Plaza Premium Lounge: The Ultimate Guide

Plaza Premium Lounge is an industry leader in premium airport services. For over 16 years, Plaza Premium Lounge has focused on optimizing the airport experience for all travellers, regardless of their class of service or carrier. While the Plaza Premium Lounge brand name is synonymous with their network of luxury lounges around the globe, they have also branched out across the board to encompass all aspects of the air travel experience, from airport meet and greet services to transit hotels and more.

When the company was launched in 1998, Plaza Premium Lounge made history by operating the world's first independent pay-in lounges in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur. For the first time, all travellers, whether flying first or economy class, and whether frequent-flyer road warriors or casual travellers, now had access to a comfortable and convenient place to relax in the airport. Today, Plaza Premium Lounge manages over 120 lounge locations across 30 airports and 4 continents, with a staff of over 2,500 employees. Their business model has been so successful that it has prompted airport authorities around the world to increasingly open up their previously closed doors to independently-run airport lounge facilities and value-added airport services.

Airport Lounge Service

As we noted above, Plaza Premium Lounge was the original founder of the airport pay-in lounge concept. This home away from home, haven from the hustle and bustle concept, which provided all passengers with first class service, was a runaway hit. Plaza Premium Lounge subsequently built even more lounges to serve passengers worldwide. Taking note of this successful strategy, other companies began moving into the airport lounge space, including notable names like Airport Lounge Development, Menzies, Airspace Lounge, Servisair, and Swissport.

Plaza Premium Arrivals Lounge, London Heathrow

Plaza Premium Lounges the world over offer a wide variety of desired amenities, including comfortable seating, recharging stations, food and beverage items, high speed Wi-Fi signals, private rooms within the lounge, internet workstations, and shower rooms, though availability of each of these specific amenities may vary depending on the lounge. Be sure to check out the LoungeBuddy App for details. Plaza Premium Lounges are also known to be child-friendly, offering children aged 2-11 a 30% discount off the full price when purchasing a lounge use package for entry. And as Plaza Premium Lounge grew over the years, they have established a number of unique trademarks to distinguish their lounges from the rest, including architectural designs by Kinney Chan, beautiful chandeliers shaped much like their logo, and the ubiquitous fish ball noodle soup, a local favorite in the rich culinary culture of Hong Kong.

Fish Ball Noodle Soup

How To Access Plaza Premium Lounges

Plaza Premium branded lounges are open to all passengers. By paying a one-time fee, anyone with a valid boarding pass can visit any of the branded Plaza Premium Lounge locations. Please note that Plaza Premium Lounge also manages a number of other lounges that are not their own, and entry rules for these lounges may differ.

Plaza Premium Lounge, New Delhi

The most simple, hassle-free way to access a Plaza Premium Lounge would be to book instantly through the LoungeBuddy web portal or the LoungeBuddy App. The list of LoungeBuddy-supported Plaza Premium Lounges worldwide is constantly growing, so be sure to check often to see whether a certain Plaza Premium Lounge is supported.

Al Reem Lounge, Abu Dhabi

If you have a lounge membership like Priority Pass, Lounge Club, or Diners Club, chances are good that you'll have access to at least one of the Plaza Premium Lounges at airports where they are available.

Plaza Premium Lounge also has a number of special partnerships with credit card providers in different regions, including Hong Kong, Malaysia, and India. If you hold one of a select number of premium travel credit cards in these regions, you may have complimentary or reduced fee access to a number of the Plaza Premium Lounges. If you have the American Express Platinum Card in Canada, this comes with the Canadian Platinum Lounge Program, which provides access to a large number of Plaza Premium Lounges.

Depending on the specific lounge, passengers flying in premium classes and frequent flyer program elite members may also qualify for access.

For more specific details, please refer to the LoungeBuddy App.

Beyond Lounge Access

While Plaza Premium Lounge's namesake airport oases constitute the central part of their operations, they also offer a broader lineup of products in the airport for those who are looking for high quality services and excellent value. Here's a brief overview.

Spa, Massage, and Beauty Services

Many of you out there would probably agree that the airport experience should be full of pleasure, not pressure. Plaza Premium Lounge certainly does its part to ease the pain. That's why they've created the Wellness Spa, the world's first organic airport spa concept. Wellness Spas are currently open in Hong Kong (Terminal 1, Terminal 2) and Singapore, and their uniquely designed spa and salon menus cater specifically to long-distance travellers and road warriors. The spa haven offers nail and salon services as well as massage treatments to tackle common travel ailments and fatigue, allowing travellers to groom even when they're at the airport. You can rest assured knowing that the ingredients used for Wellness Spa treatments abide by rigorous regulations and are are at least 95% certified organic, meeting both USDA and Australian OFA standards.

