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The Ultimate Guide to Cathay Pacific Lounges in Hong Kong International Airport

Cathay Pacific, a member of the oneworld alliance, is the international flag carrier of Hong Kong and one of the world's leading airlines. With so many passengers traveling to and through Hong Kong, it is not uncommon to have time to spare to visit one of the many retreats at Hong Kong International Airport. This guide is meant to introduce and compare the six lounges, spanning a total of over 150,000 square feet, provided by Cathay Pacific to its passengers.

The Wing

The Wing is Cathay Pacific's flagship lounge at its Hong Kong hub and recently completed renovations after originally opening in 1998. It is currently one of the only locations where Cathay Pacific offers a separate First Class Lounge, but all guests are made to feel welcome due to the sheer number and quality of amenities. The Wing stands apart as one of the best airport lounges in the world, with unobstructed views of airport activities, open ceilings, and a minimalist design aesthetic.

Business Class passengers can refresh themselves after a long flight in one of 24 shower suites lined with Travertine stone and bamboo wood before diving into self-service buffet options including Asian and Western cuisine. But head upstairs to the balcony to try The Noodle Bar or socialize with friends at The Long Bar, two iconic amenities retained at The Wing. Following renovations, a Coffee Loft provides handcrafted beverages and pastries baked fresh on the premises. Downstairs on Level 6 are new IT facilities with six workstations in addition to sofas and other seating.

The Coffee Loft offers handcrafted beverages and freshly baked pastries

You can also choose to enjoy Cathay Pacific's exclusive Solus Chair designed in collaboration with Foster + Partners. Each chair is handcrafted in Italy by the luxury furniture manufacturer Poltrona Frau and includes several features meant to appeal to travelers flying solo. The simple "C" shape with built-in seat and desk can quickly adapt between work and reading modes while balancing the desire for privacy without becoming claustrophobic. Even small details like a coat hook were not forgotten.

Cathay Pacific worked with Foster + Partners to design the innovative Solus Chair

Traveling up front? Guests invited to use the First Class lounge are received with a welcome drink at the new Champagne Bar. A full service bar provides several seating options. But for a true dining experience, The Haven has been expanded to over double its original capacity and provides an option between an a la carte menu - including suggested wine pairings - or several buffet selections.

The Wing's First Class lounge welcomes guests at The Champagne Bar

For privacy, five new Cabanas each offer a shower, full-sized bath, and day bed - everything you might need to relax between flights. Twelve spacious shower suites are also available to those who just need to freshen up. Afterward, visit The Reading Room for a variety of international magazines and newspapers, or The IT Zone for access to personal computers and printers.

First Class passengers can choose to unwind in a private Cabana

Hours: 5:30 AM until last departure

Location: Gates 1-4, Levels 6 (Business Class) and 7 (First Class), South Concourse

Entrance Requirements: First and Business Class customers; Silver, Gold, and Diamond members of The Marco Polo Club; Sapphire and Emerald members of the oneworld alliance.

The Bridge

Cathay Pacific's The Bridge, was designed by Foster + Partners and is now open near Gate 35. Rather than offer separate facilities to different cabin classes, they instead elected to provide a single, larger lounge. Multiple zones throughout are intended to create a residential space with all the comforts of home. Business Class guests receive something closer to a First Class experience, and First Class guests enjoy a greater variety of services thanks to the benefits of scale.

The Bridge is Cathay Pacific's newest lounge at Hong Kong International Airport

Design features include warmer tones than the modern, black-and-white color scheme of The Wing. Natural lighting, wood floors, and accents of oak and brass create a comfortable feel. Like the living room of any home, there is a focus on art and culture. Bronze sculptures by artist Charlotte Mayer greet customers at the entrance. And two display cabinets in each main seating area are curated with books and artifacts in addition to works by photographer William Furniss, a specialist in abstract waterscapes.

Seating areas display curated collections of books, artifacts, and local art

The Bridge is divided into North and South wings, each extending from a central Reception Area with its own impressive wall of Venetian glass. The North wing features Cathay Pacific's traditional Long Bar, Solus Chairs nearby, a television lounge, and general seating. In addition, The Bakery provides freshly baked bread and pizzas, sandwiches, pastries, and a buffet of Asian and Western dishes. In the other direction, the South wing offers a dedicated IT Zone with computer workstations; a second buffet option at The Bistro; and a selection of freshly baked muffins, pastries, and cookies at The Coffee Loft.

Hours: 5:30 AM until last departure

Location: Gate 35, Level 5, West Concourse (enter on Level 6)

Entrance Requirements: First and Business Class customers; Silver, Gold, and Diamond members of The Marco Polo Club; Sapphire and Emerald members of the oneworld alliance.

The Cabin

Another new departure lounge at Hong Kong International Airport is located near Gate 23. To prepare you for the comfort, privacy, and service on board Cathay Pacific's aircraft, The Cabin is one of three lounges at HKIA that offer the custom-designed Solus Chair. Other modern design concepts include floor-to-ceiling windows, walls of white marble and warm wood, and red carpeting linking the entire space. High gloss ceilings reflect the custom furniture.

