thus, not included with the lounge membership. To reserve either of these services, you’ll have to get in touch with DragonPass.

If you’re a road warrior who travels extensively every week in international economy class, a DragonPass membership may be the way to go. For a set annual membership fee, you’ll receive unlimited lounge visits to DragonPass’ lounges either for free or for a reduced fee, provided that the lounge is not at capacity.

Alternatively, if you travel on a less frequent or more casual basis, a day pass may be the better solution for you. With LoungeBuddy, you can purchase instant one-time access to a growing number of airport lounge locations worldwide, either online or through the LoungeBuddy App.

Menzies Aviation Lounge, Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport

Sesfikile Arrivals Lounge, O. R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg

DragonPass Lounges

With over 900 lounge locations, DragonPass provides world travelers with a place to be productive or relax wherever they go. Even though you may be far from home, you'll never be far from comfortable seating, refreshments, television, complimentary internet access, the latest newspapers and magazines, and possibly even a shower or business center.

DragonPass typically partners with independent lounge operators and local airport authorities rather than airlines, though exceptions do exist. Some of the well-known DragonPass partners (and LoungeBuddy partners, as well) that you may already be familiar with are Servisair and No1 Traveller.

The standard length of a lounge stay with DragonPass is 2 hours, though limits are up to the discretion of the individual lounge.

Joining DragonPass

DragonPass offers three different lounge membership options.

The first offering, Preferential Membership, is the standard membership that allows you enjoy airport lounge access worldwide for a discounted fee. After paying US$89 (50 GBP) up front, you’ll be able to pay a flat US$27 (16 GBP) rate for all lounge visits to DragonPass partner lounges, and this rate applies to any guests that you’d like to bring into the lounge with you.

The second offering is a special offer of Preferential Membership bundled with 8 complimentary lounge visits. The price for this offering is $216 (128 GBP). The first 8 visits, which you can use for yourself and your guests, are free, while subsequent visits are charged at the Preferential Membership’s US$27 rate. If you take advantage of this special offer rather than the standard offer, you’ll have saved US$89 (50 GBP) after your 8th lounge visit.

The third offer, Prestige Membership, is a bit pricey at US$432 (268 GBP), though it may be worth it if you’re planning on visiting many lounges within the next year. Unlike the Preferential Membership, all your personal lounge visits will be free of charge. If you’re planning on traveling with guests, however, you’ll still have to pay the US$27 (16 GBP) rate for each guest that you bring in.

If you prefer, you may also choose to join DragonPass on the phone by contacting the DragonPass hotline 24/7 at the following numbers:

China: 400-882-1111
Other Countries: +86(20) 3231 1919

If you have a Barclays Bank Account, you can purchase the Travel Plus Pack for £13.50 per month, which entitles you to 6 free visits per year. You can either take advantage of these free visits yourself or share them with immediate family members. Again, guest entry costs £16. After 6 free visits, you will then pay £16 for each additional visit.

Upon successful application for a DragonPass membership, you’ll receive an email with your membership information. If you’d like, you can request a physical DragonPass membership card, which you should receive within 4 weeks. Otherwise, you can download the DragonPass mobile app, which can provide you with cardless access to DragonPass’ partner lounges.

If you have an exclusive banking account with Barclays’ South African subsidiary, you may be eligible to sign up for a DragonPass membership. Click here for additional details.

KAL Lounge, Los Angeles International Airport

IASS Lounge, Tokyo Narita International Airport

Additional Information

To learn more about DragonPass’s lounge offerings, be sure to check out the LoungeBuddy App, currently available for iOS and Android. LoungeBuddy is the most complete up-to-date directory on airport lounges worldwide, with information on over 1000 airports and 2500 lounges worldwide. With its unique access wizard, you can simply input your trip information and any elite statuses, credit cards, or lounge memberships (including DragonPass) that you may have, and LoungeBuddy will generate a customized list of lounges that are available to you, with reviews, photos, descriptions, directions, amenities, and much more!

Contact Information

24 Hour Hotline:

China: 400-882-1111

Outside of China:

Contact Information For International Bank Clients


Website: https://barclays.dragonpasstraveller.com
Email: barclays@dragonpasstraveller.com
Phone Number: +44 0333 220 5599

Cooperative Bank

Website: https://cooperativebank.dragonpasstraveller.com
Email: feedback@dragonpasstraveller.com
Phone Number: +44 0344 249 9981

ABSA (Barclays South Africa)

Website: https://absa.dragonpasstraveller.com
Email: absa@dragonpasstraveller.com
Phone Number: +27 10595 1246 or 0800 999 855

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