Wellness Salon, Hong Kong

Fine Dining At The Airport

On top of the premium food selections that you'll find within the lounges themselves, Plaza Premium Lounge has expanded into the restaurant industry with a bang. You'll find select restaurants in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur. Feast on delicious, world-renowned Cantonese dishes, including a wide dim sum selection, at the Terrace in Hong Kong. If you're looking for some modern Japanese cuisine, you can't go wrong with The Green Market, which serves up a variety of healthy and tasty Japanese dishes, complete with their own all-you-can-eat appetizer buffet. The Green Market is available in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Delicious Bento Box, Green Market

Meeting Facilities

Let's say that you're going to be at Hong Kong International Airport at some written-in-stone time in the near future, and you figure out that two of your company's advisors will be traveling through the same terminal at roughly the same time. Interesting coincidence, huh? What do you do when you're presented with a great opportunity like this? Take advantage of it, of course.

Why not enlist the services of Plaza Premium Lounge? They'll help you arrange everything you need for a smooth and successful meeting. You'll have the ability to meet up in a professional and modern venue, perfect for not only a conventional meeting, but conferences, seminars, cocktail receptions...you name it. Business efficiency on the ground before you take off is the name of the game.

Business Centres

One of Plaza Premium Lounge's best kept secrets (though they actually list this service on their website) is office rentals at the Airport World Trade Centre in Hong Kong International Airport. When you need some quiet space to get work done while travelling, serviced offices with receptions, meeting and conference rooms, and secretarial services may be just what you're looking for. Leasing terms are flexible, and a number of packages are available depending on your specific business needs.

Young Professionals Enjoying The Business Centre

Airport World Trade Centre Club at HKIA

Also located at Airport World Trade Centre in Hong Kong is the members-only private club. Open to members of the World Trade Centre Association in the United States, as well as local members from the Hong Kong branch, the Airport World Trade Centre Club provides first rate Chinese cuisine and sweeping views of one of the world's most dynamic cities. Have a special cocktail at The Moon Bar before chilling out at the Sky Terrace, the only al fresco terrace at Hong Kong's airport to offer panoramic views of the runways.


Ride to and from the airport in style and comfort. Plaza Premium Lounge's limousine service shuttles guests to and from the airport. To ensure maximum comfort and convenience while you travel, you'll have an experienced driver at your disposal - an expert who knows all the ins and outs of the journey, from airport schedules and configurations to the best routes during peak traffic hours. Not quite mind-boggling, but very impressive indeed.

Ride To The Airport In Style

Baggage Handling And Delivery

If you frequently, you may have noticed how stressful luggage management can be. With the help of Plaza Premium Lounge, you can say goodbye to such worries. Plaza Premium Lounge will take it from here on out, efficiently transferring your bags from the airport to wherever you need them to be in the city.


Your other very own airport concierge, apart from LoungeBuddy, of course, will help arrange all your travel needs at the airport, whether you're looking for a private resting area, shopping tips, or even a soothing massage.

First Rate Concierge Service

The Transit Hotel

Here's a not-so-completely out-of-the-blue scenario. You're flying on a multi-leg trip to Chandigarh, with an overnight layover in Bengaluru, a city of over 8 million residents and the major commercial hub of the Deccan Peninsula. You realize that you'll need a place to stay for the night.

Aerotel Transit Hotel, Singapore

Well, the Transit Hotel may be just what you're looking for. This is likely the most convenient and comfortable option if you have an early morning flight, a late check-in time, a late arrival, or a same-day return flight. The studio rooms have everything you need to relax for a couple hours: a napping facility and a power shower with a full set of amenities. Rest, relax, and refresh.

Currently, Plaza Premium Lounge operates their hotel concept in Bangalore and Hyderabad, with plans to expand to Singapore, London Heathrow, and Abu Dhabi in the not-so-distant future.

VIP Meet and Greet

Are you a VIP who deserves all the attention you can get? If you're reading this, then there's a very good chance the answer is yes. That's why Plaza Premium Lounge wants to offer you personal assistance to and from the departure or arrival gate. You'll have everything taken care of so you can focus your efforts on de-stressing before or after that long flight. This includes everything from baggage handling and delivery to arranging your personal airport shopping schedule. You'll get through the airport in no time.


If you're stuck at the airport for a couple hours and need a place to rest, relax, or get some work done, the Plaza Premium Lounge offers an excellent value for first class airport lounge service. Whether you're looking for a quick two-hour rest or a lengthier ten-hour stay, Plaza Premium Lounge has the perfect package just for you, so be sure to give it a go!

Plaza Premium Lounge, Bengaluru

Additional Information


Find out more about special promotions, from discounted rates on lounge access to special rates on massage services here.

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