JetQuay: The Elite Gateway at Singapore Changi Airport

For the past three years, Singapore Changi Airport has been ranked the world's best airport by Skytrax, and it's no small wonder. From endless shopping opportunities to outdoor flower gardens to a roof-top swimming pool, movie theater, and yes, even a butterfly conservatory, a visit to Changi Airport is perhaps more comparable to an outing at a high-end mall merged with a world-class theme park.

For guests with a bit more luxury and privacy on their minds, however, all these pedestrian amenities simply won't do. After all, the true elites of this world know that travel doesn't involve mingling with the proletariat. No, travel is about bypassing standard protocol and red tape, breezing through dedicated security channels, and being escorted at all times from departure to arrival, preferably in the comfort and privacy of a tinted limousine. If this sounds like the perfect way to navigate the corridors of Changi Airport, then we've got the ultimate VIP service for you.

What Is JetQuay?

Originally built by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs to receive VIP guests such as presidents, prime ministers, and royalty, this standalone premium terminal was eventually privatized and renamed the CIP (Commercially Important Person) Terminal in 2006. Now, any passenger arriving, departing, or transiting on virtually any flight can experience travel as seen through the eyes of the powerful and famous.

While JetQuay may be known primarily for their CIP Terminal, the overarching concept of the brand is that of an elite gateway separate from the hustle and bustle of the Main Terminal. Service and comfort is at the heart of JetQuay. Whether you are arriving or departing Changi Airport, every aspect of your transportation needs is taken care of, and your only concern will be the business at hand - your work, your loved ones, and yourself. There are three distinct levels of service available to discerning guests. Let's take an in-depth look at the benefits and amenities associated with each:


Changi Airport can be a confusing maze of terminals, corridors, and trains to navigate, even for the most seasoned road warriors. With the JetQuay Gateway service, you'll never be lost again. Upon arrival, a Guest Relations Officer will greet you as soon as you step off the jet bridge. From there, you'll be guided through immigration, accompanied to the baggage claim area, and led through customs all the way to the Arrivals Hall. The Guest Relations Officer will then escort you to your preferred choice of transportation.

For travelers departing Changi Airport, the Guest Relations Officer will meet you curbside, assist with the check-in process, escort you through immigration, and guide you to the appropriate lounge or boarding gate. Transit passengers are met at the jet bridge upon arrival and escorted through the transfer desk to the appropriate lounge or boarding gate as well.

This service is ideal for welcoming business associates unfamiliar with the airport layout or leisure travelers visiting Singapore for the first time. Of course, for anyone else needing a bit of additional assistance navigating the confusing passageways of this massive airport, JetQuay's Gateway service is the perfect solution.


The next level of service offered, Quayside, eliminates all remaining hassles involved with Changi Airport, and truly places you in lap of luxury. Upon arrival, you will be greeted at the jet bridge by a Guest Relations Officer, who will drive you from the gate to the JetQuay CIP Terminal by electric buggy. After being quickly processed through the dedicated Immigration and Customs desk, you will be able to relax, grab a bite to eat, and freshen up with a shower in the lounge. No need to worry about your checked baggage, because attendants will be on hand to retrieve them for you and bring them to the CIP Terminal. Meanwhile, your Guest Relations Officer will gladly arrange your desired transportation into the city while you unwind in style.

As a departing passenger, you will be dropped off at the JetQuay CIP Terminal, where you are greeted by a Guest Relations Officer and escorted into the lounge. All check-in formalities and baggage will be personally handled by your Guest Relations Officer while you are invited to relax and savor the luxurious lounge amenities. When boarding for your flight is called, you will be driven by electric buggy to your departure gate. If you book a round-trip service with JetQuay, you can even park your car in the private lot for up to three days free of charge.


For the true VIPs of this world, the creme de la creme, those in the highest echelon of humankind, may we present to you Jetside. With Jetside, you'll never have to associate with commoners swarming through the terminal - not even by way of electric buggy. Jetside customers are treated like royalty (or at least an A-list celebrity), because transport to and from the aircraft is by dedicated limousine. You heard right, there's no need to even step foot inside the Main Terminal because your privacy is guaranteed with a direct ride from the aircraft via the tarmac to the CIP Terminal and vice versa.

If the paparazzi have been hounding you relentlessly and you just can't seem to get away from the chaos, then Jetside is the only way to navigate Changi Airport. Like Quayside, all check-in, immigration, and customs formalities are taken care of by your Guest Relations Officer, and you'll never need to worry about your checked baggage, because they'll be picked up and dropped off for you in the CIP Terminal while you indulge in the lounge amenities. Jetside truly gives you the opportunity to utilize Changi Airport as your own private transportation channel.

