The Ultimate Guide to No. 1 Traveller

No. 1 Traveller is a London-based company that specializes in providing an array of premium airport services in six major United Kingdom-based airports. These include London Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, London Stansted Airport, Manchester Airport, Edinburgh Airport, and Birmingham Airport, covering four of the UK's largest metropolitan areas.

No. 1 Edinburgh, EDI

In addition to luxury transportation services to and from these airports, No. 1 Traveller provides services at the airports themselves, whether you're looking for VIP departure service, bedrooms, spa services, or most importantly, their award-winning trademark No. 1 Traveller airport lounges. With so many different services offered encompassing the entire range of the airport experience, a good summary of No. 1 Traveller's product offerings would be "Driveway to Runway", a catchphrase that the company actively promotes.

No. 1 Birmingham, BHX

No. 1 Traveller Airport Lounges

The most important part of No. 1 Traveller's operations is undoubtedly their high-end airport lounges. No. 1 Traveller directly owns and operates 6 lounges throughout the United Kingdom at Heathrow, Gatwick (South Terminal, North Terminal, My Lounge), Edinburgh, and Birmingham.

Lounge Name
Birmingham AirportNo. 1 BirminghamTerminal 1
Edinburgh International AirportNo. 1 EdinburghMain Terminal
London Gatwick AirportMy LoungeNorth Terminal
London Gatwick AirportNo. 1 GatwickNorth Terminal
London Gatwick AirportNo. 1 GatwickSouth Terminal
London Heathrow AirportNo. 1 HeathrowTerminal 3

No. 1 Traveller's lounges provide an expansive array of amenities and services that includes complimentary snacks, complimentary beverages, Wi-Fi access, plush seating, newspapers and magazines, power outlets and televisions. Some of the lounges provide additional amenities to complement these basics, and additional options vary among the lounges. The Heathrow lounge, for example, includes a bistro-type menu, games room, and a cinema, while the Gatwick lounge provides a breakfast buffet and full complimentary bar, among other amenities.

Access With LoungeBuddy

At the moment, No. 1 Traveller lounge locations across the UK can be booked through the LoungeBuddy app! Find out more about which locations are supported on this page.

Once you are at the airport, simply open up the LoungeBuddy app and complete your purchase instantly in less than 60 seconds. Here's more information on the payment process for iOS and Android.

My Lounge, LGW, North Terminal

No. 1 Gatwick, LGW, North Terminal

Additional No. 1 Traveller Lounge Entry Schemes

Avios-based Frequent Flyer Programme

If you have Avios points from your frequent flyer program, you can purchase lounge access to No. 1 Traveller affiliated lounges by calling 0844 49 333 99. Entrance to UK lounges costs 3250 avios per person, while entrance to international lounges costs 3750 avios.

Virgin Atlantic Flying Club

If you are a member of the Virgin Atlantic Flying Club, you can earn miles when booking a No. 1 Traveller Lounge at Heathrow, Gatwick, Edinburgh, or Birmingham. Gold members can book a lounge for £20 and earn 750 miles, while silver members can book for the same price, although they will earn 500 miles instead. Red members have a higher admissions fee, £22.50 and receive 250 miles.

Diners Club International and Priority Pass

Update: Diners Club UK now charges £15 for Access

With either membership, you have access to any of the No. 1 Traveller lounges.

Lounge Club

You can access all of the No. 1 Traveller lounges with the exception of the one at Heathrow. Depending on your unique membership level/type with Lounge Club, you will be able to use one of your remaining complimentary lounge visits and bring in a certain number of guests at any of these lounges.

Experience Card, Gourmet Society, Hi-Life Diners Club, Tastecard, and Caxton FX

You can access all the lounges with a 2 for 1 discount on lounge entry rates. One card can be utilized for multiple guests. With a Caxton FX card, you will receive complimentary priority security access with your reservation at all locations except Heathrow.


You can access the No. 1 Traveller lounges with DragonPass. Complimentary priority security access is included with each reservation except at Heathrow.

Gordon Ramsay Plane Food

No. 1 Traveller has partnered with the Gordon Ramsay Plane Food restaurant to provide passengers with many of the amenities that you would expect from lounge access, including premium food and drinks, complimentary Wi-Fi access, and free magazine options.

