Guest Post Guidelines

Hi there!

If you’re reading this it probably means that you’re interesting in writing a guest post for the LoungeBuddy blog! We really look forward to reading your posts! But in order to eliminate as much back and forth as possible and make the process smoother for all of us, we have a few guidelines we require all posts to follow before submission and subsequent approval. Please read the below and make sure your proposed post fits all the criteria and guidelines before submitting, otherwise we won’t be able to publish it. Thank you so much for your cooperation and we can’t wait to read what you’ve put together!

**Please also note that this is an unpaid opportunity, with credit attributed to the writer.


Please fill out this form with your contact information and post ideas to be considered as a writer.

Substantial and Original Content:

Especially for posts to be titled “Ultimate Guides”, please make sure that the posts are of substantial length and substance. Most of our posts are at least 1000 words long, and tend to be upwards of 2000 for “Ultimate Guides”.

Please also ensure that the topics you select are original and haven’t already been featured on our blog. It’s very important that they don’t too closely resemble anything else that’s out there on our site or any other. Please make sure to research this before sending us your proposals. Try to stick to topics that you or your company have first-hand experience with, and that are relevant to our audience’s interests.

**Want to write for us? Please send us 3-4 ideas for your post so that we can review before you start your drafts.

Here are some examples of our most successful posts:

Evergreen Content:

Just as important as quality and originality, make sure that you’re choosing topics that aren’t going to be obsolete in a few months. The best content is that which will be relevant for years to come and is not time specific, i.e. please no “Best Places to Travel in 2019” etc.


Please make sure that your posts are detailed and informative. Giving general information may work for certain topics, but most of the time a post won’t be helpful to our readers unless specific and detailed examples are given. The more details up front, the better! We can always whittle things down later if a post is a bit too wordy.

Be Yourself:

The easiest to read posts should have some humor and personality sprinkled in, so please be yourself and have some fun with your writing. This will make it more enjoyable for you to write and for our readers to read!

Properly Linked and Formatted:

Please take the time to format your post properly and ensure that all of your links actually link to the correct (and relevant) sources. While we will likely provide feedback on the content of your posts, we shouldn’t have to edit the actual structure. This may lead to delays or possible cancellations of posting.

Please follow the below formatting guidelines:

  • If you are naming numerous points, please list them out. Bulleted and/or numbered lists will make things much easier for our readers to read
  • Please have a space between paragraphs, and have normal paragraph lengths. No one sentence paragraphs please.
  • If you refer to a company or a place etc., link out to them.
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