Reading material and entertainment are provided on one of 20 WiFi-enabled iPads

Amenities are fewer but no less luxurious. The IT Zone provides over a dozen Windows and Macintosh computers, a videoconferencing suite, and even WiFi-enabled iPads preloaded with newspapers, magazines, and games. For a snack break, head over to The Deli for made-to-order sandwiches, antipasti, and fresh salads in addition to the usual buffet selections. Or, visit The Health Bar. This twist on the traditional Long Bar offers freshly squeezed juices, smoothies, and Chinese herbal teas in addition to the usual alcoholic beverages.

Make a visit to The Health Bar for a tasty alternative to the traditional cocktail

Hours: 5:30 AM until last departure

Location: Gate 23, Level 5, Central Concourse (enter on Level 6)

Entrance Requirements: First and Business Class customers; Silver, Gold, and Diamond members of The Marco Polo Club; Sapphire and Emerald members of the oneworld alliance.

The Pier

The Pier is the other lounge operated by Cathay Pacific featuring a dedicated First Class section. The First Class section renovation was completed in mid-2015 (originally started October 2013), incorporating Cathay Pacific's new design elements. The redesign aimed to project to the traveler the concept of a residential apartment, with subdued lighting and acoustics, as well as natural materials and plant life.

The First Class section feature a new relaxation zone, with 8 private Day Suites featuring a view of the tarmac.

For the first time, complimentary foot massages were offered in the Relaxation zone as well, with three private booths for travelers to have their travel stress relieved, along with 14 shower rooms for an invigorating warm shower during your layover.

The Pier Business Class Lounge reopened in June 2016 after almost of year's worth of renovation to great fanfare as the largest Cathay Pacific Lounge in the world at a staggering 3,306 square meters of space (35,585 square feet).

Designed by Studioilse, the London-based design studio led by Ilse Crawford, this lounge engages the senses and focuses on wellbeing, reflecthing the airline's commitment to a Life Well Travelled. The lounge experience is divided into "fast" and "slow" lanes - the fast lane features an array of food and beverage offerings, while the slow lane provides extensive lounge seatings with excellent views out the big glass windows.

Enjoy a bowl of steaming hot noodle soup at the Noodle Bar before hearing off to the Tea Lounge, a quieter, specially conceived space just for this lounge where you can sample an exclusive selection of teas. Then, catch up on your work in one of Cathay's bespoke Solo Chairs, each equipped with a built-in reading lamp and an individual side table, before heading off to 14 shower rooms for a quick refresh session.

Hours: 5:30 AM to last departure

Location: Between Gates 62 and 64, Level 5, Northwest Concourse (enter on Level 6)

Entrance Requirements: First Class customers; Diamond members of The Marco Polo Club; Emerald members of the oneworld alliance. Business Class customers, Silver and Gold members of The Marco Polo Club, and oneworld Sapphire members have access to the Business Class Lounge.

The Arrival

If Hong Kong is your final destination, or if you have an extended layover with time to visit the city, don't forget to stop by The Arrival on your way out of the airport. Cathay Pacific's arrival lounge is conveniently located below the Airport Express station. Here you can use one of eight showers, grab a bite at the buffet, or catch up on the news. Computer workstations, televisions, newspapers, and magazines are available.

Freshen up after a long flight with a relaxing shower at The Arrival

Hours: 5 AM to midnight

Location: Passageway connecting Terminals 1 and 2, Level 5

Entrance Requirements: First and Business Class customers; Gold and Diamond members of The Marco Polo Club; Emerald members of the oneworld alliance. All passengers must be traveling on Cathay Pacific or Cathay Dragon and must be arriving the same day in Hong Kong or transiting with four or more hours between flights.

G16 Lounge (Currently Closed For Renovation)

Cathay Dragon is Cathay Pacific's regional airline, with flights to over 30 destinations in Asia. The G16 Lounge offers a quiet seating area, self-service refreshments, Internet access, and other basic amenities. Personal computer stations, fax machines, and both domestic and international telephones can help you stay connected.

Stop at the G16 Lounge before short flights on Cathay Pacific's regional airline, Cathay Dragon

No shower facilities are provided, so customers connecting from a longer flight may want to consider one of Cathay Pacific's other lounges. However, fresh food is still prepared on-site from 7 AM to 6 PM each day including local favorites like wonton noodles and fishball noodles. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are available throughout the day.

Hours: 6 AM to midnight

Location: Gate 16, Level 7, North Concourse (enter on Level 6)

Entrance Requirements: First and Business Class customers; Silver, Gold, and Diamond members of The Marco Polo Club; Sapphire and Emerald members of the oneworld alliance.


Every lounge discussed here has something unique to offer guests. As the newest lounge, The Bridge offers all customers a wider selection of amenities, while The Wing continues to promise First Class customers exquisite luxuries including private cabanas. The Cabin stands out as one of the lounges with the exclusive Solus Chair, and The Arrival provides an opportunity to refresh before heading into the city.

With six different lounges offering luxurious amenities and unique design features, Cathay Pacific has set such a high bar for its lounge experience that any choice you make is guaranteed to provide a haven to relax and maintain productivity on the road. Remind yourself of the specific features, directions, and access privileges of each location using the free LoungeBuddy mobile App! Download it for iPhone or Android here.

This is a guest post by Scott Mackenzie who writes the blog Travel Codex.


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