A JetBlue Lounge at Boston Logan Airport In the Works?

NOTE: This post was originally written in October 2014. The lounge mentioned in this piece, "The Lounge", has now opened in Terminal C and is catering to Emirates' and Aer Lingus' premium passengers. You can now also purchase access through LoungeBuddy!

Since we launched in late 2013, LoungeBuddy has been the only single resource for travelers to be able to locate, review, and access airport lounges around the world. It took countless hours of hard work and dedication to build such a comprehensive resource, not to mention reliable sources of information, and we could not have done it all without the help of our trusted confidantes from around the world. Late last night, we received a tip from one of our trusted sources about the possibility of a JetBlue Lounge opening up in Boston Logan Airport's Terminal C.

According to this anonymous, but highly reliable source, this new lounge may open in as little as two to three weeks from today. Based on this very brief timeline, as well as the timely closure of Terminal C's United Club earlier this year, it would seem pretty reasonable for us to go out on a limb here and say that this new JetBlue lounge will take over the vacant space adjacent to Gate 19 that has been left fallow for months now.

As many of you may already know, JetBlue recently launched Mint, their premium coast-to-coast transcontinental service, which they introduced on an inaugural route from JFK to LAX. JetBlue already has expansion plans for 2015, and Mint's upcoming availability on transcontinental flights out of focus city Boston's Terminal C is pretty much set in stone. If you take the time to connect the dots here, it makes a lot of sense - JetBlue is already providing a premium, highly exclusive experience onboard for Mint passengers, so what better way to enhance this high end all-encompassing experience than naturally extending it pre-flight? That's right - we predict that complimentary lounge access for JetBlue premium passengers could come as soon as the first quarter of 2015.

And that's not all. What makes this really interesting is the post-security airside connector between Terminals C and E at Logan Airport, which makes it possible for passengers from one of these terminals to access the other with ease. Several months back, Emirates introduced their Boston-Dubai route, and while first class passengers were provided with free lounge access to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, business passengers were left with a consolation prize - a $50 voucher for use within the airport terminal. Knowing Emirates and their well-deserved reputation for excellence in customer service, it is pretty clear that this situation is untenable in the long term.

As our confidential source mentioned, Emirates may, in fact, be providing a significant part of the funding for the construction and operation of this lounge, on the condition that they can provide their own business passengers with complimentary access to this lounge. Due to Emirates' very low flight volume out of Logan, it would not make much sense for them to lease and develop their own lounge, just so that they can use it for four hours a day, while leaving it closed the rest of the day. Remember - if it doesn't make dollars, it doesn't make sense. Therefore, what does make sense is for them to recruit an airline with a major presence and high flight volume out of Logan, an airline that considers Boston to be one of their primary focus cities. According to this criteria, who is the perfect candidate? None other than JetBlue.

Such an agreement would be far from farfetched, once you take into account JetBlue's existing partnership with Emirates. In fact, it would seem that they are following in the footsteps of America's swankiest airline, Virgin America. (Back in December of 2012, Virgin America opened "The Loft" at LAX's Terminal 3 to serve their own passengers, in addition to those of their partner, Virgin Australia, which formerly flew out of the same terminal.)

So, given that this lounge will likely be used by Emirates for a limited number of hours each day, as well as JetBlue premium passengers, the big question then becomes the following - what do you think would be the ideal name for this lounge?

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