The JetQuay CIP Terminal

Now let's take a closer look at the main hub of JetQuay and the location where you'll be spending a majority of your time as a guest: the CIP Terminal. The CIP Terminal is a private, all-inclusive space that serves as your check-in, immigration and customs desk, baggage claim, and everything in between. Located at the end of Terminal 2, it is physically connected to the Main Terminal, but maintains a separate entrance for its own passengers.

Guests departing from Changi Airport, whether by private car, taxi, or limousine service, must first pass through a security gate, where credentials are verified by a security guard. Once through, you are dropped off directly in front of the JetQuay CIP Terminal. If a round-trip service has been booked, your private car may be parked in the dedicated lot for up to three days free of charge.

A Taste Of What's To Come

Pulling up to the CIP Terminal is similar to arriving at a five-star hotel. There is no need to unload your suitcases because they'll be immediately whisked away by porters, with checked luggage properly tagged and prepared for departure. You will be greeted by your own personal Guest Relations Officer, who will guide you into the grand entryway of the CIP Terminal.

And what a grand entryway it is. Immediately in front sits the palatial staircase, encased in glass and winding its way up to the second level - the internal gateway to the Main Terminal. On the right of the staircase, straight ahead, is the almost-quaint immigration desk, where all guests must pass through before departing the terminal for the aircraft. Immediately to the right, past a corridor filled with exquisite Asian art pieces, is the main lounge.

Once you have been placed in the care of your JetQuay Guest Relations Officer, any remaining concerns or stress regarding your transportation needs will dissipate - except perhaps whether or not your flight will actually depart on time! Your passport will be requested and safely guarded soon after getting settled into the lounge, as the JetQuay agents promptly work their magic. A few minutes later, your boarding pass and checked baggage tags are promptly returned to you, and that's it! You've just experienced the most convenient and effortless check-in process known to man.

The Lounge

The main lounge is a warm, inviting space illuminated by soft lighting and outfitted with natural wood and earth-tone fabrics. This creates an environment that is both pleasing to the eye and calming to the senses. Plush seating is spaced generously throughout the lounge and allows for plenty of room between guests - not that you'll need it, since the lounge never gets too crowded. Through the use of dividers that naturally blend into the interior design palate, small niches are carved out for groups of guests who prefer to sit together but still want to maintain their privacy. Of course, plenty of power outlets strategically placed throughout the lounge ensure guests can be tethered to their mobile devices and laptops at all times.

For those in search of even more privacy, secluded alcoves with additional seating line a hallway leading to three separate Day Rooms. Each Day Room includes a comfortable couch perfect for a quick nap during long layovers. In addition, a luxurious shower suite restores and revitalizes the senses for guests arriving on long-haul flights. Business travelers looking to make the most of their time will find the business center to be an essential part of their visit. Two iMacs and a PC desktop, coupled with blazing fast Wi-Fi throughout the lounge help to maintain productivity, while a printer and copier round out the amenities available to any workaholic guests. Dedicated conference rooms can also be reserved separately.

When you're ready for some sustenance and perhaps a little pick-me-up, head on over to the back of the lounge, where a buffet and full bar await the hungry and thirsty. Choose from a variety of self-serve juices, champagne, and wine. Or, if you prefer, have a cocktail from a full range of premium liquor and spirits. Of course, the usual coffee, tea, and soda are always available if you prefer something a bit more pedestrian. A delectable sample of snacks and sweets await the peckish, along with a selection of hot entrees. Just beyond the dining and bar area is a landscaped outdoor patio, perfect for those looking for a breath of fresh air or, alternatively, a smoke.

Although we jest about the paparazzi, there are indeed many JetQuay guests in need of real privacy and more importantly, a security detail. Well-known corporate CEOs, and yes, even celebrities sometimes need a hideaway from the hideaway. For these special VVIPs, the CIP Terminal offers The Suite, a completely private room with its own lounge area, conference table, and outdoor terrace.

To The Gate We Go

When boarding is called, your Guest Relations Officer will lead you back out to the grand entryway, where your passport and boarding pass will be checked by a dedicated immigration official. Within minutes, you are processed out of Singapore and on your way to the aircraft. Quayside guests are led up to the second level, where an electric buggy will drive you to your departure gate. Crowds inside the Main Terminal are no match for the skilled driver and Guest Relations Officer, who will ensure that all who stand in your way receive a loud audible warning to move aside. Jetside guests, on the other hand, will exit the building and climb into a black limousine, which will drive you directly to the foot of your aircraft. How's that for service?

