The Star Alliance Lounge Buenos Aires (EZE): An Introduction

The Star Alliance Lounge Buenos Aires at EZE is based on the dichotomous landscapes of the vast, fertile Argentine Pampas and the modern, urban metropolis of Buenos Aires. Offering a taste of the rustic Argentine countryside with its homelike seating arrangements and locally produced leather furnishings, this unique oasis allows you to escape the hectic hustle and bustle of the airport terminal. A bit of cosmopolitan Buenos Aires charm is casually sprinkled in for good measure, with a chic cafe-style dining area and contemporary artistic elements all around. This potent mixture of the relaxing countryside and the vibrant worldly city synchronizes to create an all-inclusive, exclusive experience that travelers from all backgrounds can delight in.

Operations And Design

Despite the Star Alliance Lounge's branding, Crossracer, a local ground handling company, operates the lounge on behalf of the world's largest airline alliance. If the architecture makes a strong positive impression, you can thank Roitman Arquitectura, another locally-based firm that designed this 450 square meter facility. One of their prime objectives with the design concept was to reflect the distinctive culture of Buenos Aires and surrounding regions. Based on initial impressions, it seems like they have done a remarkable job with the bounty of featured furniture and artwork, all produced within a limited radius surrounding the capital.

Getting Through The Doors

You may present one of the following in order to access the lounge:

  • First or business class ticket on a Star Alliance carrier for same-day departure (1 free guest when traveling in first)
  • Star Alliance Gold status while flying on a Star Alliance carrier for same-day departure (1 free guest)
  • Priority Pass or Diners Club membership

First Impressions

Walking through the front door, you'll be greeted by the friendly agent at the front desk, which is located directly ahead. Turn to the right side, and you'll discover a familiar written greeting from famous French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupery. His timeless quote still rings true to this day: "The Airplane has unveiled for us the true face of the earth".

If you have a healthy appreciation for premium furniture design, the cosmopolitan Star Alliance Lounge at EZE is a sight to behold. Upon entering the lounge, you'll be struck by the bewildering variety of furniture. Large armchairs, high chairs, swivel chairs, butterfly chairs, ottomans - you name it. That doesn't even include all the beautiful shades. Whether you're partial to red, grey, beige, or aquamarine, there's a good chance there will be a chair with your name on it. And let's not get started on the tables. They come in all shapes, sizes, and heights: round, rectangular, small, square, high, low - incredible. Given that this lounge is situated in a vibrant, world-class city like Buenos Aires, the range of diversity is very fitting.

But that's not all. The incorporation of locally-influenced furniture pieces, especially the cow print ottomans, will make you feel right at home if you grew up on an Argentine cattle ranch in the countryside. This rustic impression is enhanced with the liberal application of wooden elements, with wood panelings, chair frames, shelves of all sorts, and flooring. This gives the lounge a spectacularly natural, homelike feel. If you're here with a group of family members or friends, the numerous clusterings of seats are perfectly laid out to help facilitate a sense of intimacy and ignite the spark for high-quality conversation.

A Bountiful Selection

The large, airy lounge can accommodate over 130 guests, and as is the case with the city of Buenos Aires, there's a range of amenities and offerings to suit all tastes and needs. Like most modern travelers, you probably expect an abundance of services to keep you comfortable and entertained, and this lounge does not disappoint. The Star Alliance Lounge Buenos Aires offers well-functioning, complimentary Wi-Fi. For entertainment, choose from a number of well-placed televisions, or if you prefer printed materials, newspapers and magazines from around the world. If you seek to freshen up before a long journey home, head on over to the all-inclusive showers, with soap, shampoo, and towels provided.

For business travelers, you'll have all the tools you need on hand to get your work done. Whether you need a desktop computer to finish up your PowerPoint presentation, a printer to print out a copy of your marketing plan, a scanner to scan some legal documents, a power outlet for your trusted smartphone, or a telephone to hop on a quick business call, you can rest assured knowing that the Star Alliance Lounge Buenos Aires has got your back.

If you're feeling hungry, head over to the dining area to grab a bite to eat. The smorgasbord includes a salad bar spread, toasted bread, a variety of cheeses, and pasta. If you're looking for something to nibble on while you work, you'll love the complimentary chips, nuts, and crackers. To help digest your plates of scrumptious snacks, there are a number of self-serve beverage options, from the Pepsi-branded soda fountain to the espresso machine. A small selection of liquor, beer, and wine is also available for those who are looking for a more adult beverage. Once your hands are full, feel free to sit down and enjoy your meal at the downtown cafe-style seating area, with your choice of a communal table or small bar tables.

Closing Remarks

Whether you're leaving Buenos Aires to start your travel adventures, returning home after vacation, or simply transiting through to your next vacation spot, you'll surely enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the Star Alliance Lounge Buenos Aires. While Ezeiza Airport has been known as a hub for Skyteam carrier Aerolineas Argentinas, it's certainly grown in importance for oneworld and Star Alliance carriers in recent years. The LATAM Group has been increasing their presence steadily, and the establishment of one of only a handful of worldwide Star Alliance Lounges here speaks volumes. Before you board your flight, the unique combination of rustic comfort and modern, urban versatility in the Star Alliance Lounge Buenos Aires will give you everything you need for a brief, but wonderful interlude.

Star Alliance Lounge Buenos Aires: Recap

  • Capacity: 450 square meters, has room for 130+ guests
  • Location: Terminal A, located on the second floor near Gates 9 and 11.
  • Operating Hours: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Amenities: Wi-Fi (free), Newspapers and Magazines, Beer and Wine (free), Printers/Copiers (free), Premium Drinks (free), Complimentary Snacks, Showers (free), Phones, Flight Monitors, Internet Terminals, Non-Smoking, TVs
  • Access Eligibility: Departing F/J ticket on a Star Alliance carrier, Star Alliance Gold member flying with any other ticket on a Star Alliance carrier, Priority Pass and Diners Club cardholders
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