LoungeBuddy's Jamaican Retreat (Part 2)

Last February, we crafted an in-depth post detailing LoungeBuddy's first company retreat to Puerto Vallarta. A year later, our team has grown by leaps and bounds, and we've just returned from our second annual retreat all refreshed and ready to forge onward. With our memories from this year's trip to Montego Bay, Jamaica still fresh in mind, we'd like to take this opportunity to recount the time we spent at this beautiful sun-soaked island paradise.

This post is Part 2 of our full length feature. Click on the corresponding link for Part 1, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

Hyatt Ziva: Places To Hang Out

It's almost a given that you'll spend some of your time at one of the pools, whether you're enjoying the water or soaking up the sun on one of the poolside chairs. Two swim-up pool bars with seating, Islandz at the Zilara main pool and Lagoonz at the Ziva main pool, are there to assist whenever you get thirsty.

Hyatt Ziva main pool. Lagoonz is pictured left of center.

Another perspective of the Hyatt Ziva main pool. Party with trees!

Waiting at the Lagoonz bar for some Poolside Passions.

If you want to save a spot poolside, you'll want to get there early in the morning to put a towel down. The pools are open 24 hours a day, though lifeguards are only posted from nine to five.

View of the main building from the poolside area.

Umbrellas, palm trees, orange towels, and poolside seating.

If you like convenience, you may want to consider booking one of the luxurious ground floor rooms with a private swim-up pool.

Private swim up pool from the third floor.

Private swim up pools out front, cabana day beds in the background as the sun sets.

There are also whirlpool hot tubs located near the Ziva and Zilara's main pool areas, where you can experience the ultimate luxury of warm, healing waters.

Straight ahead is the beach.

To switch things up a bit, the beach is a great place to swim or hang out.

The beach over on the Zilara side of the resort.

The beach chairs are a great place to lounge with a good book.

Swimmable cove on the Ziva side of the resort, to the right of the pavillion pier.

Another view of the swimmable cove on the right.

Same cove during the early afternoon, when everything's much brighter.

Swimmable cove to the left of the pavillion pier.

The wavebreakers surrounding the beaches drastically reduce the strength of the waves coming in from the Caribbean Sea, which can be powerful at times. As a result, the swimmable coves are perfectly safe for children to play in.

The beach is bisected by the resort's picturesque pavilion pier, which is a great backdrop for taking honeymoon portraits.

Center pavillion pier with only open seas ahead.

It's a bit sunnier at the other pavilion, located further to the right towards the Rose Hall Village.

If you'd like to relax in one of the poolside cabanas, rates start at $89/day. Rejuvenating spa treatments at the Zen Spa, most outside excursions, and shopping on the resort's premises also require additional payment.

Fast and reliable Wi-Fi is available throughout the resort if you ever need to get some work done.

Push out new updates for your mobile app in this seating area next to the main lobby.

The seating areas by the main lobby, the Club Level Lounge, and Grindz, the official coffee house of Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall, are excellent places to work. At Grindz, Jamaican coffee is ground, brewed, and served with delicious pastries. Be sure to stop by and try a cup of Jamaica's famous Blue Mountain coffee.

Stirz, the Hyatt Ziva's lobby bar, is located across the hall. At certain times of the day, a pianist will perform renditions of all your favorite classic reggae tunes.

Fez, the only Moroccan themed rooftop bar in the country, is an interesting spot to check out. This stylish cafe and bar features Moroccan Coffee and special cocktails with spectacular views of the resort. Intimate seating arrangements make this a great atmosphere for relaxation and light banter.

You mean to tell me this isn't a hookah bar?

The sofas at Fez are a great place to lie down.

Potionz in the Zilara lobby and Shakerz, an open air bar located at the Rose Hall Village complex, are some of the resort's other bars.

Heading towards the Rose Hall Village, where you'll find bars, restaurants, and shops.

The Rose Hall Village complex, complete with performance stage and outdoor bar.

If you're here with a large group, the fire pits are a great place to relax, chat, and maybe roast some s'mores.

Good times await at the fire pit.

Contentment is having a Poolside Passion in your hand.

Fire pit, ottoman, and table - versatility.

A shot of the fire pit during the sunset.

Hyatt Ziva: Resort Activities

Since we've focused mainly on rest and relaxation so far, let's turn our attention over to recreation.

At certain times of the day, you can join in on a game of pool volleyball, aerobic group exercises, or water polo.

It's not too difficult to find a court for pool volleyball outside of peak hours.

Other free activities include paddle boarding and kayaking in the open ocean. To stay in excellent shape, you'll have your choice of state-of-the-art fitness centers with cardio and weight training equipment, along with Pilates classes.

For some less adrenaline-inducing activities, head to the ground floor of the main building for some billiards, checkers, foosball, and additional games. The poolside activity center provides certain recreational items for the beach and pool, from board games to volleyballs.

Speaking of volleyball, our team's competitive spirit was on full display out on the sand court.

Moving the ropes further out because we can serve really far.

The Hyatt Ziva tennis courts played host to LoungeBuddy's first official tennis tournament. The grand prizes were pride and office bragging rights for a year.

Choose your side wisely if you don't want the sun in your eyes.

This pose usually translates to "Zac wins".

Golf At Cinnamon Hill

Our all-inclusive package came with one free round of golf, with two different championship courses to choose from. Both are located minutes from the resort. White Witch is located on the historic Rose Hall Estate, and is laid out among 200 acres of the lush green countryside. Cinnamon Hill, the other choice, is situated on what was formerly a large sugar plantation. Cinnamon Hill is the location of one of Johnny Cash's former homes, as well as the waterfall from James Bond's Live And Let Die. We decided to go with Cinnamon Hill, but you couldn't go wrong with either.

The winds were fierce once we got closer to the ocean.

An interesting way to pass the time while waiting for everyone else to finish the hole.

A Roman-inspired aqueduct may or may not supply water to the golf course.

Getting ready to tee off on this par-3 hole.

The hole is located at the bottom just across the ravine.

It's a trap!

A view of the fairway from the paved pathway.

Our head of marketing is getting ready for his big swing.

Ten seconds later, and the ball is on the green.

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