FairFly: The Ultimate Guide

Finding a flight with the perfect dates, times, airline, and price isn’t always easy. Even after booking, your flight could always drop in price. That’s where FairFly comes in. FairFly is a travel app that ensures you get the fairest price for your flight after you’ve booked. FairFly follows your ticket’s price for you and shows you better offers as they come up, (after taking cancellation fees into consideration).

Though there are many travel-hacks on how to book your flight for the lowest price, like “book on a Wednesday, fly on a Sunday” or “Clear your browser history to book for less”, there’s still no way to ensure your ticket won’t drop in price after you book. Most people don’t check prices after they book, and surprisingly to most, flight fares can rise and fall multiple times per day, up until the day you fly.

Using FairFly is easy, simply forward your flight itinerary (the confirmation email with your PNR, price, flight schedule) to trips@fairfly.com to submit for price tracking. Customize your search preferences to your exact same itinerary or for better alternatives like preferred airlines, shorter duration flights or more comfortable seats as well. By updating your preferences in the app, you can choose which parameters are most important to you and be up to 60% more likely to save.

After that, you just sit back and relax. While you go about your busy day, flight preparations, and even sleep, FairFly tracks for price drops. If the price of your flight drops enough for you to save, we'll let you know! If the price only goes up, that means you’ve got the best price out there - now that’s something to celebrate.

If a deal becomes available, you'll get a push notification to your phone. If you choose, with your approval you can choose to rebook, hassle-free and risk-free. FairFly charges a 9% success fee from the savings, so you don’t pay if you don’t save.

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