The restaurant is open from 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM, and is located to the left after passing through Terminal 5's security checkpoint. To eat here, simply make a booking at No. 1 Traveller's webpage. Plane Food's dress code is smart casual.

Airport Transportation Services

No. 1 Traveller provides high-quality transportation services for all six airports. Generally, valet car parking, express train services, park and ride, and chauffeuring are among those that are offered, though there are slight variations in rates, time duration, and availability among the different airports.

To/From Airport ServiceManchester AirportBirmingham AirportLondon Stansted AirportLondon Heathrow Airport London Gatwick Airport Edinburgh Airport
Valet Car Parkingxxxxx
Park and Ridexxxxx
Express Trainx

Almost all of the airports offer valet parking, allowing you to drop off or pick up your car at the terminal entrance. While you are away, your car is parked at a secure location until you decide to retrieve it again. Park and ride, available at almost all airports, allows you to park in a 24 hour high security car park and take a free shuttle to the terminal.

Chauffeur service, which allows you to choose between several Volvo and Mercedes-Benz models, is available at each airport, and rates vary depending on the distance you are travelling. For example, a trip from Piccadilly to Heathrow will cost around £80, while a trip from the London's city center to Stansted will cost you £110. If you want to take advantage of this service for an upcoming trip, please keep in mind that bookings require 48 hours of advance notice.

For London Heathrow Airport, there is an Express Train service available that takes you from select destinations to the airport, and vice versa. The Heathrow Express Train departs every ten minutes from London Victoria station and Heathrow. A single journey takes about 15 minutes, and rates start at £17 per ticket.

Spa Services

Spa Services is available at Heathrow Airport's Terminal 3. The Heathrow location is open daily from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. At the No. 1 Traveller spa center, you can choose from a selection of pre-flight treatments, including skincare specialist Dermalogica's new range of treatments and products and a free Facemapping skin consultation. Some other spa partners include Aromatherapy Associates, OPI, and Artistic Nail Design.

In fact, No. 1 Traveller's travel spas have been so popular that you may have seen it featured in Glamour, Candis, or The Good Spa Guide.

Airside Bedrooms

Airside Bedrooms is one of the more intriguing services that No. 1 Traveller provides. According to them, these were the first UK airside bedrooms to open to anyone who is willing to pay. This service is available only at Heathrow's Terminal 3.

Currently, single, twin, and triple rooms are available. Each room comes with free Wi-Fi, room service, infant cots on demand, internet phones with free international calls, ensuite shower rooms, a desk and cube seat, a minibar, and an in-room TV with around 25 channels. One room with disabled access is also available. A minimum two hour stay is required to book an airside bedroom. Prices are £20/hour for a single room, £30/hour for a twin room with a bunkbed, and £35/hour for a triple. These rooms can be a very convenient solution when you find yourself stuck in an inconvenient situation.

VIP Departure Service

The VIP Departure Service is available at Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Birmingham, and allows you to get through the airport with minimal stress. Should you decide to book this service, you will receive assistance in getting through the airport quickly and efficiently. Two types of service are available: outbound and return.

The outbound service, which assists passengers who are departing from an airport, provides porters to assist with your luggage and a travel concierge to take you on the fast track through check-in and security, allowing you to jump ahead to the front of the queue. The concierge will typically meet you at the terminal entrance and escort you every step of the way up to your departure gate.

The return service for arriving passengers provides an escort to take you through customs and immigration, assist you with any visa applications, if applicable, and help you with baggage claim. Your concierge will guide you every step of the way from the time you meet up at your arrival gate until you are at the front of the departure terminal. This service will also provide you with on-hand help for misplaced luggage if necessary.

Rates start at £25 per person. For four adult passengers using either the outbound or return service, Heathrow's service will cost a total of £125, while Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Birmingham will cost £100. Each additional passenger after four will be charged an additional £30 at all airports.

Gift Vouchers

If you are looking for a gift for a frequent traveller, look no further than No. 1 Traveller's gift voucher option. The Champagne Experience gift card, which costs £38, entitles the recipient to a bottle of champagne, priority security lane access, and complimentary lounge access.

No. 1 Gatwick, LGW, South Terminal

Additional Information

Contact Info

Head Office:

No.1 Traveller Ltd, 44 Carnaby Street, London, W1F 9PP, UK

To contact No 1 Traveller online, use the enquiry form on this page.

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Official Website


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