Lufthansa's Business Lounges at DTW, IAD, and JFK

Lufthansa is Europe’s largest airline, ranking among the world’s top ten airlines in revenue, passengers, miles flown, cargo carried, fleet size, and number of countries served. Based in Frankfurt, Germany and ranked by Skytrax as one of the world’s best airlines, Lufthansa boasts not only a superior product in the air, but a tremendous network of worldwide airport lounges as well. This worldwide lounge network includes a number of very pleasant, well-kept locations in the US.

Passengers traveling through these lounges have given them an overwhelmingly positive reception. Unlike most other airline lounges in the US, however, it was not possible to purchase access to Lufthansa’s lounges for the longest time - until now. That's right - LoungeBuddy has teamed up with Lufthansa to offer lounge bookings to Lufthansa Business Lounge locations in Detroit, Washington-Dulles, and New York-JFK airports!

How To Access

If you don’t have elite status or a premium cabin ticket, this is an excellent opportunity to try out a premium lounge experience that’s not typically available for paid customers. This is currently a limited time offer, so if you’re traveling somewhere this summer from one of these airports, don’t miss out. Book access today!

To book access to any of these locations, simply head on over to the LoungeBuddy web portal or the LoungeBuddy mobile App for iOS and Android.

Each location may have limited availability at peak times, so be sure to book your visit soon. If your preferred time is unavailable, you can always check availability before or after to secure a spot.

Lufthansa’s Business Class Lounges can also be accessed by passengers flying business or first class on a Star Alliance carrier, as well as Star Alliance Gold members flying on a Star Alliance carrier.

Lufthansa Business Lounge in Detroit, Michigan (DTW)

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Location: North Terminal, after security, between Gates 7 and 8. As you enter the reception area, the Business Class Lounge is located to the left.

Operating Hours: 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM (not available for booking between 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM)

Before your departure from Motor City USA, there’s no better place to relax, unwind, and get some work done. The Lufthansa Business Lounge at DTW provides a peaceful environment away from the crowds. Once you’re here, feel free to rest in one of the comfortable seating areas with Lufthansa’s trademark leather chairs. If you’d rather rev up your productivity and get straight to work, there’s an excellent business center for just that. Power outlets and additional lights are provided for your convenience. Free and fast Wi-Fi is available for all throughout the perimeter of the lounge.

Looking for some refreshments? Head on over to the self-serve open bar to pour yourself a refreshing drink. The selection of spirits is very decent, and will more than satisfy most customers. A wonderful selection of delectable snacks are on offer, and there’s even a cold buffet counter with options like tabbouleh, salads, fruits, and cheese. Bread, cereal, yogurt, orange juice, milk, and more are all available.

The lounge’s decor is bright and inviting, with great views of the tarmac. Once you’ve grabbed a plate of snacks and a drink, head on over to the dining area, where you can sit down at tables specifically arranged for a variety of groups of different sizes. Alternatively, you may opt for one of the seats against the wall with the very high padding, another Lufthansa lounge specialty.


Lufthansa Business Lounge in Washington DC - Dulles (IAD)

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Location: Concourse B, after security, near the Lufthansa Departure Gates B49-B51. (Accessible from all terminals)

Operating Hours: 8:20 AM to 10:00 PM

When you’re flying out of the nation’s capital, there’s no better place to wait for your flight than the Lufthansa Business Lounge at IAD. This lounge has received very positive, pleasant responses from guests, and you’ll certainly understand why once you make the decision to upgrade your pre-flight experience here.

From the main entrance, the Business Lounge is located downstairs one level. If you’d like to get right down to it and finish up some work, the small dedicated work area near the entrance is the spot that you’re looking for.

The dedicated dining area occupies the center of the lounge. Very fitting, considering the premium buffet selection is one of the major highlights of this lounge. These offerings compare very favorably to the vast majority of airport lounge locations in the US. A tremendous smorgasbord of nourishing options allows you put together a healthy, delicious, and filling meal.

If you’re ready for some snacking, walk on over to the counters, and you'll find a broad range - cold cuts, boiled eggs, pretzels, chips, veggie sticks, cheese, bread, olives, and yogurt. You'll also find one of Lufthansa's favorite trademark lounge offerings: gummi bears! An impressive selection of fruit is laid out on the counter. Feast your eyes and appetite on options like watermelon, honeydew, apples, oranges, cantaloupe, bananas, and melons.

If you're looking for some more filling options to enjoy, be sure to try one of the small sandwiches with slices of cold cuts and cheese or one of the sandwich wraps. In addition, you may find warm options like mini cheeseburgers sliders, pasta, and several different kinds of soups.

The well-stocked hosted open bar provides an excellent selection of spirits, wines, and beers. A Coca Cola soft drink fountain serves up a number of Coke-branded carbonated beverages, including Sprite, Fanta, and of course, Coca Cola. Coffee and Pellegrino mineral water are also available.

If you’re ready for some rest and relaxation, the main seating area is located just past the dining zone. There’s a variety of comfortable seating areas to choose from, featuring the ubiquitous and familiar leather chairs that you’ll find across other Lufthansa lounge locations. If you’d like to zone out, lounge in comfort, and enjoy some television, there are a number of chairs in the back that are just perfect. Looking to freshen up? A rejuvenating shower awaits.

This oasis is quiet, modern, and well-kept, the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle in the terminal outside.

Lufthansa Business Lounge in New York City, New York (JFK)

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Location: Terminal 1, Departure Area, immediately after the TSA checkpoint on the left.

Operating Hours: 10:00 AM to 10:30 PM (not available for booking between 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM)

Traveling through JFK International Airport with a long layover? It’s time to discover your airport oasis away from the crowds. In this comfortable, well-appointed space, you can relax and unwind to your heart’s content. Dedicated work stations offering peace, quiet, and fast, complimentary Wi-Fi are also available, so those who want to go all-out on productivity can feel free to indulge. Some of the highlights are the marvelous service, extensive self-serve bar, and a contemporary, modern atmosphere with excellent views of the runway.

This lounge holds an abundance of comfortable seats, including a number of them in front of two televisions in the back area.

As you visit more Lufthansa lounges, you’ll definitely begin to notice the commonalities and consistency that weave the lounge network into one: quality amenities, unique touches, and contemporary design. One relaxation room includes a number of reclining chairs, perfect for nap taking. This purpose is clearly illustrated, made all the more apparent by the wall image of clouds in the background.

The consensus among guests is that the food and drink selection stands among US-based lounges. Beverage choices include coffee, Coke-branded soft drinks straight from the fountain, and Pellegrino mineral water, along with a decent selection of beers, wines, and spirits. Beers include Blue Moon, Becks, Corona, Coors Light, and some more unique, novel options.

Ready to grab a bite to eat? Head on over to the food and snack counters. When it comes to the snack selection, items may include cheese, chips, candies, pretzels, small cakes, muffins, brownies, olives, and of course, gummi bears. Be sure to keep an eye out for the excellent collection of fruits, with options like grapes, oranges, apples, bananas, and more.

Distinct cold and hot buffet areas are available in this lounge. Hot food options will typically include a meat-based option or two with beef, chicken, and the like. Other warm options may include potatoes, rice, bread, and soups.

When it comes to cold options, you’ll find delicious salads, sandwiches, and wraps.

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