Feel like indulging in some shopping before heading to the gate? Not a problem, your Guest Relations Officer can arrange for a shopping excursion in the Main Terminal prior to departure. Or, better yet, they can even make a special duty free purchase for you and have it delivered to the CIP Terminal upon arrival.


So you're ready to live like a celebrity? Before giving JetQuay a call, check out the prices below for each service level. You also have the option of adding a land transfer from the airport to your hotel.

JetQuay Elite Gateway Pricing
Gateway Service
Meet & Greet service in the Main Terminal. Escort only, no electric buggy.
ArrivalS$90 per event (up to 3 persons on the same flight)
DepartureS$90 per event (up to 3 persons on the same flight)
Quayside Service
Meet & Greet service with the use of electric buggy, in-house Immigration and Customs clearance, dedicated check-in counters, baggage assistance, and usage of the JetQuay CIP Terminal facility.
ArrivalS$400 per event (up to 3 persons on the same flight)
DepartureS$400 per event (up to 3 persons on the same flight)
Jetside Service
Meet & Greet service with the use of electric buggy, in-house Immigration and Customs clearance, dedicated check-in counters, baggage assistance, and usage of the JetQuay CIP Terminal facility. Complimentary usage of The Suite with en-suite bathroom, bottle of champagne, light refreshment, free Wi-Fi, and personal butler.
ArrivalS$1500 per event (up to 3 persons on the same flight)
DepartureS$1500 per event (up to 3 persons on the same flight)
Optional Land Transfer from Airport to Hotel
BMW 5 SeriesS$150 per way
BMW 7 SeriesS$200 per way
MPV/Luggage Van S$150 per way
Additional stop/Pick-upS$20 per stop

The Haven By JetQuay

Not looking to simply rest upon its laurels, JetQuay has expanded beyond the CIP Terminal to open The Haven, the only pay-per-use lounge in the public area of Changi Airport. Located outside of security in the Arrivals Hall of Terminal 3, The Haven is especially ideal for passengers arriving on early flights who can't check into their hotels yet, or passengers departing on late evening flights who don't have a place to relax and freshen up. Access to the Haven can be reserved up to three weeks in advance of your visit here.

The main lounge includes complimentary drinks and light refreshments, as well as free Wi-Fi, a business center, photocopier, TVs, newspapers and magazines, and a kids' corner. 18 individual nap rooms can be reserved separately, in addition to 13 shower rooms. With two conference rooms inclusive of Wi-Fi, whiteboards, and light refreshments, The Haven is also ideal for holding business meetings with local and international associates. For photos, reviews, and a full list of amenities, just download the LoungeBuddy App!

Closing Remarks

The JetQuay CIP Terminal at Changi Airport is Asia's first standalone elite terminal serving arriving, departing, and transiting passengers on virtually any commercial or private carrier. With three levels of service to choose from, guests can be escorted and pampered throughout their stay at Changi Airport, as the typical stress associated with long security lines, crowded terminals, and confusing directions simply melt away. Inside the luxurious lounge, guests can indulge in premium drinks and food, catch a quick nap, or refresh themselves with a hot shower. So what are you waiting for? The next time you visit Singapore, give JetQuay a call and enjoy an upgraded airport experience.

A Few Friendly Reminders

While JetQuay strives to serve every guest who desires a premium experience at Changi Airport, note that due to certain security regulations, passengers departing on a small subset of airlines cannot currently be checked in through JetQuay. These airlines include United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and low-cost carriers. In addition, all passengers are subject to their respective airline's conditions of carriage as well as Security, Immigration and Customs regulations. JetQuay baggage handling is limited to two pieces of check-in baggage per passenger. Additional bags are charged at $15 per bag. For booking and the latest pricing information, please proceed to the JetQuay online enquiry form.

The JetQuay CIP Terminal Recap

Capacity: 2,000 square meters, the JetQuay CIP Terminal has room for 400 guests

Location: Changi Airport - located at the end of Terminal 2

Operating Hours: Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Amenities: Newspapers and Magazines, Private Rooms (free), Showers (free), Printers/Copiers (free), Beer/Wine (free), Cocktails (free), Snacks (free), Wi-Fi (free), Premium Food (free), Conference Rooms (paid), Phones, Internet Terminals, Flight Monitors, TVs

Access Eligibility: Submit a JetQuay online enquiry form for the latest pricing information.

Additional Resources


Jet Quay Pte Ltd.
60 Airport Boulevard
CIP Terminal
Singapore 819643

Telephone: +65 6262 2220

Fax: +65 6262 0111

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